Revolution and change in france
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Revolution and Change in France. Chapter 23 Section 2. Key Terms. Louis Philippe Louis Napoleon Dreyfus Affair Anti-Semitism Theodor Herzl Zionism. A King Abdicates. After Louis XVII died Charles X inherited the throne 1830 Charles suspend the legislature People revolt

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Revolution and change in france

Revolution and Change in France

Chapter 23

Section 2

Key terms
Key Terms

  • Louis Philippe

  • Louis Napoleon

  • Dreyfus Affair

  • Anti-Semitism

  • Theodor Herzl

  • Zionism

A king abdicates
A King Abdicates

  • After Louis XVII died Charles X inherited the throne

  • 1830 Charles suspend the legislature

  • People revolt

  • Charles abdicates and flees to London

A king abdicates1
A King Abdicates

  • News of revolution gets to Metternich

  • “My life’s work is destroyed.”

  • His reactionary ideals and absolute monarchies were crumbling

  • Metternich feared revolution would spread through the continent

The reign of louis philippe
The Reign of Louis Philippe

  • Took over a constitutional monarchy

  • Was an aristocrat and popular with the middle class

  • Called the citizen because he wore regular clothes

  • Called the citizen king

The reign of louis philippe1
The Reign of Louis Philippe

  • He increased the number of voters

  • Limited freedom of the press

  • Rule became increasingly repressive

  • Silenced those who opposed him

The reign of louis philippe2
The Reign of Louis Philippe

  • Working people grew poorer

  • Middle class and aristocracy became more prosperous

  • King’s popularity deteriorated rapidly

  • Economic depression made life more difficult

The revolution of 1848
The Revolution of 1848

  • Sparked by a ban of a banquet planned by reformers

  • Louis Philippe quickly abdicated

  • Citizens formed a new government

  • Voters elected Napoleon’s nephew

Revolution of 1848
Revolution of 1848

  • Louis Napoleon becomes president

  • Second Republic

  • All adult French men had the right to vote

  • Created a Republican government

  • Fueled women’s rights

  • Inspired revolutions across Europe

Napoleon iii and the second empire
Napoleon III and the second Empire

  • Constitution allowed the president to serve for four years

  • Napoleon wanted to stay in office

  • He arrested members of the National Assembly

  • Then called for a vote to draft a new constitution

Napoleon iii and the second empire1
Napoleon III and the Second Empire

  • Voters approved the measure

  • Later the French people elected him emperor

  • Napoleon III

    • Increased voting rights

    • Kept absolute power

    • Ruled during economic prosperity

    • Built miles or railroads

The third republic
The Third Republic

  • 1870 Napoleon drew Prussia into war

  • Napoleon III was captured and surrendered to the Prussians

  • French Assembly deposed him

  • Prussians invaded France and laid siege to Paris

The third republic1
The Third Republic

  • Third Republic made some important reforms

    • 1882 made primary education available for children 6-13

    • 1884 trade unions legalized

    • 1900 working hours reduced

    • 1906 new act required employers to give employees off one day a week

The dreyfus affair
The Dreyfus Affair

  • Controversial court case

  • 1894 Alfred Dreyfus French captain falsely accused of betraying secrets to Germany

  • Knew he was not guilty

  • Held a military ceremony to humiliate him

The dreyfus affair1
The Dreyfus Affair

  • Crowd chanted “kill him”

  • Evidence suggests another officer was guilty

  • Second officer was not Jewish

  • Dreyfus cleared in 1906

Dreyfus affair
Dreyfus Affair

  • Divided people in France

  • Emile Zola-French writer came to his defense

  • “J’accuse” letter accused the French government of anti-Semitism

  • Led French courts to reopen the case

  • Letter set off anti-Semitic riots in 50 towns

Dreyfus affair1
Dreyfus Affair

  • Important affect on Jewish nationalism

  • Theodor Herzl-Hungarian born-Jewish journalist who covered the story

  • Shocked by the anti-Semitism in France

  • Root of the problem is that Jews did not have a country in Europe

Dreyfus affair2
Dreyfus Affair

  • 1896 published The Jewish State

  • Outlined plan for an independent Jewish country

  • Zionism-Jewish nationalist movement to create a Jewish state in their original homeland

  • 1900’s number of Jewish people returned to their original homeland