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RMS UPDATE from ERCOT Retail Market Services August 1, 2002 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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RMS UPDATE from ERCOT Retail Market Services August 1, 2002. Retail Market Update. Topics ERCOT’s 30 Day Plan and Other Critical Projects Move-In/Move-Out Issues/Initiatives ESI ID Tracking System (ETS) Version 1.5 Project Market Synchronization Plan Non-PTB Back Dated Switches

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Presentation Transcript

Retail market update
Retail Market Update


  • ERCOT’s 30 Day Plan and Other Critical Projects

  • Move-In/Move-Out Issues/Initiatives

  • ESI ID Tracking System (ETS)

  • Version 1.5 Project

  • Market Synchronization Plan

  • Non-PTB Back Dated Switches

  • IDR Meter Usage Reports (ERCOT and TDSPs)

  • Lodestar Data Loading Improvements

  • Resettlement Update

  • Portal Performance

  • Quick Recovery Team Update

Master project plan
Master Project Plan

  • Key In-flight & New Projects identified

    • Related project worksheet established with list of all known projects

      • Status/Updates

      • Targeted outcomes

      • Resources required

    • Internal review with ERCOT senior management and subcommittee participants underway to confirm completeness and accuracy

  • Next Steps…

    • Complete consolidation of all active and planned projects

    • Review with ERCOT IT Steering Committee to:

      • Ensure completeness of project list

      • Establish priorities and dependencies

      • Review resource requirements

    • Present to ERCOT BOD at August Meeting

    • Begin aligning ERCOT resources with priorities established

    • Tie project spending and people to 2002 budget and 2003 budget/plan

Move in move out issues initiatives

Move-In / Move-Out Issues/Initiatives

Move in move out short term recommendations
Move-in/Move-outShort-term Recommendations

  • Objective

    • Further define RMS approved Conceptual Recommendations

    • Develop and Implement Conceptual Recommendations (CR) to help MI/MO processing

  • Completed

    • CR #7A has already been implemented by ERCOT

    • CR #6 - NFI Rejection Codes being addressed by Market Change Control # 2002-334

  • In Progress

    • Received ‘Straw man’ on the following

      • CR #2 – Cancellation of Pending Switch (Cary Reed)

      • CR #4 – Splitting Move-in from Switch (Vernon Pierce)

        • Delayed due to misunderstanding

      • CR #7B – Expedite ESIID Create Process (Darrell Hobbs)

        • Analysis still underway between ERCOT and TDSPs

  • Next Steps

    • Standardized, detailed analysis from each sponsor by 8/9

    • Distribute analysis to MI/MO work group for comments

    • New CR #4 write-up due to ERCOT by 8/23

    • Solicit a Volunteer to provide White Paper for Concept #3 – CR Holds MI/MO

    • Reconvene with sponsors to discuss all proposals on 8/26

Macro plan for move in move out long term solution
Macro Plan for Move-in/Move-outLong-term Solution

  • Objective

    • Determine best solution to effectively handle Move-in/Move-out transaction processing for Texas Market

    • Address the 29 scenarios previously identified

      • Some may be fully automated and some may involve more manual processes

  • Proposed Solution

    • Develop Detailed Requirements Document

    • Solicit input from outside the Market through an RFP

    • Establish market participant core Task Force

    • Summarize vendor responses for Task Force review

    • Recommendation to RMS on vendor short list

    • Vendor presentations to Task Force

    • Present final recommendation to ERCOT Board

    • Negotiate and award contract

Macro plan for move in move out long term solution1
Macro Plan for Move-in/Move-outLong-term Solution

  • Deliverables

    • Detailed Requirements Document

    • RFP

    • Vendor Proposals

  • Resources and Costs

    • 3-4 knowledgeable resources, including a technical writer

      3-4 weeks to complete RFP (salary plus expenses)

      • $160,000.00 to $175,000.00

    • 2 Bidder Presentation Conferences

      • $1,000.00 to $1,500.00

    • 2 Working Sessions to Summarize and Document RFP Proposals

      • $2,000.00 - $2,500.00

Macro plan for move in move out long term solution2
Macro Plan for Move-in/Move-outLong-term Solution

  • Timeline

    • RMS and Board approvals to proceed (8/20/02)

    • RMS establishes Task Force (8/29/02)

    • Develop Detailed Requirements Document for RFP (10/1/02)

    • Release RFP to vendors (10/10/02)

