smart grid activities in iec l.
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Smart Grid Activities in IEC PowerPoint Presentation
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Smart Grid Activities in IEC

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Smart Grid Activities in IEC - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Smart Grid Activities in IEC. Jack Sheldon IEC Standardization Strategy Manager. Smarter Grids: Different drivers but …. same solutions!. Power distribution. “International” keys to succeed.

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Smart Grid Activities in IEC

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    1. Smart Grid Activities in IEC Jack Sheldon IEC Standardization Strategy Manager

    2. Smarter Grids: Different drivers but ….same solutions! SMB Smart Grid Strategic Group

    3. Power distribution SMB Smart Grid Strategic Group

    4. “International” keys to succeed • Smart Grids are more than a collection of detached advanced applications. They will not coalesce by themselves. • “Urban planning” of Smart Grids is necessary to set common directions and suggest reference designs at different levels. A plan at the scale of a Region, a State could benefit all stakeholders. • Smart Grids will be in never ending evolution. The level of complexity requires a thorough “system approach” from “Requirements” • Open standards and Interoperable “building blocks” are an ultimate solution, but a tactical progressive approach is needed to coordinate efficiently the efforts of many TCs. SMB Smart Grid Strategic Group

    5. Some observations • Smart Grid is a wide topic cross-cutting traditional silos, and can be viewed from very different angles. • IEC was ahead 3 years ago when the topic has been considered at the Copenhagen SMB meeting. Now the industry is in demand for an IEC “beacon”, and while waiting is trying to solve at best its problems through redundant independent efforts. • The domain is not at its infancy but now needs urgent convergence. • There is no need to start from scratch as a large number of studies have been published since 2001 across the world. • Many different IEC TCs are/will be developing Standards contributing to Smart Grid. • There are many options that can be pursued by IEC to make a difference for the industry on Smart Grids regarding Standards and eventually Conformity Assessment and Interoperability. SMB Smart Grid Strategic Group

    6. The Strategic Group on Smart Grid can • Propose a consensus vision, an associated IEC vocabulary, and a segmentation addressing the different stakeholder’s purposes. • Explore different concrete paths in order to propose for SMB approval a progressive tactical plan. The plan will allow showing ASAP to the industry what to expect from the IEC (Standards/Technical Guides? Conformity Assessment? Time frame?) • Deliver a first level of IEC Smart Grid map [framework] to the industry by collecting and assembling existing IEC material. • Establish a more technical mapping [framework], that should help the TCs to manage their own current and future activities in a convergent way {will require technical resources} • Propose an appropriate IEC organization for the long term. SMB Smart Grid Strategic Group

    7. About SMB SG3 Smart Grid • SMB Decision 133/20 • A strategic group on smart grid be established with the primary responsibility for the development of a framework that includes protocols and model standards to achieve interoperability of smart grid devices and systems should first be established • The strategic group will need to establish its membership and decide on its terms of reference. • Richard Schomberg convener/Peter Lanctot (IEC CO Officer) Secretary of the group • 13 NCs have submitted nominations: BR, CA, CH, CN, DE, FR, GB, IT, JP, KR, NL, SE and US • 11 NCs represented at the first meeting SMB Smart Grid Strategic Group

    8. Initial Discussion • SG3 to propose common vision defined by boundaries: • “Smart Grid is the concept of modernizing the electric grid. The Smart Grid is integrating the electrical and information technologies in between any point of Generation and any point of Consumption.” • To optimize operation maintenance and evolution of electrical grids and building on the existing legacies. • IEC Vocabulary for Smart Grid is under finalization (TC8). • To recognize the absolute necessity of separating out requirements from any kind of solution. Standards addressing User Requirements must be used in the initial phases of projects, in order to properly use later on standards to address the technical design and specifications. • Smart Grid projects require taking into account the combined interests of the three major stakeholders and their proxies: Vendors, Utilities, or Regulators • SG3 Terms of reference: deliver what was requested by SMB, and reassess with the discussion on the long term plans to come SMB Smart Grid Strategic Group

    9. Tactical plan showing what industry can expect immediately from IEC • Communicate: Circulate press release about IEC involvement in Smart Grids, based on SG3 white paper; • IEC to provide ‘one-stop’ shop for Industry: IEC will provide shortly a web window allowing Smart Grid projects an easy access to a first release of ready to use standards as well as some guidance to make the most of them [Framework-1 : SG3 agreed on a first list of IEC standards and deliverables]. • Develop Framework-2 by September 2009: • Understanding the urgency, SG3 circulated a Questionnaire and called each of the 19 TCs identified (due date 31 May 2009). • Update the list of TCs, and relevant standards, Update of Framework-1 SMB Smart Grid Strategic Group

    10. IEC Framework 1 : 26 standards from 19 TCs SMB Smart Grid Strategic Group

    11. SG 3 Future • Deliver Framework-1 and Framework-2 • Put in place for the long-term, a strategic and tactical plan so that the TC’s can manage the convergence and consistency of the standards they produce, to be included in the IEC Smart Grid framework. • Put in place for the long-term, an appropriate organization to sustain the strategic and tactical plans, and terms of reference • Next meeting in Washington, DC – September 28-29, 2009, close to the GridWeek annual event • Following meeting in Seoul (KR) (TBD) SMB Smart Grid Strategic Group

    12. NIST- Recognized Standards Release 1.0 Following the April 28-29 Smart Grid Interoperability workshop, NIST deemed that sufficient consensus has been achieved on 16 initial standards On May 8, NIST announced intention to recognize these standards following 30 day comment period NIST’s announcement recognized that some of these standards will require further development and many additional standards will be needed. NIST will recognize additional standards as consensus is achieved 17 SMB Smart Grid Strategic Group

    13. NIST analysis indicates many new standards are needed to support the FERC-identified priorities Each “x” represents multiple standards. It is estimated that over 100 individual new or revised standards will be needed. 18 Source: NIST analysis SMB Smart Grid Strategic Group

    14. Thank you(Thanks to Richard Schomberg!) © IEC:2007