What are t he n ew s afety m andates
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What are t he N ew S afety M andates ? - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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What are t he N ew S afety M andates ?. Presented by Mark Schaudt. http://youtu.be/X0Au1hvHlkE. Building Respond Team. Building Respond Team (BRT) is your safety team within the school building and are the only people first responders will address upon arrival.

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What are t he n ew s afety m andates

What are the New Safety Mandates?

Presented by Mark Schaudt

Building respond team
Building Respond Team

Building Respond Team (BRT)is your safety team within the school building and are the only people first responders will address upon arrival.

What are the member s job descriptions

Building Response Team Leader (BRTL)-Provide leadership and guidance to BRT members during an emergency.

Emergency Officer (EO)- Provide any support required from the BRT and relay information between the BRT members, BRT Leader, and principals during an incident.

Incident Assessor (IA)- Conducts an on-scene first assessment of the incident or emergency to assess the severity of the situation.

Special Needs Coordinator (SPC)- Primary point of contact when issues with special needs students and staff arise during an emergency.

Assembly Point Coordinator (APC)- Coordinates the relocation of staff, teachers, and students to either an internal or external assembly point(s) during an emergency.

Recorder (R)- Responsible for collecting all essential information from the scene.

Who are your brt members
Who are your BRT members?

BRT Leader- Mark Schaudt/ Eury Padilla

EO- DemetriNicolopoulos/ Sal Puglisy

IA- Eric Krakauer/ Starky Dominguez

SNC- Michael Berkowitz/?

APC-John Sandrowicz/?

R-?/ Heather Hamilton

General respond protocol grp
General Respond Protocol (GRP)

  • General Respond Protocol (GRP) is the common language created for all New York City public schools to abide by when emergency incidents occur.

    • Lockdown (Soft/Hard)

    • Evacuate

    • Shelter-In


Soft lockdown: implies that there is no identified imminent danger to the sweep teams. Administrative teams, Building Response Teams, and School Safety Agents will mobilize at the designated command post for further direction.

Hard lockdown: implies that imminent danger is known and NO ONE will engage in any building sweep activity. All individuals, including School Safety Agents will take appropriate lockdown action and await the arrival of first responders

During a lockdown
During a Lockdown

“Attention: We are now in soft/hard lockdown. Take proper action”

Students are trained to:

1. Move out of sight and maintain silence

Teachers are trained to:

1. Check the hallway outside of their classrooms for students, lock classroom doors, and turn the lights off

2. Move away from sight and maintain silence 3. Wait for First Responders to open door or the “All Clear” message “The Lockdown has been lifted” followed by specific directions. 4. Take attendance and account for missing students by contacting main office


Evacuate – The fire alarm system is the initial alert for staff and students

Students are trained to:1. Leave belongings behind and form two lines.

Teachers are trained to:

1. Grab evacuation folder (with attendance sheet and Assembly cards).

2. Lead students to evacuation location as identified on Fire Drill Posters. ALWAYS LISTEN FOR ADDITIONAL DIRECTIONS

3. Take attendance and account for students.

4. Report injuries, problems, or missing students to school staff and first responders using Assembly Card method.

Shelter in

“Attention. This is a shelter-in. Secure the exit doors.”

Students are trained to:

1. Remain inside of the building 2. Conduct business as usual 3. Respond to specific staff directions

Teachers are trained to:1. Increase situational awareness2. Conduct business as usual3. The Shelter- In directive will remain in effect until hearing the “All Clear” message “The Shelter- In has been lifted” followed by specific directions.


Scenario 1

The police have called the school and told the principal that there was a bank robbery two blocks from the school and they don’t know where the suspects are. They are searching the neighborhood.

Scenario 2A man and woman enter the school and when the School safety asked them for identification to sign them into the Visitor’s Log, they started to curse at the SSA. They both run from the desk into two different stairwells. They did not present any identification. Scenario 3

Fire engines and the gas company speed down the block to a house across the street from the school. The Assistant Principal approached the Fire Chief and the first responders stated that there is a gas leak that they are having difficulty controlling. The Assistant Principal is told to return to the school and take immediate action.