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are you an n champ n.
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Are you an N-Champ? PowerPoint Presentation
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Are you an N-Champ?

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Are you an N-Champ?
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Are you an N-Champ?

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  1. Are you an N-Champ?

  2. Are you anN-Champ?

  3. Are you an N-Champ?

  4. Electrical Energy Saving

  5. Supply Demand Rapidly increasing Electrical Energy Flow Consumers (Demand or Load) e.g: Lighting -Computer/IT Equipment -Industrial Processes Power Generation (Thermal, Hydro-electric, Nuclear) (Supply) Or Non-conventional (Solar PV, Wind etc) Transmission and Distribution Network (T & D) Load-shedding? Demand is more than supply (Basically a Power Shortage/Power Cut) Ideally... Supply=Demand (Power-generated=Power-consumed) Increasing supply rapidly is very difficult

  6. Generation-waste affects the mother environment

  7. Challenges involved...!! • Increasing generation is difficult... • Raw materials, water, environmental effects of generation waste, manpower, economics... • Even if generation is increased, similar complexities involved in modifying T & D network for increased capacity is equivalent to broadening the roads for carrying more number of can imagine!

  8. Citizens ‘shed’ anger, protest load shedding (Thursday, June 14, 2007, Pakistan ) Load shedding cripples life in Karak (Thursday, January 31, 2008, Pakistan) India, China, Pakistan: Already in Power Shortage 'India facing 70,000 MW power shortage'(29 Apr 2007) China's Energy: Continuous Struggle with Shortage (2005/09/29) "Energy has become an important factor that holds back the economic and social development" China in power shortage warning (23 January 2008)

  9. AND U THOUGHT G8 is HaPpY!? Read on... UK power crisis deepens Power shortage hits IT Electrical infrastructure struggling to support increasing technology needs Electricity supply is a real power struggle - UK SUNDAY TIMES Submitted by Paul Chambers on February 10th, 2008 US Power Shortage Without More Coal Plants: AEP (US: February 18, 2008 ) HOUSTON - The United States faces an electricity crisis if it eschews coal-fired power plants on its way to a low-carbon economy, said the chief executive of American Electric Power, one of the nation's biggest utilities.

  10. Night school....hardworking students in India, writing final exams in candle light... Reason??..... Acute Power Shortage...

  11. South Africa hospitalshit by power cuts A music Satire of the electrical power cuts in South Africa 2007

  12. Why Switch-off? I am worried about my successors (students/researchers) who are coming to our university in the future…hope they will not experience any load shedding…it will affect their studies and nightlife in Manchester… I am worried about football/cricket/rugby fans/players in Manchester… I am worried about the patients in hospitals.... I am worried about the Power Shortage developing countries are facing and developed countries may face (ultimately effect is/will be global…) Are you worried about anything? Don’t worry… Just switch off the lights and electrical appliances when they are not required and be happy  ...and you become an Environment Champion

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