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Student Computing Services

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Student Computing Services
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Student Computing Services

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  1. Student Computing Services • UK Computing facilities information available at • Lab Info - general information, software, etc. • Account Info – about your accounts • Campus Info - list of campus web sites • Links – useful Internet sites • NETg – web-based courses • Employment Info – SCS employment openings

  2. Access to UK computing • The accounts you will need: • U-Connect (PC lab access, e-mail) • CSLAB, you have been authorized for CSLAB, but must request an account via UAMS

  3. Account Management • UAMS (User Account Management System) is used to create and manage your accounts • Or go to the Cisco Systems Student Computer Lab (basement of Young library) and have one of the consultants assist you.

  4. UAMS • Access UAMS from SCS, click on account info, then UAMS • You should have received your login and password • If not, go to the UAMS site and do an “Inquire” • This site requires your student ID number and PAC number

  5. Password • Choose the Account Management tab on the screen and change your password • Nothing else will work until this is done • Pay attention to the requirements for a password. It must have alphabetic, numeric, AND special characters, must be 8 or more characters long

  6. Login Formats • Your login ID will be your first initial, middle initial and first four letters of their last name, followed by a digit which could be a 0, 1, 2, 3,... • The default password is 'u' + '$' + last 6 digits of your student ID.

  7. CS Computer Usage • CS 115 – Introductory programming using C++ on Windows (Dev-C++ product used as the development environment) • CS 215 – Intermediate C++ programming course using Dev-C++ on Windows • CS 216 – Introduction to Unix (CSLAB), web programming, software engineering • Upper level courses – course dependent, CSLAB and Multilab used for many of the courses

  8. CSLAB • Located on second floor of Engineering Annex building (202) • Windows-like interface is displayed • A shell (Unix interface) can be accessed by: • Applications=>open windows=>OW shell tool

  9. CSLAB Homepage • Rules and Notices • Hours of operation • Frequently asked questions • Downloads for your home workstation

  10. CS 216 Assignments • Do in CSLAB • Do from any PC lab on campus • Do from your home PC or laptop • (or any PC connected to the Internet)

  11. Using PC labs • Novell Login • Login box displayed (CTRL+ALT+DEL if not) • enter your userid (same as U-Connect ID) in the Name field • enter your password in the Password field • A Windows screen appears

  12. Remote Access to CSLAB • You can connect to UK systems (CSLAB) from campus workstations: • start => programs =>communication software => Putty • Enter domain to go to, for CSLAB: • Click SSH, press OPEN • Login as: (your ID)

  13. Remote Access Off Campus • UK systems can be accessed off campus • Putty must be installed on your workstation. To get the download, go to: • That web site also has a WINSCP download. WINSCP is used for file transfer between systems (for example, windows to CSLAB)

  14. Program Development on CSLAB • Code, test, debug on CSLAB • Zip all files needed (.cpp, .h, make file) • Submit zip file electronically via class web site

  15. Development on Another Platform • Develop on another platform (Dev-C++, Linux, Visual C++, etc.) 2. Send files to CSLAB 3. Compile, link, and test on CSLAB 4. Zip files 5. Electronically submit zip file STEP 3 IS VERY IMPORTANT. THERE ARE DIFFERENCES IN PLATFORMS. I WILL COMPILE, LINK, AND TEST YOUR PROGRAM ON CSLAB.

  16. Putty for connection to CSLAB • Remote access to CSLAB (through Putty): Use domain name • Remote access from your home: Your Internet access must already be established. Putty does not do it. Putty assumes that an Internet connection has been established.

  17. WINSCP for File Transfer Error using Winscp: If you get an “Error listing directory” message followed by a long directory name ending with your CSLAB ID, get the latest version of Winscp from: sure it is using the SFTP (allow SCP fallback) protocol option from the menu