P 6 meet the parents
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P 6 Meet-the-Parents. 7 January 2014. JURONG WEST PRIMARY SCHOOL ENGLISH DEPARTMENT. Examination Format for PSLE EL. Paper 1: Situational Writing (15 marks). Pupils will be required to meet the demands of a given situational context

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P 6 meet the parents

P 6 Meet-the-Parents

7 January 2014



Paper 1 situational writing 15 marks
Paper 1: Situational Writing(15 marks)

Pupils will be required to meet the demands of a given situational context

Assess pupils’ abilities to respond to text using the correct register and present response in the appropriate text type

Pupils will be marked for Content [6 marks] and Language, Organisation and Context [9 marks]

Paper 1 continuous writing 40 marks
Paper 1: Continuous Writing(40 marks)

Pupils will be required to write a composition of at least 150 words on one of the two given topics: a piece of narrative writing based on a pictorial stimulus or an account of a given situation

They will be assessed on Content [20 marks], Language and Organisation [20 marks]

How can you help your child in writing
How can you help your child in writing?

Be encouraging

Communicate with your child on the teacher’s expectations for writing

Ask your child to explain a writing strategy he or she has learnt in school

Build up your child’s vocabulary- word choice is an important writing trait

Support teachers in seeing that your child does not neglect his or her handwriting. Handwriting matters!

Examples of rich vocabulary feelings
Examples of rich vocabulary-Feelings

  • To describe anger

    • He gritted his teeth in silent fury

    • Seething with anger, he approached me menacingly.

    • To describe fear

      • Paralysed with fear, he was speechless.

      • Frisson of fear crept down his spine.

Examples of rich and varied vocabulary in paragraphs
Examples of rich and varied vocabulary in paragraphs

Her eyes reddened and turned moist. The pain was unbearable and she finally broke out into loud, uncontrollable sobs which escalated into wails. Everyone turned and looked at the little girl in astonishment. There was a murmur all around and everyone was trying to guess what had happened to the little girl.

John clenched his fist and the veins on his arms and hands showed. He was ranting and raving, oblivious to the curious stares of the passers-by.

Workshop for parents
Workshop for Parents

  • There will be a workshop to equip you with the different strategies to help your child in his/her work

  • Date and Time to be confirmed

  • Please sign up with the EL teacher

  • Details will be given to you at a later date

Paper 3 listening comprehension
Paper 3: Listening Comprehension

  • Taken separately from Paper 2: Language Use and Comprehension

  • 20 Multiple Choice Questions (20 marks)

  • Variety of Texts

Demands of el paper
Demands of EL Paper

Knowledge of Text Types

  • Information or Narrative

  • Organisation of Information

  • Language Features

  • Use of Vocabulary

  • Point of View

Demands of el paper1
Demands of EL Paper

Awareness of Language in Context

  • Convey Meaning

  • Degree of Formality

  • Use of vocabulary to create effects

Demands of el paper2
Demands of EL Paper

Wide Range of World Knowledge

  • Cultures of the world

  • Current Affairs

  • General Knowledge

Demands of el paper3
Demands of EL Paper

Exposure to Standard Forms of English

  • Print and Electronic Media

  • Television and Radio

  • Plays and Arts Performances

  • Storytelling


  • Read more storybooks

  • Visit the National Library Board (NLB) or the School Library

    • Magazines

    • Newspaper

    • Novels

    • Non-Fiction Books

    • Special Interest Books


Every Thursday

1.30 p.m. – 3 p.m.