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Kristen Seldon – Innovative Educators Director of Institutional Relations StudentLingo Contact

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Kristen Seldon – Innovative Educators Director of Institutional Relations StudentLingo Contact - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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24/7 Student Support: Providing Online Services To Today ’ s Students. Kristen Seldon – Innovative Educators Director of Institutional Relations StudentLingo Contact Alexandra Duran – Foothill College Program Director College and Career Connections, Map Your Future.

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24/7 Student Support:

Providing Online Services To Today’s Students

Kristen Seldon – Innovative Educators Director of Institutional Relations StudentLingo Contact

Alexandra Duran – Foothill CollegeProgram DirectorCollege and Career Connections, Map Your Future

budget cuts

In January, 2011 California announced they would cut higher education budgets by how much?

  • A. $250 million
      • B. $750 million
      • C. $1 billion
      • D. $1.4 billion

Budget Cuts

online education

Online enrollment increased by what percentage from 2001-2009?

    • A. 50%
    • B. 75%
    • C. 543%
    • D. 832%

Online Education

(US News & World Report, Sept. 2010

non traditional students

What percentage of today’s students are considered non-traditional?

  • A. 35%
      • B. 45%
      • C. 75%
      • D. 85%

Non-Traditional Students


Do more with less


2. Move services online

  • 3. Restructure the way we serve students
who is here today


  • Do you currently offer 24/7 online resources or services for students? Advising, counseling, FYE, career, orientation, tutoring sessions?
  • Name or describe one if you do. What problem did this solve?

Who is here today?

goals of sl

Help students achieve their academic, personal and career goals

  • Provide useful information to all students 24/7
  • Allow students and parents to watch together to understand complex college concepts like Financial Aid
  • Help students be more prepared for appointments
  • Allow counselors and staff to spend quality time with students.
  • Give faculty and students access to workshops to use in or outside of class

Goals of SL


Advisors and Career

  • Counselors
  • First Year Experience
  • Orientation
  • Online Learning
  • Learning Centers/Student Success Programs
  • Tutoring Programs
  • Faculty
  • Parent’s Programs.


case studies

Northwest Arkansas Community College

  • Aaron Divine - Learning Services Specialist, Title III
  • 8,000 students
  • Academic Advising Center and the Career Development Center
  • Students either self-select or referred electronically
  • Helps students identify both career and academic goals.
  • The Exploring Careers and Choosing a Major workshop saw a 48% declaration of major rate by students who had completed the workshop.

Case Studies

case studies1

University of Minnesota Duluth

  • Mary Keenan- Director, Enrollment Management
  • 11,500 students
  • Students In Transition (SIT), Residence Life, Masters in Social work (MSW)
  • SIT coordinates our freshman seminar - instructors often use workshops for in-class discussion or as homework; Residence Life uses within R.A. sponsored workshops; MSW requires all students to review the plagiarism workshop annually.
  • Students seem to be more likely to view the workshops at their own convenience rather than attend in-person workshops.  We previously offered in-person "student success" workshops on a weekly basis with very low participation rates.  Our view rates with StudentLingo are easily five-times our old attendance rates.

Case Studies

case studies2

The Ohio State University - Newark & Central Ohio Technical College

  • Ferdinand Avila-Medina- Learning Skills Specialist
  • 7,000 students
  • Department of Student Life - Office of the Learning Skills Specialist 
  • Primarily as a support tool to help students enhance study skills. Some instructors use the workshops as supplemental class material in developmental courses. Helps students identify both career and academic goals.
  • Student Lingo workshops provide an alternative for commuter students that normally can't meet in person with support staff (i.e. learning skills specialist) or attend live workshops. It also serves as "refresher" material for students who attend live workshops.

Case Studies

case studies3

South Arkansas Community College

  • Tammi McKinnon Career Pathways Initiative
  • 1800 students
  • Specifically for Career Pathways, we require the completion of one workshop/month as part of the requirements to receive any financial assistance.  Some instructors for the SouthArk Success (SAS) classes are beginning to require their students to complete workshops.Helps students identify both career and academic goals.
  • Career Pathways works primarily with non-traditional students, having SL workshops available online 24/7 prevents students from having to figure out how to schedule another time to come to campus for a “live” workshop.  We are able, with the reports, to document the completion of the workshops.  Students are able to get the much needed information at their convenience.  The workshops provide relevant information on a variety of subjects all in one place, and the workshops can be viewed multiple times as needed.

Case Studies

case studies4

Middle Tennessee State University

  • Layne Bryant- Resources Coordinator
  • 200 students per semester for two research oriented courses.Academic Advising Center and the Career Development Center
  • University College, is using StudentLingo, but we have plans to use the program more broadly in the future.Helps students identify both career and academic goals.
  • We assign the Plagiarism Tutorial at the beginning of the semester and students are then quizzed on the material the first week of class.  The courses using the service are research/writing intensive, and the tutorial helps alert us to potential issues before the students begin writing.

Case Studies

case studies5

New England College of Business and Finance

  • Paula Bramante - VP of eLearning
  • 1,700 FTE
  • Student Services and Academics
  • Tutorials are available on the Student Portal. New students take 3 tutorials as part of their orientation coursework.
  • “The Plagiarism tutorial is very helpful and is built into the Information Literacy course at the undergraduate level.”
  • “The workshops have been very well received.  Students attribute this course as being a key contributor to their success as an online student.”

Case Studies

case studies6

Southeastern Community College

  • Lisa Santiago- Title III Tracking Specialist
  • 2700 Full Time & 2600 Part Time
  • Required for Business, Math, English, Philosophy/Religion, Art, Sciences (Microbio/Anat/CAN)
  • Discover Your Learning Style helps students work and study within their styles to learn more material faster
  • Great resource for faculty! StudentLingo is an easy way for faculty to incorporate student support services into their classes

Case Studies

case studies7

Jessica Petriello – Academic Counselor

  • 3,000 students
  • Academic Resource Center & First Year Seminar (FYS) Program
  • Uses
    • Academic Probation and/or receiving mid-semester warnings
    • First Year Seminar & Online Students
    • New graduate assistants in the ARC – Training
    • A supplement to our in-person Elements of Success Workshop Series
  • Helped students prepare for Academic Counseling appointments and increased the quality of time with students
  • This is a great tool for Academic Advisors and Faculty

Case Studies

case studies8

Foothill College

  • Alex Duran – Program Director, Foothill College & Career
  • Connections, Map Your Future

Case Studies

  • 12,000 students
  • Use in New Student Orientation, High School Outreach Workshops, Accelerated Summer Academies
  • Faculty use in classroom: Cheating & Plagiarism, Time Management, Career Exploration
  • Faculty use for their own information
  • Spanish version very useful for parents
case studies9

How we use SL?

Case Studies

  • Career Center
  • Counseling
  • Financial Aid
  • Outreach
  • Orientation
  • CTE/Vocational
  • Classroom
  • Parent Programs
  • Tutoring Programs

Foothill College

Alexandra Duran – Program Director,

College and Career Connections,

Map Your Future

student quotes

“I learned different ways and techniques that I could use in order to improve my study habits. What I found most helpful was that I should not just memorize information, but learn to apply it and put the information in my own words.”

“The most helpful strategy that I learned was the Cornell Style of note-Taking. Leaving extra space on the page and also leaving a page for book notes is really helpful and allows me to compare the professor's notes with the book notes. It provides further insight and allows me to truly expand on the subjects being taught to me.”

Student Quotes

contact info

StudentLingo InformationKristen@ieinfo.org303.955.0415

Contact Info

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