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Who is this Man!!!! PowerPoint Presentation
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Who is this Man!!!!

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Who is this Man!!!! - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Who is this Man!!!!. The disciples are dumbfounded by his power to quiet the sea and are “terrified” (4: 41). WITM.

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The fear of the disciples, however, does not alleviate after the storm quiets down. Instead, their fear intensifies as it shifts to the person with them in the boat, which has just shown his divine control over the sea.
The townsfolk of Gerasene become afraid when they observe the demonized man, whom they have been powerless to control, now in his right mind and sitting at Jesus’ feet (5: 15). WITM
Jesus encounters three different characters in this story: the evil spirits, whom he outfoxes; the man, whom he heals; and the community, whom he frightens. Each of these makes a request. The demons beg him to allow them to stay in the same country and to send them into the nearby swine. The community begs him to leave their country. The man begs to be with him. Jesus grants every request except the man’s.
The woman with the flow of blood is petrified when Jesus looks around to see who touched him and when she realizes what has happened to her. WITM
Jesus delays going to heal Jairus’s daughter and tells the ruler of the synagogue not to fear at the news of his daughter’s death, only to continue to have faith (5: 36). WITM