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The North African Campaign PowerPoint Presentation
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The North African Campaign

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The North African Campaign - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The North African Campaign.

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The North African Campaign

After the British solidified their position and got reinforcements, the counter-attacked on December 9th and managed to drive the Italian Force clear across Libya and deep into their own territory. Here the British stopped like the Italians did (Due to their support of Greece). It would prove to be a fatal error as Mussolini called for help from Hitler; who sent the quick makings of what would soon become the infamous Afrika Korp with Erwin Rommel leading it.

Finally for the last time, Rommel strikes back and pushes to the railway station of El Alemain. Here A second prepared counter attack by Montgomery, the new General of the British 8th army known as the “Desert Rats,” pushes Rommel way past Libya and Tripoli. At the same time the Americans land in North Africa and Take the Vicky French by surprise.

With the Germans and Italians pushed in a pocket in Tunis, the Americans push from the west and the British from the Southeast. Axis reinforcements arrive while Rommel attempts to build a defensive line in the southeast. After this he joins the newly deployed armored division that arrives from Italy and meets the Americans head on at Kassarine Pass, obliterating them. But the next combined push quickly liquidates the rest of the Axis defenses who retreat to Sicily.

With the Arrival of the Afrika Korps in Tripoli, the combined Italian and German Force pushes the British back across Libya and into Egypt once again. Also a garrison of Australians hold Tobruk which hinders German and Italian supply lines. For a week this continues and the Axis forces realize they must snuff out Malta to fix the supply situation on the Italian and DAK forces. But even with all the bombing, nothing changes.

With his lack of supplies, Rommel must retreat after a renewed Allied assault. In the process of the battle some of his men get surrounded east of Tobruk and hold out for a few months. Rommel and the rest of the Axis forces are pushed back once again back into their corner of Libya.

After the Blitzkrieg of France Mussolini feels that he needs to gain glory for his nation as well as himself, so he begins to stockpile men and material in Italian controlled Libya and Ethiopia. He plans to invade Egypt and kick out the British presence there.

On Sept 13th, 1940 the Italians invade Egypt. They immensely overwhelm the British defenders and proceed to push forward for three days at a crawling pace. They go only fifty miles and then stop, and proceed to start making garrisons. The English retreat and begin to build forces for a counterattack since the Italians wont finish them off.