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The DCF Leadership Plan PowerPoint Presentation
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The DCF Leadership Plan

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The DCF Leadership Plan - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The DCF Leadership Plan. Brief Overview. Website. Continuous Learning… Tracking…Reports. Introducing …………. Executive Leadership. Managing for Excellence. Supervising for Excellence.

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The DCF Leadership Plan

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    1. The DCF Leadership Plan Brief Overview

    2. Website Continuous Learning… Tracking…Reports Introducing ………… Executive Leadership Managing for Excellence Supervising for Excellence Our vision is to create leaders who are innovative, embrace the values of the department and who have the skills to motivate and guide employees in delivering the quality of service we would want for all families.

    3. DCF Leadership Institute Brief Facts Executive Leadership Executive Leadership • 24 promising leaders selected by the Executive Leadership Team • Small group sessions to improve executive skills through case studies and real-world projects • Monthly 2-day sessions for one year • Preparation for succession into DCF leadership roles.

    4. DCF Leadership Institute Brief Facts Managing for Excellence Managing for Excellence • Earn Certified Public Manager (CPM) designation in two years • Free classes and books paid by HQ • 75 new candidates every year • Networking and mentoring opportunities

    5. DCF Leadership Institute Brief Facts Supervising for Excellence • For all employees supervising one or more persons • Fundamental skills in team building, communication, problem solving, handling department functions and more • Classes of 25 with three 2 and 3 day sessions over 3-6 months • Offered in locations around the state Supervising for Excellence

    6. Leadership Development – A Partnership Approach Leadership Institute Director (HQ HR Office) • Directs Supervising for Excellence and Managing for Excellence programs • Provides networking opportunities • Develops links to Sterling principles, strategic and business plans • Coordinates with Executive Leadership program Local training managers CW & ACCESS leadership programs In-Kind Support from HQ (Human Resources) • Contract management • Training Tracking Database • Office space & equipment LID In-Kind HQ-HR In-Kind DCF Support – Local and HQ • FTE Director position and salary • Local senior executives participate in SFE training • Myers Briggs Type Inventory training certification funded by HQ • Local coordination for SFE • Participant travel to training locations • Networking organization, implementation and travel for MFE program • Contract administration • Classroom space, AV needs • Rapid Application Development Team (IS) for website construction Zone/District/Facility/HQ In-Kind Contracted Services 1.00 OPS Administrative Support 1.00 OPS Web Support Contracted Services • Florida Center for Public Management for Certified Public Manager program • Supervising for Excellence (SFE) Curriculum Design • SFE Training Delivery • Mentoring program development • Evaluation OPS Administrative Support • Tracking • Printing • Purchasing • Travel OPS Web Support • Work with developer/contractor • Web maintenance

    7. Leadership Development Timeline September October August 2006 November • Train Zone and Facility Training Managers in Myers-Briggs • Announce 2007 enrollees for SFE registrants • Selection of MFE/Certified Public Manager (CPM) candidates • Receive approval for proposal • Appoint Interim Director • Announce Leadership Institute • Work out coordination details with Zone and Facility Training Managers • Work with RAD Team on web design • Work with Family Safety and ACCESS on networking program • Registration begins for Supervising for Excellence (SFE) enrollees • Applications for Managing for Excellence candidates available • CPM classes begin for 75 managers • Test systems and curricula for SFE December 2006 May January 2007 February March November 2008 • SFE training begins and continues throughout the year • Class 2 for CPM • MFE/FS/ACCESS networking program begins Class 3 for CPM Complete curriculum testing • First Managing for Excellence/Certified Public Manager graduating class