Present Use Value
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Present Use Value David Baker, PPS Director Property Tax Division North Carolina Department of Revenue. Present Use Value.

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Present use value david baker pps director

Present Use ValueDavid Baker, PPS


Property Tax DivisionNorth Carolina Department of Revenue

Present use value
Present Use Value

  • G.S. 105-296(j) The assessor must annually review at least one eighth of the parcels in the county classified for taxation at present‑use value to verify that these parcels qualify for the classification. By this method, the assessor must review the eligibility of all parcels classified for taxation at present‑use value in an eight‑year period. The period of the review process is based on the average of the preceding three years' data.

Compliance review
Compliance Review

  • Application on hand?

  • Ownership

  • Size

  • Actual Production

  • Income

  • Sound Management

    • Forest management plan

Forest management plan
Forest management plan

  • Is there a plan for each tract?

  • The position of our office is that the General Statutes require a forestry management plan to be in place prior to January 1 of the year for which the taxpayer makes a request for the present-use value benefit.

  • In most counties this is not the case.

  • The 20 acres rule - requires forestry management plans for woodland greater than 20 acres that is located on agricultural or horticultural tracts.

Forest management plan1
Forest management plan

  • We recommend that you work with your local County Forest Ranger’s Office to establish a set future deadline to have all plans completed.

  • We request that you send the deadline to us.

  • Is it a plan for the commercial growing of timber?