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School Dazed? Creating New Partnerships with Schools PowerPoint Presentation
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School Dazed? Creating New Partnerships with Schools

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School Dazed? Creating New Partnerships with Schools - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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School Dazed? Creating New Partnerships with Schools
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  1. School Dazed? Creating New Partnerships with Schools

  2. National Policy Context • School Reform • School Funding • School Performance - Ofsted ‘At the heart of this Governments vision for education is a determination to give school leaders more power and control’ Michael Gove

  3. Jargon Buster

  4. Jargon Buster Answers

  5. School Policy Reform Education Act 2011 • Parental Choice • Devolving Power to School leaders • Focusing on success in traditional academic subjects

  6. School Funding Reform • Direct Schools Grant • Funding Formula • Pupil Premium

  7. Schools & Collaboration

  8. Schools as Commissioners?

  9. Regional Challenge - Do the Maths! • In 2011/12, London had just under 1.1 million children in its education system. This figure is set to grow year on year to approximately 1.25 million by 2016/17. Pupil numbers are grower at a faster rate in London than anywhere else in the country. • Schools need to be expanded and new schools need to be built to respond to this ever increasing demand for a school place. Although the pressure is currently at its strongest within primary schools, this pressure will, undoubtedly, feed through into secondary school provision over time. • Based upon current projections, London boroughs are facing a shortage of 118,000 primary and secondary school places up until 2016/17. London Councils report on schools places

  10. Mapping your service against Ofsted Criteria The 2012 Ofsted Inspection Framework states “Inspectors are required to report on the quality of education provided in the schooland must, in particular, cover the following four areas: • theachievement of pupilsat the school • thequality of teachingin the school • thequality of leadership in and managementof the school • thebehaviour and safetyof pupilsat the school. In reporting, inspectors must also consider: the spiritual, moral, social and cultural development of pupils at the school the extent to which the education provided by the school meets the needs of the range of pupils at the school, and in particular the needs of disabled pupils and those who have special educational needs.”

  11. Ofsted - School Data Dashboard

  12. Mapping Your Services

  13. Pupil Premium The  Pupil Premium will be worth £2.5bn by 2014-15, it was £600 per pupil and will go up to £900 from 2013/2014. Pupil Premium is attached to all pupils that are currently eligible for free school meals (FSM) or have been in the last six years. The pupil premium is given directly to schools without any ring fencing. Schools are required to evidence how pupil premium has been allocated to support the attainment of disadvantaged pupils, and this will form part of the Ofsted Inspection for a school. ‘We will also require schools to publish online how they have used the premium. This will ensure that parents and others are made fully aware of the progress and attainment of pupils covered by the premium and concentrate schools’ minds on using it appropriately’DfE Schools Funding Settlement 2011

  14. Example of Local Practice Work in Greenwich between local VCS & Children’s Services: • Increasing schools based commissioning practice generally as well as supporting contracting opportunities for VCS • Developing a local market offer for schools and clusters from the VCS • Creating improved understanding and practice within the VCS on marketing their services to schools through training, support and resources

  15. Collaboration What other ways are there? • Service delivery partner – larger contracts • Joint funding bids • Vol Sector & School • Vol Sector & Vol Sector

  16. Goal Reality Options and Will

  17. Evaluation For our funders we need to capture data on how useful these materials are, and then once completed you will be emailed a link for the ppt and the resources. For more information about Engage London please contact