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Ham Radio Deluxe Remote Control and Broadcasting PowerPoint Presentation
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Ham Radio Deluxe Remote Control and Broadcasting

Ham Radio Deluxe Remote Control and Broadcasting

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Ham Radio Deluxe Remote Control and Broadcasting

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  1. Ham Radio Deluxe Remote Control and Broadcasting K6JWB John Berry Let's talk about remote control of your rig using Ham Radio Deluxe and Skype.

  2. Overview • What is this all about? • Setup the necessary equipment • Setup the software and Skype • Setup internet connections • Connect to remote base station • Possibilities & Responsibilities

  3. The system works like this: • A setup very similar to a PSK31 station. • There are two computers linked by a Virtual Private Network (VPN) over the internet. This ensures that you, and only you, can access your radio, it complies with license conditions (doesn't matter if it's just a receiver of course).

  4. The system works like this: • On the remote computer you run a serial-port server program which allows the rig to be controlled over the VPN as if it were on your home network. You must also run a VOIP program (Skype, IPVoice...) which sets up a two-way audio link between the operator and the radio. Additional remote control facilities for switching aerials etc can be added as desired.

  5. Setup the necessary Equipment

  6. Setup the necessary Equipment • Current Radio with CAT controls • Audio Interface (Rigblaster) & cables • HRD Server Computer – Connects to Radio and Rigblaster • Internet connection – Connects to HRD Server computer • Laptop or other computer as the remote-controller. Don't forget a headset microphone.

  7. Setup Software and Skype • Install HRD on server PC (as you would for PSK31) and confirm everything works with radio. • Setup the serial port server • Install Skype and Hamachi VPN on the Server PC. Setup new accounts. • Install HRD on Laptop • Install Skype/Hamachi on laptop and create separate accounts.

  8. Setup Internet Connections • After Installing Skype and Hamachi VPN, you should test your connections. • Browse the remote computer folders using Hamachi • Make a test Skype call to each PC and configure the sound and personalize the Skype settings. • Configure your Internet router as needed for VPN and Skype access.

  9. Connect to Remote Base Station • Startup Server computer, making sure the HRD Remote Server “Service” is running. • Make sure Hamachi and Skype are running. • Startup laptop and verify you have a good internet connection and verify Hamachi and Skype are running. • Call to Skype number on HRD Server • Run HRD using the IP address in Hamachi

  10. Possibilities & Responsibilities • Use this setup as a remote receiver • Work friends radios from across the world • Shoot DX from Starbucks or any other WiFi hotspot! • Be sure to password protect everything! • DO NOT USE AMPLIFIERS. • DO NOT TRANSMIT ON REPEATERS, ESPECIALLY N6LXX. • Always have someone at home to reset radio.

  11. Useful Internet References • Remote operation from G3YXM • Rigblaster Plus Manual (Has diagram on radio interfacing) • Youtube Search Ham Radio Deluxe, quite a few videos!

  12. Thank you! • From John Berry • K6JWB