jaipur tour best time to travel have you been n.
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Jaipur Tour-Best Time To Travel PowerPoint Presentation
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Jaipur Tour-Best Time To Travel

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Jaipur Tour-Best Time To Travel - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Jaipur Tour-Best Time To Travel
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  1. Jaipur Tour-Best Time To Travel Have you been to Jaipur before? This is one of the most fascinating cities of Rajasthan district. This is the largest city where you can see the remanences of royal family. The main attraction of this city is its old buildings which gave the name “Pink City”. You will the reason behind this name by seeing the city. This is a popular tourist destination and if you want to enjoy some desert there is no other place better than Rajasthan state. Jaipur is the main destination of travel lovers because of its breathtaking beautiful palaces. Places to visit JantarMantar observatory-: This is one of the most popular monuments in Jaipur and designed for astronomical observations. You can enjoy its observatory and amazing view. Beautiful Pink HawaMahal-: This is beautiful palace built with pink sandstone and situates at the edge of Jaipur city. The word’s meaning is ‘Palace of winds’. It is a perfect example of Rajput Architecture and a popular tourist destination in Jaipur.

  2. Amber Fort on hilltop-: Amber fort is located in city of Jaipur and a very popular tourist destination. This is made of red and white sandstones and a great example of old Indian architecture. You can even \do elephant ride inside the palace compound by paying. Night view of the fort is mazing and you will love it. Magnificent JalMahal-: JalMahal is an astounding monument in Jaipur. It situates in the middle of Man Sagar Lake. It is a five-floor building. The best thing related to this palace is that 4 floors are under water. Don’t forget to explore ChowpatiStreet near the Mahal to enjoy shopping and mouthwatering food. Best time to travel Jaipuris a hot city and it is not advisable to visit the city from month April- June. Avoid rainy season Jul-Aug to enjoy the city to its fullest. It is best to choose a time on any of the month like April-May, Oct and Dec-Feb.

  3. How to reach Jaipur By Air-: The most convenient way to reach Jaipur City is by air. Jaipur International airport is connected well with all popular cities of the world. Most popular airways like Jet airways; Air India, Spice jet etc. are the famous airlines that have services to Jaipur.

  4. By Bus-: If you are looking for an economical travelling option then you can take bus. There are Volvo services and State transportation is also there. There is a good connectivity with all popular Indian cities. By Train-: Train is also a good option to reach Jaipur. There are trains from all popular stations that connect to Jaipur. Conclusion I hope this article will help you to enjoy the Jaipur tour at its fullest. If you want to get away from all your works and enjoy some pleasant our experience Jaipur is a best choice. Enjoy the city with glorious forts, temples, theaters and many more. Visit the pink city, one of the major tourist destinations in India.