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Small Guns

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Small Guns - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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By: Mahmoud Saad. Small Guns. Webley Revolver Mark 6. Was one of the most commonly used weapons!. The Winchester Model 97. Also known as the trench gun!. Lee-Enfield rifle. Standard gun for British Soldiers!. Browning FN Model 1903. Basis of the modern pistol. Mondragon rifle.

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Small Guns

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Presentation Transcript
webley revolver mark 6
Webley Revolver Mark 6

Was one of the most commonly used weapons!

the winchester model 97
The Winchester Model 97

Also known as the trench gun!

lee enfield rifle
Lee-Enfield rifle


gun for



browning fn model 1903
Browning FN Model 1903

Basis of the

modern pistol

mondragon rifle
Mondragon rifle

World’s first semi-automatic

and automatic rifle

sawed off shotgun
Sawed-off shotgun

Did not have


use yet

shadows of war
Shadows of War

I walk in the break-time,

see poems on a classroom wall,

Owen, Sassoon, Sorley,

the texts of this year's syllabus:

words wailing like shells,

beyond the limits of our hearing -

mourning the corpses of Fallujah.

I walk in the gardens,

on the run from the news.

The orange waste-sacks,

bellied with swept leaves,

crouch between the limes

all along the bare avenue -

prisoners of Guantanamo.

I walk in the orchards,

abandoned to autumn.

A dog leaps playful

out of its owner's control,

runs with the leash trailing

among the poop-coils in the dirt -

barking an echo of Abu Ghraib.

By: Eric Morrissey

-November 2004

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