i ntegrity hipaa internet solutions
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i ntegrity HIPAA Internet Solutions

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i ntegrity HIPAA Internet Solutions. IHS. The ONLY Cost Effective, “Worry Free, Hands-Off” Solution available to ensure total Electronic HIPAA Security Rule Compliance. Secure Internet Access. Incoming Packets. A hacker’s packets can be formed to look like legitimate traffic…

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The ONLY Cost Effective, “Worry Free, Hands-Off” Solution available to ensure total Electronic HIPAA Security Rule Compliance

secure internet access
Secure Internet Access



A hacker’s packets can be formed to look like legitimate traffic…

Exposing your computer to a host of prevalent Internet security attacks

Packet filtering blocks or allows packets based on their destination port or other rules . . .

But does nothing to determine whether the packets were requested in the first place

Your Computer

secure internet access1
Secure Internet Access

How it solves the problem . . .

  • integrity HIPAA Solutions keeps track of all packets to know what to allow…

integrity HIPAA Solutions




  • So only incoming packets that correspond to outgoing requests are passed through
  • Unsolicited packets are blocked by integrity HIPAA Solutions, regardless of how well they are formed

Your Computer

secure internet access2
Secure Internet Access

integrity HIPAA Solutions

integrity HIPAA Solutions secure network devices utilize tRIT (the Requested Information Table).  tRIT keeps track of every piece of data you send to the Internet that requires a response. When data comes from the Internet directed to your local network, integrity HIPAA Solutions devices check tRIT to see if there is a corresponding entry.  If tRIT has such an entry, then the data is permitted through.  If there is no matching entry, the data is denied and never reaches you.  This is the most comprehensive form of security since all unauthorized data never gets to you. Coupled with a sophisticated logging system, integrity HIPAA Solutions devices provide a complete audit trail of data coming in and out of your local network.

  • Electronic HIPAA Security Rule is final
    • Compliance date is April 21, 2005
  • Privacy and Security Rules are inextricably linked
    • Delaying a security policy could threaten compliance with the Privacy Rule
  • Serious challenges exist
    • IT staffing shortages, cost restraints, fragmented networks
  • integrity offers cost-effective, fully managed solutions
frequently asked questions
Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Does Integrity HIPAA Solutions replace my current computer consultants?

A: No, your computer consultants will continue to manage all your system requirements.

Q: Is it difficult to set up?

A: No, it is as easy as installing a software and a modem.

Q: Do I need to hire a computer operator to manage this system?

A: No, Integrity HIPAA Solutions manages everything for you and offers you 24/7 support as well.

cost effective hands off solution to insure hipaa electronic security rule compliance

Cost Effective “Hands-Off”Solution to InsureHIPAA Electronic Security Rule Compliance