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Online Banking: Nicole Fukeda Meghan Lilly Yuya Nonaka Thor Peterson Introduction Nicole Fukeda - Email Address: - Major: McLaren School of Business, Marketing Major

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Online banking www citibank com l.jpg

Online Banking:

Nicole Fukeda

Meghan Lilly

Yuya Nonaka

Thor Peterson

Introduction l.jpg

  • Nicole Fukeda

    - Email Address:

    - Major: McLaren School of Business, Marketing Major

    - Career Goals: Obtain masters and CMO at large marketing firm

  • Meghan Lilly

    - Email Address:

    - Major: Mclaren School of Business, International Business Major

    - Career Goals: Obtain international relations position in an export oriented firm

  • Yuya Nonaka

    - Email address:

    - Major: McLaren School of Business, Finance Major.

    - Career Goals: Attain CFO position in large finance firm.

  • Thor Peterson

    - Email Address:

    - Major: McLaren School of Business, Business Major

    - Career Goals: Obtain CIO position in large IT firm like Hewlett Packard or Cisco

Status l.jpg

  • Technology

  • Organization

  • People

  • Success

Technology l.jpg

  • Browser (User Interface)

  • Server (Bank Database)

  • Security

  • Connection

Organization l.jpg

  • Board of Directors –Citibank–

    - Vice Chairman – Paul J. Collins

    - Chairman and CEO – Robert I. Lipp

    - President – Victor J. Menezes

    - Chairman – John S. Reed

    - Vice Chairman – William R. Rhodes

    - Vice Chairman – H. Onno Ruding

People l.jpg

  • Job Categories:

    -Local Debt

    -Loan Syndications & Capital Markets

    -Project Finance

    -Export Credit Agency Financing

    -Mergers and Acquisitions

  • Training Programs

    -Management Associate Program

  • Career Development

  • Leadership, Staffing & Development

  • Performance Management

Success l.jpg

  • 82 Billion Gross Revenue in 1999

  • Expected Gross Revenue of over 117 Billion in 2000

  • Very stable company that is always growing

Objectives l.jpg

  • Company Mission

  • Primary Goals

Mission and goals l.jpg
Mission and Goals

  • To offer innovative approaches to meet changing needs of today’s banking customer, helping them to stay ahead in this emerging competitive market

  • To offer a wide range of investment banking products to help identify and achieve financial objectives of customers

  • To seize opportunities to build capabilities and share in both well-established and emerging markets

  • To strengthen strategic presence in key markets

  • To benefit from the major structural changes occurring in Europe through the acquisition of the investment banking business of Schroders

  • To be a leader in electronic payments and commerce on the Web by introducing new internet-based applications to customers

  • To continue building capability on the internet through the leadership of the new Internet Operating Group

Analysis l.jpg

  • Strengths

  • Weaknesses

  • Opportunities

  • Threats

Strengths l.jpg

  • CitiBanking

  • Partnership with Salomon Smith Barney

  • Private Banking

  • Credit Cards

  • Consumer Finance

  • Life Insurance

  • Personal Property Casualty Insurance

  • Capital Strength

  • Company’s Aggressive Approach

Weaknesses l.jpg

  • Manage Large Organization

  • Responsibility to customers, employees, and stockholders to move ahead in a rapidly competitive industry.

  • Management challenge

  • Exploit growth

  • Citibank Seoul, Korea Short-Term Rate Hike

  • U.S. market plunged

Opportunities l.jpg

  • Sharing Knowledge Across the Country

  • To be a Provider of Financial Products and Services

  • Expanding Free Markets

  • “Internet Touch Point”

  • Development of Markets

  • Investment Services

  • Home Equity and Debt Consolidation Loans

  • Insurance

Threats l.jpg

  • Joint Venture with State Street Corporation

  • Investments in Latin America, Argentina, Mexico

  • Citibank’s credit card theft

  • Tightening Financial Conditions

Resolutions l.jpg

  • Recommendations to CitiBank

  • Group Comments

Recommendations l.jpg

  • Should continue to support growth in their domestic and worldwide markets

  • From using the site we feel that Citibank’s online users would benefit most from a more updated website. As of now, transactions can take up to three days to update on the user account info.

  • On the website there should be more differentiation between the Citibank information on products/services and the information of their subsidiaries.

Group comments l.jpg
Group Comments

  • Citibank has dedicated their website to the customers and currently offers many services.

  • We found working on the Citibank website at to be interesting and quite useful. The site offers many options to view and manipulate financial data and provides a nice clean website as the interface.

  • In general, the website was easy to navigate and the services were simple to use.

  • We feel Citibank should concentrate on customer based issues instead of so much focus on acquisition of new assets.

Bibliography l.jpg

  • Bank of America –

  • Discover –

  • Washington Mutual –