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Student Computing Services

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Student Computing Services UK Computing facilities information available at Lab Info - general information, software, etc. Account Info – about your accounts Campus Info - list of campus web sites Links – useful Internet sites NETg – web-based courses

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student computing services
Student Computing Services
  • UK Computing facilities information available at

  • Lab Info - general information, software, etc.
  • Account Info – about your accounts
  • Campus Info - list of campus web sites
  • Links – useful Internet sites
  • NETg – web-based courses
  • Employment Info – SCS employment openings
access to uk computing
Access to UK computing
  • The accounts you will need:
    • U-Connect (PC lab access, e-mail)
    • CSLAB, you have been authorized for CSLAB, but must request an account via UAMS
account management
Account Management
  • UAMS (User Account Management System) is used to create and manage your accounts
  • Or go to the Cisco Systems Student Computer Lab (basement of Young library) and have one of the consultants assist you.
  • Access UAMS from SCS, click on account info, then UAMS
  • You should have received your login and password
  • If not, go to the UAMS site and do an “Inquire”
  • This site requires your student ID number and PAC number
  • Choose the Account Management tab on the screen and change your password
  • Nothing else will work until this is done
  • Pay attention to the requirements for a password. It must have alphabetic, numeric, AND special characters, must be 8 or more characters long
login formats
Login Formats
  • Your login ID will be your first initial, middle initial and first four letters of their last name, followed by a digit which could be a 0, 1, 2, 3,...
  • The default password is 'u' + '$' + last 6 digits of your student ID.
cs computer usage
CS Computer Usage
  • CS 115 – Introductory programming using C++ on Windows (Dev-C++ product used as the development environment)
  • CS 215 – Intermediate C++ programming course using Dev-C++ on Windows
  • CS 216 – Introduction to Unix (CSLAB), web programming, software engineering
  • Upper level courses – course dependent, CSLAB and Multilab used for many of the courses
  • Located on second floor of Engineering Annex building (202)
  • Windows-like interface is displayed
  • A shell (Unix interface) can be accessed by:
    • Applications=>open windows=>OW shell tool
cslab homepage
CSLAB Homepage

  • Rules and Notices
  • Hours of operation
  • Frequently asked questions
  • Downloads for your home workstation
cs 216 assignments
CS 216 Assignments
  • Do in CSLAB
  • Do from any PC lab on campus
  • Do from your home PC or laptop
  • (or any PC connected to the Internet)
using pc labs
Using PC labs
  • Novell Login
    • Login box displayed (CTRL+ALT+DEL if not)
    • enter your userid (same as U-Connect ID) in the Name field
    • enter your password in the Password field
    • A Windows screen appears
remote access to cslab
Remote Access to CSLAB
  • You can connect to UK systems (CSLAB) from campus workstations:
    • start => programs =>communication software => Putty
  • Enter domain to go to, for CSLAB:
  • Click SSH, press OPEN
  • Login as: (your ID)
remote access off campus
Remote Access Off Campus
  • UK systems can be accessed off campus
  • Putty must be installed on your workstation. To get the download, go to:

  • That web site also has a WINSCP download. WINSCP is used for file transfer between systems (for example, windows to CSLAB)
program development on cslab
Program Development on CSLAB
  • Code, test, debug on CSLAB
  • Zip all files needed (.cpp, .h, make file)
  • Submit zip file electronically via class web site
development on another platform
Development on Another Platform
  • Develop on another platform (Dev-C++, Linux, Visual C++, etc.)

2. Send files to CSLAB

3. Compile, link, and test on CSLAB

4. Zip files

5. Electronically submit zip file


putty for connection to cslab
Putty for connection to CSLAB
  • Remote access to CSLAB (through Putty): Use domain name
  • Remote access from your home: Your Internet access must already be established. Putty does not do it. Putty assumes that an Internet connection has been established.
winscp for file transfer
WINSCP for File Transfer

Error using Winscp:

If you get an “Error listing directory” message followed by a long directory name ending with your CSLAB ID, get the latest version of Winscp from: sure it is using the SFTP (allow SCP fallback) protocol option from the menu