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Campus Master Plan PowerPoint Presentation
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Campus Master Plan

Campus Master Plan

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Campus Master Plan

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  1. Campus Master Plan Joliet Junior College February 26, 2008

  2. JJC Performance Enrollment District residents may be choosing other colleges: • Market share is in the bottom third of Illinois Community Colleges (2002-06) • High school senior market share below national average (2002-06) • 2003-06 enrollment (headcount) changes: JJC: -3%, Lewis: 18%, St. Francis: -17%, Devry: 26%, Westwood: 35%, all for-profit: 14% Happening while population of district increased 20%

  3. Other Performance Indicators Transfer rates to other community colleges 500 students per year are choosing other community colleges Graduation Rate JJC Graduation rate: 12% State average: 23% Minority representation and achievement gap Student success services are disjointed

  4. Facilities are important “Buildings are a manifestation of what a college values and what it thinks of its students” “Space has an integral role in learning” Data source: American Association of Community College/American Physical Plant Association survey of college students, published as The Impact of Facilities on Recruitment & Retention of Students, Facilities Manager Magazine, March/April 2006.

  5. Facilities are Important Over half of students determine if a campus is right for them upon an initial visit and impression of the campus. 67% assert that qualityfacilities are essential when choosing an institution (higher than quality academic advising, prestige, or extracurricular activities). 66% of students agree/strongly agree that facility conditions are extremely important in the college choice decision. Facilities missing from rejected institutions: major facilities, open space, recreation, technology, and student-friendly space. Most important facilities to see on a visit: Facilities in a Major, Library, Classrooms, Technology Facilities, Student Space, & Open Space. Data source(s): American Association of Community College/American Physical Plant Association survey of college students, published as The Impact of Facilities on Recruitment & Retention of Students, Facilities Manager Magazine, March/April 2006.

  6. Facilities are important What do JJC students think of our facilities? Likes: Campus grounds & accessibility. Dislikes: Parking, smoking, outdated facilities, aesthetically old, form and function. Data source: JJC Master Plan Survey, Fall 2007

  7. Experience at JJC Natural areas positive asset Send closed messages to students – the Purple Door effect Little room for students to wait for services, other than in lines

  8. First Impression JJC

  9. J Building Entrance JJC

  10. First Interior Impression JJC JJC JJC

  11. JJC Front Door JJC

  12. Campus Center at DuPage DUPAGE

  13. Model Entry Ways HARPER HARPER HARPER

  14. DUPAGE Admissions JJC

  15. DUPAGE Registration JJC

  16. MORAINE VALLEY JJC Financial Aid

  17. Counseling/Advising MORAINE VALLEY JJC

  18. StAR/Disability Support MORAINE VALLEY JJC


  20. JJC

  21. Open Space for Students HARPER JJC


  23. JJC Library JJC JJC

  24. Greenhouses HARPER

  25. JJC Greenhouse JJC

  26. Critical Careers Nursing/Allied Health Service industries such as hospitality, culinary and automotive Occupations leading to Bachelor’s Degrees

  27. Allied HealthJJC devotes second floor of C building to Nursing JJC JJC JJC

  28. Competitor programs • Allied health buildings exist or are being rebuilt right now at all surrounding community colleges • Most have or are building state of the art facilities in other career areas

  29. Model Nursing Space HARPER HARPER

  30. SIM Lab at Harper HARPER

  31. Model Dental Hygiene HARPER HARPER

  32. Massage Therapy HARPER

  33. HARPER JJC Science Labs


  35. Culinary at JJC

  36. Automotive Lab JJC JJC

  37. JJC Recreational/Open Space JJC JJC

  38. Swimming Pool at DuPage DUPAGE

  39. Student Space Taken for Offices Service Center Human Resources Bridge D-1010 JJC JJC

  40. Challenges • Campus entrance cramped and uninviting • Enrollment services not consolidated • No allied health building • Reject over 200 Nursing and Radiology students • 34 year old culinary facility • No dedicated hospitality space • Cannot teach auto body repair or fix large diesel engines • Lack of focus at extended sites • No room to respond to emerging careers

  41. Actions to Move Forward • Realignment created organizational foundation for success • Strategic plan built with operational objectives that clearly link actions to priorities • Campus Master Plan that responds to critical needs at JJC

  42. Campus Master PlanThe Process • Master Plan Steering Committee • Campus survey • Assess strengths and challenges • Evaluate utilization of existing space • Determine space needs • Evaluate three options • Community feedback • Propose consensus master plan • Propose workable financing mechanisms

  43. Steering Committee Members Susan Block Tony Houston Pete Comanda Sandy Mol Dick Dystrup Jennifer Kloberdanz Bob Klein Pam Dilday Mary Beth Luna Ryan Smith John Griffis Judy Mitchell Pat Van Duyne Jacquelyn Klika

  44. Campus/Community Survey Likes Natural Areas Openness surrounding campus Grounds Natural light Clean buildings Fitness center Modern architecture Accessibility

  45. Campus/Community Survey Dislikes Parking Aesthetics Smoking Students services spread out No connection between J and T Poor nursing space; no allied health building Monotone color of buildings Building temperature City center in disrepair Crowded bridge Ugly restrooms

  46. Steering Committee Objectives Natural Areas- preserve Front Door- clarify Parking- align with classrooms Traffic- improve flow Pedestrian Access- improve throughout Proposed road- investigate

  47. Steering Committee Objectives Campus Center- best location Temporary Buildings- replace Nursing/Allied Health- need improvements Science- explore need Culinary- need improvements Library- investigate location Connectivity- study new bridge Acoustics- noise reduction Partnerships- explore at City Center Athletics- improve sites North Campus- explore opportunities

  48. Existing Conditions Original versus actual front door and center

  49. Actual Front Door and Center

  50. Existing Conditions Growth of district Development zones Entry experience Landscaping Student Spaces Space Utilization Infrastructure conditions