    • RFP responses due from vendors (11/15/02)

    • Summarize vendor responses for Task Force review (11/25/02)

    • Recommendation to RMS on vendor short list (December meeting)

    • Vendor presentations to Task Force (1/5/03)

    • Vendor recommendation to ERCOT Board (January Meeting)

    • Begin contract negotiations (02/01/03)

    • Award contract (2/15/03)

Ets phase i
ETSPhase I

  • Objective

    • Develop a system to track complete ESIID life-cycle

    • Maintain ESIID data until transaction life-cycle is complete

  • Completed

    • Detailed Requirements Gathering

    • Functional and Technical Design Documents

    • First Draft Design of System Reports

  • In Progress

    • Mock-up of internal reports and user interface

    • Development and production hardware on order

  • Next Steps

    • Build Phase on schedule to start August 5, 2002

Ets phase ii

  • Objective

    • Develop a system to allow Market access into ESIID transaction life-cycle data

    • Maintain ESIID data until transaction life-cycle is complete

  • Completed

    • Received information from 13 Market Participants on display data elements

  • In Progress

    • Summary of Market display data elements to be distributed for review

    • Requirements Document for Phase II In Progress

    • Mock-up of Market Reports and User Interface In Progress

  • Next Steps

    • Project funding approval from ERCOT Board of Directors

Tx set version 1 51
TX Set Version 1.5


  • Existing system performance benchmark (to ensure processing speed is maintained)

  • Conceptual System Designs (CSD) – Will disperse the CSD’s to Market Coordination team members upon TX SET clarification.

In Progress - Detail Design Phase

  • Technical System Design (TSD)

  • Training Documentation and Methods

  • Testing scripts, files, and methodology

Next steps

TX Set Version 1.5

Next Steps







  • V1.5 Technical Coordination Team Meetings:

    • August 2nd – Conference Call

    • Week of September 2nd face to face meeting at ERCOT finalize design and production implementation plans.




Internal System




Market synchronization retailer synchronization project
Market Synchronization Retailer Synchronization Project

  • Objective

    • Address market issues resulting in an out of sync “Rep of Record” between ERCOT, TDSP, and CR systems for all ESI IDs

  • Completed Items

    • Programs to compare and report discrepancies are complete

    • MP agreed upon approach resolution for 22 scenarios at July 26th design meeting

    • Technical review has been completed on two rounds of test files

  • In Progress

    • ERCOT continues process of internal systems synchronization


Market synchronization retailer synchronization continued
Market Synchronization Retailer Synchronization (continued)

  • Next Steps

    • By August 1st ……. Test run with encrypted files

    • August 10-11 …….. All TDSPs & CRs MUST compile files

    • August 12th……….. All files received by ERCOT

    • August 13th……….. Status report conference call (go forward decision)

    • September 5th …… ERCOT to identify out-of-synch results

      ERCOT will host 2nd design meeting to prioritize and

      define correction criteria

    • September 10th.. RMS go forward/process decision (e-mail vote)

    • October 3rd…… Escalate issues to TAC (if required)

Market synchronization non price to beat
Market Synchronization – Non Price to Beat

  • Objective

    • Make necessary corrections to ensure that >1MW Customers were switched on the correct date in January 2002

  • Completed Items

    • Number ESI Ids (>1 MW) Identified by CR’s 1,004

    • Number of ESI IDs that are corrected 742 (74%)

  • In Progress

    • Number of ESI IDs where CR matches but date does not 45 ( 4%)

      (TDSP and CR to agree to date)

    • Number of ESI IDs where CR is not CR of record 72 ( 7%)

      (TDSP and CR to agree to switch)

    • Number of ESI IDs with missing analysis data 145 (15%)

      (ERCOT to follow-up with TDSP and CR)

  • Next Steps

    • Escalate ESI IDs not agreed upon

Idr data loading notes
IDR Data Loading Notes

  • TDSPs and ERCOT working to improve IDR data completeness

  • ERCOT developed an enhanced “IDR Data Status Report” which was delivered to TDSPs starting on 7-17-2002

    • Identifies any IDR ESI ID that has ever been active and associated load data

    • Includes all ESI ID Service History row to facilitate 867_03 date matching

  • ERCOT has provided load data exports in LSE format for TDSPs entire IDR population

  • In special circumstances, ERCOT has deployed alternative data loading mechanisms to fill gaps and bring IDR data current in Lodestar

    • TDSP has confirmed the missing Lodestar data is available and has been provided to CR and

    • TDSP has confirmed the data being provided for loading is identical to the data provided to the CR


Idr data loaded into lodestar july 1 report

95% or better expected


* NOTE: ERCOT (and REPs) may have received additional non-sequential data (i.e, February data before January data). ERCOT rejects all meter reads that introduce gaps in the database.

