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L. p. http:// http:// Great mosque in Djenne. The great mosque in Djenne

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Sagatours malianlifestyles html



Sagatours malianlifestyles html

Great mosque in Djenne

The great mosque in Djenne

Is the largest mud brick

Building in the world.

Sagatours malianlifestyles html



Traditional Western African music have many

Different melodies and rhythms. Many

instruments are played such as : flutes and many

Sorts of different drums.

The preferred kind food in Mali

are rice, peanut, sugar, and oil.

Preparing dinner

Celebrating and singing

Story telling

In Ancient Mali lots of story telling

were being told. They would sing and pray.

They would tell stories about the great leaders of Mali.

One of the most famous story they would tell is

about Sundjata, the Lion King founder of the Mali empire.

Sagatours malianlifestyles html

Daily life

Basket weaver

Traditional Gold mining

Fetching water

Feeding the family’s sheep

Preparing a divination ceremony

Sagatours malianlifestyles html



Hot and Dry = February - June

Rainy and humid = June - November

Cool and dry = November - February

Mansa Musa

Mali did not change much since the past.

They still eat the same things and have the

Same style.

Mansa Musa was a great emperor

Ancient Mali. His religion was Islam.