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Training Department Class of 2020 Intersessional Brief PowerPoint Presentation
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Training Department Class of 2020 Intersessional Brief

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Training Department Class of 2020 Intersessional Brief
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Training Department Class of 2020 Intersessional Brief

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  1. Training DepartmentClass of 2020Intersessional Brief Professional Development Training Department LT Mitch Pulver 2/C Training Officer X-1920

  2. Agenda • Staying at USNA - NASP • Who to call and how to maintain SA this summer • PROTRAMID • Travel Guidance and Contingencies • Closing Comments • Questions

  3. Summer Accountability All MIDN must have accountability to one of 3 places: • NASP: either present in Bancroft Hall or on approved overnight/weekend • Leave: on approved (in MIDS) leave • Training: Summer Training Assignment Failure to be in your appointed place of duty will result in conduct action!

  4. Bancroft Berthing • All NASP personnel will be berthed in 7th and 8th Wings (all other wings are off limits) • NASP Check-in: 8th Wing Batt Conference Room • UNIFORM OF THE DAY required at check-in • EOL formation = 1800 on the day prior to the commencement of each block • Hours of Operation • 0900-1400 weekday, 1200-1500 weekend • NASP Duty Officer available during off periods • NASP rooming • All transient MIDN should expect to sleep on cots • Once checked in, you will receive room assigned to you ahead of time.DO NOT SWAP OR CHANGE • Cleanliness • Same expectations apply for Mother B as during the Academic Year

  5. General Rules • Program-Specific Uniforms • PFP/VOST/OST: Blue over Khaki • ATFP/Weapons Detail/YPs/Leatherneck: NWU • Internships: Civilian Clothes or Uniform of the Day • Summer School/other Programs: Khakis • King Hall Uniform • Uniform of the Day • NO JOGGING SUITS OR CIVIES AUTHORIZED • Midshipmen are not required to check into NASP the night before PROTRAMID or Fleet Cruise IF they are on approved leave • Know WHERE/WHEN you are supposed to be. Being late/dinq will result in conduct action • Special Request Chits • Routed via your NASP chain of command

  6. Liberty Eligibility SAT Criteria for Summer School: 1st week: SQPR and CQPR > 2.0. 2nd week+: B or better for mando summer school, C or better for voluntary. LMO: Last class or military obligation as determined by NASP Duty Officer • NET 1600 Mon-Fri • Weekend Hours: LMO Fri - 1800 Sun

  7. Block 1 Check-In • NASP assumes responsibility for midshipmen immediately following graduation • Check in Uniform: Khaki or Summer White • Midshipmen are not required to check into NASP the night before PROTRAMID or Fleet Cruise IF they are on approved leave • This is a change in policy from last summer • We are treating you like adults – show up to your required bus time / flight early • Midshipmen will be placed into the conduct system if they miss a bus / flight

  8. Summer Training Contacts • Summer Training Duty Officer • 410-980-9078 / • Mon – Fri / 0800-1600 for non-emergencies • 24/7 for emergencies • Bancroft Hall Main Office • 410-293-5001 • USNA Duty SAPR Advocate • 443-336-2637 • 24/7 Contact Card will be provided prior to Av/Surf/Sub Cruises

  9. Summer Training Info • MIDS Web Access (accessible off Yard) • • Summer Training Intranet Site (Yard only) • • Midshipmen email (accessible off Yard) • • Check everyday, at least two weeks prior to the beginning of a new block BE ON TIME, IN THE CORRECT LOCATION, & PREPARED

  10. PROTRAMID Departure Brief • Uniform is inspection ready Summer Whites w/ a fresh shave & haircut • Muster will be taken – If unable to attend, contact STDO as soon as possible prior to brief • Orders and e-tickets (if applicable) will be distributed • Travel plan will be briefed – Bus times will be announced • Medical records are online and not required to be carried by midshipmen • Bring your screening forms/chits • Av/Phys • Up-Chit • High Risk Training Screening • Approved Independent Travelers call STDO for a phone brief (LT Pulver will send email with phone number to call to those missing the departure brief due to approved absence)

  11. Surface/Sub Cruise Departure Briefs NOTE:  If the number of midshipmen for a departure brief exceeds the capacity of the Planetarium, an alternate location will be used.  Midshipmen will be notified of the alternate location via an e-mail.

