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Modernization and Calibration Measurement Requirement Summary CMRS PowerPoint Presentation
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Modernization and Calibration Measurement Requirement Summary CMRS

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Modernization and Calibration Measurement Requirement Summary CMRS - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Modernization and Calibration Measurement Requirement Summary CMRS. Greg Hogan NSWC Corona Det Seal Beach. Life Cycle Stages. Technical Measurement Requirement Developed from Prime System requirements Contracting/Active Procurement Working with Industry to get best value

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Modernization and Calibration Measurement Requirement Summary CMRS

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Presentation Transcript

Modernization and

Calibration Measurement Requirement Summary


Greg Hogan

NSWC Corona Det Seal Beach


Life Cycle Stages

  • Technical Measurement Requirement
    • Developed from Prime System requirements
  • Contracting/Active Procurement
    • Working with Industry to get best value
  • Warranty Coverage
    • Included in contract negotiation, ideally 3-5 years if available
  • Post-Warranty Support
    • RCC or OEM, most logistically efficient
  • Legacy Support
    • Designated Overhaul Point establishment and/or ‘Fly-til-Fail’ with technology back-up or alternative/shift
  • Obsolescence
    • If requirement still exists, then process recycles
known life cycle bitrs
Known Life Cycle BITRs

(Bumps In The Road)

Technical Measurement Requirement Definition

Contracting and Procurement

System developmental lead time may be insufficient to support fielding of TMDE in time for deployment schedules

Technology may no longer be available or cost effective


Warranty Coverage

DRMO may not be option if capability still required but no longer supported by industry

May not be of sufficient duration, cost effective, or OEM may not be willing to accept risk

Legacy Support

Post-Warranty Support

Commercial & DoD infrastructure capabilities may not exist

Maintainability of technology may be proprietary/unique


Activity Interaction


Calibration Centers




Engineering & Lifecycle Logistics Team

Defined Measurement Disciplines

(Functional Groups)



System Assessment


System Requirements


(Subject Matter Experts)

Categorized Measurement Requirements


(Measurement Requirements)

PS/E Acquisition Programs



(Purchase Description and Contract Award)



Functional Groups

  • Ph
  • Phase Sequence
  • Audio Analyzer
  • Sound Level
  • Termination
  • Data Acquisition
  • Modulator
  • Adapter
  • Coupler
  • Detector
  • Divider
  • Filter
  • Conductivity
  • Earth Ground
  • Echo Box
  • Isolator
  • Battery Analyzer
  • PCB Test
  • Impedance
  • Signal Generator
  • Digital Multimeters
  • Baseband Generator
  • Synchro Resolver
  • Spectrum Analyzer
  • Calibrator
  • Logic Analyzer
  • Oscilloscope
  • Voltmeter
  • Frequency
  • Telcomm Analyzer
  • Power Supply
  • Bit Error Rate Tester
  • Comm Analyzer
  • Recorder
  • Insulation Breakdown
  • Power Analyzer
  • Component Test
  • Impedance Matcher
  • Field Strength
  • Noise
  • Radar Test Set
  • Modulation Analyzer
  • Probe
  • Power Meter
  • Attenuator
  • Fiber Optics
  • Distortion
  • Data Analyzer
  • Electrical Safety
  • Network Analyzer
  • Resistor
  • Scalar Analyzer
  • Photo Tachometer
  • Resistance
  • Capacitor
  • Amplifier
  • Humidity
  • Dummy Load
  • Temperature
  • Transformer
  • Time/Freq-Domain
  • Reflectometry
  • Vibration
  • Oxygen
  • Switch
  • Potentiometer
  • Mixer
  • Power Limiter
  • Antenna
  • Inductor
  • Torque
  • Earth Ground
  • Signature Analyzer
  • Teletype
  • Monitor
obsolescence issues
Obsolescence Issues
  • Model obsolete without immediate direct replacement.
  • Model no longer on contract.
  • OPN requirements forefront of identifying obsolete GPETE.
  • Conflicting equipment availability reports.
  • Vendors not being proactive in reporting model obsolescence.
  • In process to evaluation next obsolescence SCAT codes for review. Possible candidates.
    • SCAT 4349 Audio Analyzer
    • SCAT 4466 Network Analyzer
    • SCAT 4591 Bit Rate Error Tester
    • SCAT 4567 Optiview II Network Analyzer
    • SCAT 4573 Network Analyzer
    • SCAT 4310 OTDR SM
    • SCAT 4318 OTDR MM
    • Fleet Input ___


  • The Calibration and Measurement Requirements Summary is a form used to document the measurements O-Level maintainers could be required to make on a specific Prime System, and to calculate the test equipment that will be required to support those measurements.
      • Actual Prime System measurements are defined:
        • Volts, Amps, MHz, RPM, etc.
        • Required accuracies
        • Unique conditional requirements (rare)
      • Sufficiently capable test equipment is matched to each measurement using 4-to-1 Test Accuracy Ratio
      • Sufficiently capable cal standard or procedure is matched to the test equipment listed (also 4:1 TAR)

Category I

Category II

Category III


CMRS Responsibilities

ISEAs/PEOs maintain Category I Data only

(Prime System)

NAVSEA TMDE Team will maintain Categories II and III (Test Equipment and Cal Standards)


CMRS Documentation

Once Prime System measurement requirements (Category I) are documented, NAVSEA completes remainder of CMRS. ISEA is then only responsible for updating O-level maintenance parameters when necessary.


Requirement Consolidation

NAVSEA uses consolidated CMRS data for all serviced PS/E to develop the best match of GPETE requirements to cost.







Prime System



Meas 1 (Volts)

Meas 2 (Acc)

Meas 3 (Res)

Meas n

System 1

850 Vdc

4 %

< 3.4 V

System 2

795 Vdc

5 %

< 4 V

System n

815 Vdc

10 %

< 8.2 V



Category I



The Bottom Line:Make use of GPETE whenever possible.

  • Once an ISEA completes the Category I data portion of the CMRS, NAVSEA then calculates and completes Category II and III. The complete CMRS for each system is then validated by the ISEA. Once validated, the responsibility to maintain a sufficiently capable and reliable inventory of GPETE and calibration standards rests with NAVSEA 04RM.
  • Assuming the O-Level maintenance requirements for a given system do not change, the only further ISEA action in support of CMRS is to keep POC data current.
  • NAVSEA will advise ISEAs when compatibility or technology advance/obsolescence compels a change in Category II equipment, and will resolve any needed shifts with the ISEA.


Greg Hogan

562 626-7192

DSN 873