the influence of commercials on society n.
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The influence of commercials on society

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The influence of commercials on society - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The influence of commercials on society. Project by Kovalchuk Maria 11B and Savonina Maria 11B. Advertisement is a short film on TV that is intended to persuade people to buy something. First advertisement. Emotional appeal. Plain packaging for cigarettes. Humorous appeal. Sex appeal.

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the influence of commercials on society

The influence of commercials on society

Project by Kovalchuk Maria 11B and Savonina Maria 11B


1) Advertising activity reaches a relatively large mass audience and helps to communicate information in a short period of time.

2) Ads combine text and graphics to reinforce message.

3) Advertising in social networks allows customers to communicate directly with the entrepreneurial company.


1) Advertisements try to influence our emotions by making us buy things we do not need or want.

2) They imply that money can make our dreams come true. But this is obviously not so. We cannot buy personal good looks, intelligence, good friendships or a happy family.

3) Advertisements can also make people feel depressed and discontented with their ordinary lives, especially those people who have only a small amount of money to spend on luxuries.

4) Radio and television give impermanent information and if you miss it, you don't have a choice when you can hear it again.

5) Children are very often the main target of advertisers. They sometimes don't know which products are good for them and buy the wrong things. Fast food and snack companies show ads, which lead to obesity and diabetes.


They design our life and lifestyle. It is a major mode of socialization, telling us how to think and feel and what problems we need to worry about.