the vietnam war by matt harrington
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“The Things they Carried” By Tim O’Brien

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“The Things they Carried” By Tim O’Brien - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The Vietnam War By Matt Harrington. “The Things they Carried” By Tim O’Brien. How it Started. North Vietnam was Communist and had the support of communist nations (USSR) South Vietnam was created by France (Later had support of US)

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how it started
How it Started
  • North Vietnam was Communist and had the support of communist nations (USSR)
  • South Vietnam was created by France (Later had support of US)
  • North Vietnamese communists and rebels wanted to reunite the country
  • 1954- Vietnam divides into 2 countries
  • 1964- Gulf of Tonkin attack on US ship causes direct US involvement
  • President Johnson falsely claims a second attack against the ship to help gain support for the war
troop conditions
Troop Conditions
  • Viet Cong used guerilla warfare.
  • Faced extreme heat and humidity and hurricane style rainfall
  • Terrain contained heavy foliage and many deadly predators
us s upport dwindles
US Support Dwindles
  • Tet Offensive- North Vietnamese launch large scale attack during Vietnamese New Year. Shows to Americans that war will not end soon.
  • My Lai Massacre- US forces invade a small village and slaughter hundreds of Woman, Children, and Elderly
us support dwindles cont
US Support Dwindles (cont)
  • The invasion of Laos- President Nixon orders troops to invade the city without approval from Congress.
  • Leads to more anti-war protests.
protests back home
Protests Back Home
  • Kent State Shooting- National Guard opens fire into group of protesters on the campus of Kent State University in Ohio. 4 students are killed and 9 others wounded. This caused an increase in Anti-war/Anti-government protests across the country.
lyrical protests
Lyrical Protests
  • Popular artists of the day such as The Doors, John Lennon, and Bob Dylan released songs that were in direct protest of the War.
war comes to and end
War Comes to and End
  • January 1973- Peace talks occur and cease fire is ordered.
  • March 1973- Last US troops are evacuated.
  • US casualties total almost 60,000.
works cited
Works Cited