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BizTalk Server Overview

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BizTalk Server Overview. Part II – Business Value. For those familiar with SeeBeyond. Scott Cairney, Cactus Commerce. Session Objectives. Microsoft Superplatform as a Market Leader BizTalk Resources Consider the entire platform Cohesiveness BizTalk within the existing environment

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biztalk server overview

BizTalk Server Overview

Part II – Business Value

For those familiar with SeeBeyond

Scott Cairney, Cactus Commerce

session objectives
Session Objectives
  • Microsoft Superplatform as a Market Leader
  • BizTalk Resources
    • Consider the entire platform
    • Cohesiveness
  • BizTalk within the existing environment
    • A Migration Plan
  • BizTalk Skills
  • BizTalk Futures
    • Looking ahead
dimensions of integration
Dimensions of Integration
  • Domain
    • Within a business unit
    • Within an organization
    • Between organizations
  • Endpoints
    • People
    • Applications
    • Devices
    • Databases
  • Style
    • Data Synchronization
    • Straight-Through Processing
    • Composed Programs
  • Mode
    • Batch
    • Near real-time
    • Real-time
biztalk server
BizTalk Server

Business Activity Services

Business Activity Monitoring



Win FX / Office

BizTalk Orchestration

Microsoft Management Console

Visual Studio

Accelerators for BizTalk Server

.Net Framework

Business Rules


Adapters /

SQL Integration

BizTalk Core


Enterprise Single Sign-on










enterprise service bus
Enterprise Service Bus





Legacy Applications


enterprise service bus7
Enterprise Service Bus
  • ESB provides
    • Transport
    • Transformation and Routing
    • Event Handling
    • Webservices support
  • ESB Must Support
    • Service based applications
    • Existing application interfaces (Cobol, VB etc…)
  • ESB provides:
    • BizTalk Messaging + Windows / WCF
    • Pipelines / Map Editor
    • Message Box Pub/Sub
    • SOAP is core to BizTalk
  • ESB Must Support
    • Through adapters
    • Existing adapters OR Custom adapters / Adapter Framework
what is missing
What is Missing?
  • Persistence / Database
  • Processing capabilities
  • Collaboration
  • Application Platform (across all apps)
    • Identity
    • Security
    • Management
    • Presentation
    • Web server
  • Cohesion of parts
    • Trustworthy Computing
    • Common Engineering Roadmap
    • Dynamic Systems Initiative
the microsoft superplatform
The Microsoft Superplatform


CLR / Visual Studio

API / Protocol



OS Infrastructure

Windows Server System







windows server system mission critical
Mission Critical application definition:Windows Server SystemMission Critical

“Gartner defines “mission-critical” applications as business applications, excluding email, that would bring your company to a stop if they were not running. Mission-critical applications are typically supported and managed by a central IT staff. Examples of such applications are airline reservation systems and order processing for a retail store chain. “

mission critical application survey
Mission Critical Application Survey
  • What percentage of your mission-critical applications run on each type of server operating system?

(1) Unix includes IBM AIX, HP-UX, Sun Solaris, and non-specific Unix.

mission critical application survey13
Mission Critical Application Survey
  • What vendor is the primary supplier of the software application platform running your company’s largest number of mission-critical applications?
mission critical application survey14
Mission Critical Application Survey
  • And which one platform does your company currently use for the greatest number of its mission-critical applications?
mission critical application survey15
Mission Critical Application Survey
  • Which vendors does your company use for Web services?
roles and tools increase productivity with cohesive tools
Roles and Tools Increase Productivity with Cohesive Tools
  • TCO depends greatly on the effectiveness of people
  • BizTalk offers the right interface for the right role
    • Developer (Visual Studio)
      • Visual Studio is the core developer tool for all development activities
    • Business Analyst / Information Worker
      • Microsoft Office (Excel, Visio and Sharepoint)
    • Administrator
      • Microsoft Management Console (MMC)
cohesion of the platform
Cohesion of the Platform
  • Windows Server System is held as the example of a cohesive platform
    • Trustworthy Computing
    • Common Engineering Roadmap
    • Dynamic Systems Initiative
considering biztalk
Considering? BizTalk
  • Multiple drivers
    • SeeBeyond promoting upgrade
    • Desire to adopt an IT strategy more aligned with the business
    • Looking to reduce Cost
    • Looking in increase capabilities
desired solution business process across boundaries
Desired SolutionBusiness Process Across Boundaries

Order Process

Business Process Management

Logistics Process



Replenishment Process

interim solution staged approach
Interim SolutionStaged Approach

Business Process Management



interim solution staged approach22
Interim SolutionStaged Approach

Business Process Management



immediate benefits
Immediate Benefits
  • Easiest to use platform
  • Tools that people are already familiar with
  • Reliable low TCO processes
  • Immediate flexibility
  • Solution responsive to Business Needs
  • Solution Agile / able to adapt quickly
training and support
Training and Support
  • Information is abundant!
    • Partner model
    • Blogs
      • Community activity second to none!
    • Public newsgroups
    • Monitored Microsoft newsgroups
    • Frequent MSDN live presentation
    • MSDN Subscription and
    • Web presentations such as this one
    • Product documentation updated quarterly
      • Including SDK, samples, utilities
connected systems
Connected Systems
  • Connected Systems include
    • Adapters
      • Builtin Adapters (Protocol, Data, Application)
      • Microsoft value add adapters
      • Partner adapters (hundreds available)
    • Accelerators
      • Vertical solutions such as :
        • GDS,
        • HL7,
        • HIPAA,
        • SWIFT,
        • RosettaNet
    • Integration solutions such as HIS (Host Integration Server)
connected systems biztalk workflow and communication foundation
Connected Systems BizTalk, Workflow and Communication Foundation
  • WCF represents the core messaging for the entire Microsoft platform including
    • Queuing
    • Distributed transactions
    • Protocol support
      • SOAP over TCP
      • ws-* support
  • WWF – A Dedicated framework for workflow
    • Human-Human
    • Human-System
    • System-System
connected systems summary
Connected SystemsSummary
  • BizTalk is result of years of research and development
  • Current migration plan for BizTalk is a simple as installing new version (pure upgrade)
  • Future plans are based on the integrated messaging platform (WCF)
  • Best of Breed Cohesive Superplatform!
thank you
Thank You
  • Scott Cairney, Cactus

Phone: 1.888.CACTUS.0