accessing provider summary voucher information through payspan health for illinois providers l.
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Accessing Provider Summary Voucher Information Through PaySpan Health For Illinois Providers PowerPoint Presentation
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Accessing Provider Summary Voucher Information Through PaySpan Health For Illinois Providers

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Accessing Provider Summary Voucher Information Through PaySpan Health For Illinois Providers - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Accessing Provider Summary Voucher Information Through PaySpan Health For Illinois Providers. WELCOME! Welcome to PaySpan Health, where you will access your provider summary information for The Illinois Colaborative’s encounter processing results.

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Accessing Provider Summary Voucher Information Through PaySpan Health For Illinois Providers

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accessing provider summary voucher information through payspan health for illinois providers

Accessing Provider Summary Voucher InformationThrough PaySpan HealthFor Illinois Providers



Welcome to PaySpan Health, where you will access your provider summary information for The Illinois Colaborative’s encounter processing results.

Provider payments will continue to come from the state, Through PaySpan, the collaborative is providing access to on-line viewable provider summary statements, and access to the HIPAA 835 remittance advice.


General Features

  • PaySpan’s provider site has an online security subsystem that allows you to control each user’s access to specific customer applications and web site features.
  • PaySpan provider site’s security features allows you to control access to viewing, printing and downloading online.
  • PaySpan’s provider site
  • logs all user activity on the PaySpan provider web-site
  • provides Online Help on every screen
  • supports Internet Explorer 5.0 and above
  • Providers will receive a Registration Enrollment Letter explaining the registration process. The letter provides the required Registration Code. Providers will need their Provider Identification Number (PIN) – this is your Collaborative Pay to Vendor Number, Tax Identification Number (TIN), bank routing and account information found on a check to complete the Provider Registration process and gain access to the PaySpan system.
  • NOTE: Do not pull this information from a deposit slip as your bank routing information is different than what is reported on the check.


your unique registration code:


pay to vendor number

for EFT registration only:



4439 EASY ST


To Our Providers:

The Illinois Collaborative offers Providers PaySpan Health - a solution that delivers Electronic Payments (EFTs), Remittance Advices (ERAs), and much more. FREE to (insert Payer Name here)

Providers, the solution enables online presentment of remittances, and straightforward reconciliation of payments to empower our Providers to reduce costs, speed secondary billings, and improve cash flow.

Convenient Payments

PaySpan Health gives you the option to receive payments according to preference: electronically direct to a bank account, or by

traditional paper check. You are also able to choose the method in which you receive remittance information:

  • Electronic remittance advices presented online and printed on location.
  • HIPAA 835 electronic remittance files for download directly to a HIPAA-compliant Practice Management or Patient Accounting System.
  • Provider Benefits
  • As a Provider, you can gain immediate benefits by signing up for PaySpan Health:
www payspanhealth com

Log onto:

Select Secure



Registration Code

Screen will appear.

PaySpan Health

Customer Service

Support Phone



Hours 7AM – 9 PM

(EST) Monday -


Download User

Guide – Help Menu

registration code screen
Registration Code Screen
  • Type in the Registration Code from the Registration Letter.
  • Select the OK button.
  • The Welcome page will appear.
  • Note – The person completing the process will become the administrator. Highest level of security full access.
welcome to payspan health log in screen
Welcome to PaySpan Health – Log in Screen
  • The PIN is issued by the Collaborative.
  • Pay to Vendor Number.
  • Tin – Tax Identification Number.
  • Verify Name and Address in the top right hand corner. If this information is not correct notify the Collaborative.
  • Select the BEGIN button to start the registration process.
registration information step 1 of 3
Registration Information Step 1 of 3
  • Complete the required Registration Information fields which are marked with a red asterisk ( *).
  • The Email address will become your user name.
  • Passwords must be at least 8 characters and contain a capital letter and one number.
  • Select the Next button for Step 2 of 3.
pay to vendor number
Pay to Vendor Number
  • What is a pay to vendor number?

This is a unique vendor number issued by

the Collaborative that identifies the billing

location for providers.

  • Can a provider have more than one pay to vendor number?