  12. PROTRAMID • 4-Week Training Plan • Aviation • Submarines • Surface • USMC • Primary objectives • Familiarize you with the missions, capabilities, and personnel within the primary USN warfare communities and Marine Corps • Enable you to make informed decisions about future career options prior to Service Assignment • Regardless of your mindset regarding different communities, it allows you an opportunity to understand different components of the Navy/Marine Corps to benefit you as a Fleet Junior Officer

  13. PROTRAMID • Departure Briefs • 1200 / Mitscher Auditorium • Block 1: 27 May / Sun • Block 2: 23 Jun / Sat • Block 3: 21 Jul / Sat • Organization • 8 Midshipmen Liaison Officers (MLO) • 2 assigned to each week of training • 4 Companies / ~100 MIDN each • 3 Platoons per Company / ~33 MIDN each • 3 Squads per Platoon / ~11 MIDN each • CC, XO, Platoon Commanders, and Squad Leaders primary role is accountability and communication • MLOs will be provided a roster with assignments

  14. PROTRAMID East Surface & Aviation Week, Hampton Roads, VA USMC Week, MCAS New River, NC Submarine Week, Kings Bay, GA

  15. PROTRAMID West USMC Week, Camp Pendleton, CA Aviation, Surface, and Submarine Weeks, San Diego, CA

  16. Weekly Rotation

  17. How to conduct yourself • Represent USNA and the Navy • Work hard • Impressions are important • Wear a squared-away uniform or appropriate civilian clothes • Be on time and prepared • Use social media responsibly • Remain within your security clearance (None, SECRET) • Use alcohol responsibly if 21 – do not provide for minors and do not drink at all if under 21 • Have a battle buddy on liberty • Do not go to off-limits liberty areas (i.e. Tijuana) • Your MLOs will brief you on liberty rules • Conduct issues will be addressed by: • Unit CO and/or • The Commandant • PROTRAMID statistically has the highest number of conduct incidents; behave like a future Officer!

  18. What to take/wear: Use the training event specific packing list PROTRAMID packing list: One checked bag (collapsible) and one carry-on CONUS, Hawaii, Alaska, and Guam – Summer Whites Outside the U.S. – civilian clothes Hand carry: CAC Orders E-Tickets Contact Card Passport(s)/Visas Change of clothes and essential items CASH Travel Guidance

  19. Execute your orders Vouchers If returning to the local area, you shall not depart local area until voucher complete Voucher must be completed within 5 working days of return Summer Training Travel Office (Bancroft 2016) Reimbursement for per diem, incidentals, BWI Super Shuttle, DC Metro, cabs Zero balance receipts No cash advances Take $250-300 for incidentals Take a personal credit card Travel Guidance

  20. Contingencies • Purchase changeable/refundable tickets for leave • Report change in medical status • Contact BMU and inform the STDO of any changes ASAP • Emergency/Emergent Leave • AMCROSS • Immediate family in most cases / Brigade family in some cases • You may not: • Deviate from your orders • Change your travel itinerary • Go on leave without CO/SEL approval • When in doubt, contact the STDO

  21. DO NOT FORGET • High Risk Screening • AV PHYS LETTER • Aviation UP-CHIT • Uniforms- • Summer Whites for Bus • NWU’s • Reg PT Gear • Swim Gear • Appropriate Civilian Attire • Orders • Toiletries • Cash

  22. INTERNSHIP Guidelines • READ the internship business rules, along with updated Appendix, on the internship website: • Some pointers for MIDN-interns: • DO NOT pay underage fee or extra insurance for rental cars • Along with other necessary paperwork for internship travel, physically take with you a hardcopy of your orders, your e-receipt of your airfare (if applicable), and a mileage log. • The last day is expected to be a day of work at USNA so you can submit your voucher and After Action Report • If you have questions or problems WHILE ON travel, call the USNA Travel Office at 410-293-1642 during business hours or Navy Worldwide Helpdesk 1-800-359-9999 (from US) or 1-210-877-3255 (from OCONUS call collect) outside of business hours • Keep in contact with your faculty sponsor and/or Ed Tech • If you are not getting a timely response, contact CDR Mike Sanders 410-293-6467 or Prof Shade 410-293-2509.

  23. Questions?