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Professor Pen

Professor Pen

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Professor Pen

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    1. Professor Pen

    2. Professor Pen Playing with Words Believe it or not, you use metaphors and similes every day of your life! Some words are metaphors all by themselves. She was a bright student. We all know that bright refers to light. But in this sentence we are comparing intelligence to light. Its a metaphor!

    3. Professor Pen More metaphors. The crowd was an angry beast. She was the sunshine. He was a tornado of activity Silence is golden My memory is foggy.

    4. Professor Pen Simile While a metaphor directly states that something is something else, a simile compares things using as or like

    5. Professor Pen Quick as a Wink Lots of cliches are similes. They are fun to use, but dont overuse them in your writing! Even if you are busy as a beaver, its not as cute as a button or as American as apple pie to overuse cliches. It should be as plain as the nose on your face!

    6. Professor Pen Sing like a bird! Many popular songs use similes and metaphors. Can you think of some examples?

    7. Professor Pen Song Similes two sparrows in a hurricane as cold as ice a rolling stone ...whose fleece was white as snow a bird up in the sky like a bird in a cage

    8. Professor Pen Try Your Own! Heres a fun activity! Re-write your favorite fairy tale using similes and metaphors to make the story more interesting. Use at least 5 different similes and metaphors. Remember a simile uses like or as, a metaphor doesnt. She is a pig (metaphor) She eats like a pig (simile)