  • Does each pay to vendor number need to be registered with PaySpan?


registration information step 2 of 3
Registration Information Step 2 of 3
  • Complete all required fields.
    • Account Name

Receiving Account

    • Account Description
    • Routing Number

From Check

    • Account Number
    • Verify Account Number

Account Type – Business Checking

Account System – General Healthcare

Download Format – 835

Click the NEXT button.

registration information step 3 of 3
Registration Information Step 3 of 3
  • Review the Registration Information
  • Click the EDIT button for any corrections.
  • Read the Service Agreement and then check the terms and conditions box to agree.
  • Select the Confirm button.
  • You have completed the process.
registration success
Registration Success
  • An email from PaySpan Health will be sent to the email address set up in Step one. This email confirms that the registration was setup successfully.
  • You will received an ACH deposit in your account within the next few days in a random amount from $.01 to $.99. This will come from Payformance Corporation. You do not have to return these funds.
accessing and using payspan health
Accessing and Using PaySpan Health
  • Log onto:
  • Select the Secure Login button under Client Login.
  • The Sign-In screen will appear.
sign in screen
Screen
  • This is the screen that will display upon signing in after successful registration.
  • Enter the user name and password.
  • The user name should be the user’s email address.
  • User passwords are case-sensitive.
  • Select the Ok button.
  • The Home Page will appear.
home page
Home Page
  • The Home Page will appear (with Pending Accounts) as illustrated below when you access the website for the first time.
  • Note you will need to contact your bank to verify the deposit amount from Payformance.
  • To complete the verification process:
  • Select the Depository Account in the dropdown menu.
  • Indicate the Deposit Amount.
  • Select the Confirm button to finalize the verification process.
home page16
Home Page
  • The following Home Page will appear once the receiving account is confirmed.
  • If you have an additional Registration Code from a New Payer you can enter it on the right side of this screen in the Register New Registration Code box.
home page new encounter files
Home Page – New Encounter Files
  • The following Home Page will appear the next time you log in when New Provider Summary Statements are available.
  • You will have the option to download these statements in a HIPAA compliant 835 format should you wish to post the outcomes automatically within your practice management system.
new payment screen
New “Payment” Screen
  • To access this screen you will click on the new payments link.
  • There are two options available.
  • Viewing payment data.
  • Downloading payment data.
pay span health tab features
Pay Span Health Tab Features
  • The following tab features can be accessed from the home page:
  • Payments
  • Administration
  • Preferences
  • Help
  • Logout
  • The Payments tab includes:
  • Account Management
  • Payor Management
  • Reconciliation History
  • The Reports tab includes:
  • Document Archive Search
  • Run a Report
  • The Administration tab includes:
  • User Administration
  • Security Administration
  • Email Users
  • Activity Log
  • The Preferences tab includes:
  • Edit Profile
  • Change Password
payspan health payments menu
PaySpan Health Payments Menu


  • You may use options from the Payments menu to manage your Receiving Accounts, PaySpan Health Payers, and view previous reconciliation downloads.
  • The options available from this menu pertain to your payments:
  • Account Management - PaySpan Health organizes your incoming payments into Receiving Accounts.  The Account Management section of the site contains information on each of the Receiving Accounts that have been set up to receive payments from registered Payers.
  • Payer Management - The Payer Management section of the site displays information on each of the PaySpan Health Payers that have been registered to send payments. This section is controlled by security access rights.
  • Reconciliation History - The Reconciliation History section of the site provides users with a list of all payments that have been confirmed from the PaySpan Health account and provides the ability to download past payments.
payspan health preferences menu
PaySpan Health Preferences Menu


  • The options available from this menu pertain to your user account for the web site.

Edit Profile

  • The Edit Profile screen allows the user to modify their individual contact information.  Click on image to find more information about page elements.

Change Password

  • The Change Password screen allows the user to select a new password for accessing the site.
payspan health administration menu
PaySpan Health Administration Menu


  • PaySpan Health has a Security module that will allow the Administrator to precisely designate which users will have access to the appropriate menu items and features on the web site. Administrators have access to the User Administration and Security Administration sections described below to administer users and set security access rights to the PaySpan Health Payment Center features.
  • The Administrator may choose to restrict access to various features on the web site for process or security reasons.  For example, the Administrator may restrict access to the "Account Access" or the “Edit Receiving Account” functionality.
  • The Main Menu Bar will appear for all users.  For a menu item to work, the user must have the correct security access set by the group administrator.
payspan health user administration menu
PaySpan Health User Administration Menu

User Administration

  • Administrators have the ability to view, add, edit, and change passwords for registered users.  To add a new user, select the 'Add' button.  To edit a user, click on the User's full name. To view Inactive Users check the 'Show Inactive Users' check box.
payspan health activity log menu
PaySpan Health Activity Log Menu

Activity Log

  • The Activity Log screen allows the user view their past activity on the site.  Administrators will have access to the activity log entries of all users from their company, and may filter by user if desired.  Users who are not Administrators will only have access to log entries of their own activities.  The user has the option of filtering the activity detail by User and Date.
The Pay Span Health System provides:
  • One-stop shopping for multiple payors
  • HIPAA compliant 835
  • Control over multiple accounts as providers add more Pay Span business
hipaa 835
  • Find the HIPAA Implementation Guide


  • 005010X221 Health Care Claim Payment/Advice
  • An 835 Companion Guide will be posted to the Collaborative website which highlights points of interest to Illinois providers