People and planet earth
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People and Planet Earth. Авторы проекта: ученики 7 класса Родионова Настя, Смелова Ольга, Козлов Андрей. E nvironmental problems endanger people's lives. The word environment means simply what is around us. . The most serious eс ological problems are :. WATER POLLUTION

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People and planet earth

People and Planet Earth

Авторы проекта:

ученики 7 класса

Родионова Настя,

Смелова Ольга,

Козлов Андрей

E nvironmental problems endanger people s lives
Environmental problems endanger people's lives

The wordenvironmentmeans simply what is around us.

The most serious e ological problems are
The most serious eсological problems are:




Water pollution
Water pollution

Nowadays pollution of water is a very important problem.

Many rivers, seas, oceans are polluted today.

Many fish and sea animals are already dead.

Air pollution
Air pollution

Some factories pollute the atmosphere with toxins and dangerous chemicals.

Most of the pollution comes from cars and buses. That’s why it is difficult to breathe in big cities.

We need good filters at factories and on cars to make the air clean.

Land pollution
Land pollution

Our land is also polluted

with toxins and chemicals.

There are plastic bottles, tins, glass and paper everywhere.

It is very ugly.

Disappearing animals
Disappearing animals

The other problem is a problem of disappearing of animals because of bad ecology.

The second reason of their death is a man, who kills them for their skin or meat.

International green organizations
International green organizations

Nowadayspeople are worried about the environment and try to solveenvironmental problems.

They create different organizations such as

«Green Peace», «World Wild life Fond».

They want to help the environment.

. We must solve ecological problems together.

Recycle it

Every day we throw away millions of tonnes of rubbish. A lot of this is paper, plastic, glass and metal that we can reuse. We must find ways to recycle the things.

Save it

Many natural resources are not


Coal, gas, metals and minerals, for example, will finish one day.

People must find ways to save them.

We must find alternative ways to make energy. We can use the sun, the wind, the sea and the heat of the earth.

People and planet earth

This is our Mother Earth….

This is what it should look like!

People and planet earth

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used in this presentation

were taken from the Internet.


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