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Guns for Art

Guns for Art

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Guns for Art

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  1. Guns for Art “The coldest steel Flashes in the light As it sends its victims Into eternal night The coldest blood Flows through the veins Of those whose work Breeds others’ pains The power of death Held in one hand Life hangs in limbo Waiting for your command.” - Brian Willet Worcester Technical High School

  2. Source: Worcester Police Crime Analysis Unit

  3. Years of Violence The reason we chose these years are because according to the Police Department the years of 2004 and 2005 were the most violent years in the city’s history. In these years the city witnessed a lot injuries and deaths as a result of guns associated with gang violence. As a result during the following years up until 2009, the city initiated a program in which the Police Department enforced additional patrol units that stayed up during specific hours in which they felt is the time when most incidents occur.

  4. Years of Violence (continued) • In 2009, their hard work paid off because their establishment of force detached the gruesome acts involving guns that occurred before. • Unfortunately, the program was put on hold due to the department’s budget due to the economic year. • Therefore, an incline in gun violence is now being seen in 2010 which may be the city’s most violent year.

  5. The Renaissance: Guns for Art In August of 2010, the first action for Dr. Michael P. Hirsch’s plan to put an end to gun violence in the streets and at homes was put into effect. Hundreds of guns were brought into Worcester Technical High School’s welding department where their triggers were welded so they can’t be used. These guns will later be softened and a monument will be built. The final design and location are yet to be determined.

  6. According to reports released by the Police Department, much of the violence this year involves gangs. Every day, more than 80 Americans die from gun violence. Children in America are 16 times more likely to be murdered with a gun, 11 times more likely to commit suicide with a gun, and nine times more likely to die from an incident involving a gun ten children in 25 other developed countries combined. In a year, more children die from gunfire than from cancer, pneumonia, influenza, asthma, and HIV/ AIDS combined And finally a gun in a home is 22 times more likely to kill a family member or a friend than an intruder. Did You Know?!

  7. This is where Worcester Technical High School’s chapter of Health Occupational Students of America (HOSA) gets involved.Our goal is to make a documentary with facts on gun violence to educate the community on gun safety and how keeping it out of reach of children can truly make a difference. OUR GOAL