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FAA AIRSPACE REDESIGN. over Pound Ridge. The How it Started. First Week in August 2007: Abrupt dramatic increase in volume of aircraft flyover:

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faa airspace redesign


over Pound Ridge

the how it started
The How it Started
  • First Week in August 2007:

Abrupt dramatic increase in volume of aircraft flyover:

Regional jets, commercial jumbo jets, 757, helecoptors seen flying over portions of Pound Ridge, Specifically Ward reservation, Mianus River Gorge, Scotts Corners, Cross River, Parts of Bedford & others

Flights every 3 minutes

what s that noise
What’s that Noise?
  • Implementation of airspace redesign began in 2007 thru 2011. Pound Ridge we will be impacted by some portion of:
    • 550 La Guardia Arrivals per day
    • 460 arrivals & departures per day at Westchester*
    • 225 arrivals & departures per day at Stewart*
    • 578 arrivals & departures per day at Teterboro
    • Variable Helecoptor & Corporate Jet Directional Traffic to Carmel VOR
        • *non-inclusive of scheduled expansion efforts
introducing the faa s plan
Introducing the FAA’s Plan
  • NY NJ PA Airspace Redesign
    • Started in 1989
    • Part of the “Next Generation Project”
    • Biggest Airspace Redesign in 50 years
    • Plagued by project management breakdowns, funding problems flawed models, invalid data, insufficient testing
    • Audited by the GAO twice with poor review and major concerns notes in 2005
the design
The Design
  • Multi-layer airspace (new classification)
  • Fly planes closer to eachother (from 5 to 3)
  • Duel Landings on parallell runways*
  • Continuous Descent Approach
  • Lower altitude flight over land to accommodate more traffic & new approach
  • Significant increase in Risk
draft environmental impact study
Draft Environmental Impact Study
  • Many notable organizations were involved in the phase 1 design to produce reports giving guidance according to their specialty.
  • The Draft Statement (DEIS) is flawed, non inclusive of all impacted areas and does not take into account the recommendations produced in the design phase
  • Not enough Study Points
  • Data corruption
  • Incorrect assumptions
  • Land use change & Re-classification
  • Includes inconsistencies, flawed assumptions
  • Mitigated routes were not discussed with newly impacted communities. Unethical.
  • Park land, sanctuaries, water sources, conservation land, nature trails and Bird sanctuaries are newly used as mitigated routes. They do this without contacting their custodians.
  • Utilizing these lands is a violation of Environmental Law without study or involvement of resource directors.
record of decision
Record of Decision
  • Factually inaccurate
  • Overstatement of public involvement
  • Statistical misrepresentation.
  • Land use change
  • Actionable
safety risks
Safety Risks
  • FAA provided no Risk vs. Gain studies on:
    • Low altitude navigation risks
    • Dual Landing risks demonstrated in operative setting
    • Safe Distance Rule Decrease
    • Bird Strike Hazard Increase
    • National Security Risk of Nuclear Power Plant Flyover
    • Fuel Jettison over land
    • Emergency Management
    • Disaster Preparedness not addressed
    • ‘Aluminum Shower’ over park land Risk
environmental risks
Environmental Risks

Aircraft Emissions

Water Quality

  • Wetland contamination
  • New York City Water Supply

Air Quality

  • Human Health Risk
  • Ecosystem disturbance
  • Endangered Species Extinction


  • Change of Land Use
  • Harmonic Vibration and historic structures
indirect impact
Indirect Impact
  • Land Value
  • Change of Land Use Classification
    • FAA’s Removal of “Quiet Setting” from rural areas, parkland, native sanctuaries like Pound Ridge is a change of land use. This defacto incorporates our community into a navigational easement.
  • Human Health Risks due to Aircraft Emissions
    • Asthma
    • Lung and liver cancer
    • Heart Disease
to do
To Do
  • Stop the FAA from implementation
  • Protect our community and Parks land use
  • Roll back the routing changes
  • Follow environmental law protecting park land, native forest, Bird Sanctuaries, rural
  • Conduct the necessary Impact Studies
  • Communicate to all impacted area leaders.
  • Provide ethical mitigation strategies
  • Educate yourself on the facts
  • Go to ourairspace.org for scientific Studies, To Do Lists, Contact Lists and News