IDR Data Loaded into Lodestar – JULY 1 REPORT

% of IDR Data Loaded as of July 1, 2002

Idr data loaded into lodestar
IDR Data Loaded into Lodestar

95% or better expected


Idr meter usage report date through which 99 of data received
IDR Meter Usage Report (date through which 99% of data received)

Lodestar idr data loading improvement recommendations by tdsps

Lodestar IDR Data Loading Improvement Recommendations by TDSPs

Idr data loading recommendations by tdsps
IDR Data Loading Recommendations by TDSPs

  • Objective

    • Implement process improvements which alleviate problems loading IDR data into ERCOT’s Lodestar system

  • Activities

    • TDSPs provided a list of 8 issues and recommendations

    • ERCOT to analyze TDSP document and provide response in group forum

    • Define implementation possibilities and set timelines

  • Completed Items

    • ERCOT received TDSP documentation on July 17th

    • Initial review and analysis has been completed

  • Next Steps

    • ERCOT will arrange a meeting with TDSPs during the week of August 5th to agree on scope

    • Project funding approval from ERCOT Board of Directors


Resettlement of true up status update
Resettlement of True-up Status Update


Identify and track the key critical market issues needing resolution prior to the resettlement calculations of true-up statements for trade days beginning with July 31, 2001

Six Issues/Status:

  • IDR Data Loading - 99.5% for market through mid Sept. 2001 (100% required)

  • NOIE IDR Data Correction – Completed and verified by TDSP

  • Profile ID Corrections

    • ONCOR & AEP now pass the PWG approved acceptable criteria

    • TNMP & Reliant working toward meeting acceptable criteria

  • Lodestar and Siebel Status Mismatches

    • 94% complete and remainder will be corrected before August 14th

  • Negative Consumption Fixes

    • 92% complete with TNMP commitment to provide corrections by August 7th

  • Outstanding OOMC Disputes

    • QSEs have submitted corrections (reduced payments apply otherwise)


Once resettlements resume, statistics will be monitored and reported

Portal performance items
Portal Performance Items

  • Moved Portal E Ways to New Hardware week of 4/13

    • Saw a temporary 10 % improvement

  • Added components (threads) on 4/25

    • Showed some very promising improvements

  • Additional Architecture change was made 5/21

    • Removed TCH component competing with batch transactions

    • Seeing a 30% decrease in timeout errors

    • Also added “heartbeat” functionality to verify EAI every minute

  • Implemented additional redundancy improvements 6/8

    • Improvements in redundancy (6) for find transactions

    • Limited the result set to 500 transactions

  • Change made to Find ESI ID 7/28

    • Moving Siebel queries directly to Oracle

    • Only 2 errors in the last 3 days (99.8% success!)

  • Future options being evaluated

    • For Find Transaction – move directly to Oracle (In-Progress)

    • Additional redundant paths for Portal transactions (Plan B)

Quick recovery effort
Quick Recovery Effort

Focus: Problematic transactions that are required by the CR

to generate end-use customer bills.

Period: December 17, 2001 – May 31, 2002

For transactions/issues outside of this date range, MPs must

create a FasTrak issue and contact their Registration Analyst

for resolution.

Quick recovery effort progress
Quick Recovery EffortProgress

  • Created market website to track QRE progress by MP, root

  • cause, etc. http://etod.ercot.com/QRECharts.asp?

  • Database supporting website also acts as an audit trail for all

  • QRE activities.

  • Interviewed all TDSPs to determine procedures for

  • handling back dated move ins and move outs during the

  • recovery effort.

  • Provided TDSPs access to a report to close the information loop

  • and let them know when ESI Id issues have been resolved.

  • Consolidated all requests for information and/or data from QRE to TDSPs into one spreadsheet with common format.

Qre statistics esi ids reported to qre

Current Status

Point of Failure






Cause Not Reported





QRE Team


In Analysis




CR Failure

In Progress















ERCOT Manual Process (814_08)


ERCOT PaperFree


ERCOT See Beyond


ERCOT Siebel










QRE Statistics ESI Ids Reported to QRE