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What is Christianity?

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What is Christianity? - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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What do Christians believe?. What is Christianity?. Do Not Copy this – Atheist view of Christianity. God : supreme (only) & divine being. Omnipotent Creator of Heaven & Earth. Jesus (of Nazareth) : Son of God. The man who reconciled the sins of the world and God .

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key words fundamental beliefs

God: supreme (only) & divine being. Omnipotent Creator of Heaven & Earth.

  • Jesus (of Nazareth): Son of God. The man who reconciled the sins of the world and God.
  • Holy Spirit: Spirit of God
Key Words/Fundamental Beliefs
key words fundamental beliefs1

Grace: blessings bestowed upon us by God.

  • Trinity: Divine, human, and spiritual sides of God.

i.e. God (Father), Jesus (Son) & Holy Spirit.

  • Denomination: different groups within same religion
Key Words/Fundamental Beliefs
key words fundamental beliefs2

Salvation: belief that Jesus came to Earth to save us

Crucifixion & Resurrection: belief that Jesus was executed and rose again

Key Words/Fundamental Beliefs
sin redemption

Sin: An action or thought that separates you from God. (WWJD) - humans have FREE WILL

  • Atonement: forgiveness, achieved though repentance, confession, penance, etc.
  • Original Sin: inherited (Eve), cleansedthroughBaptism


  • What are your sins? How can you realistically stop sin in your life?

(Tip: go through the “7 deadly sins” & “10 commandments”)

Sin & Redemption
sin redemption 7 deadly sins


  • Physical & spiritual laziness


  • Intense feelings of rage, hate, anger


  • Like jealousy, but more coveting


  • Like hubris, arrogance, feeling more important than others
Sin & Redemption (7 Deadly Sins)
sin redemption 7 deadly sins1


Intense desire for money, fame, power, sexual pleasure


Over-indulgence Sins of Excess


Excessive pursuit of material possessions

Sin & Redemption (7 Deadly Sins)
a brief history

Jesus as Messiah:

Born / died as a Jew. His followers become the first Christian–Jews

Jesus represents NEW covenant (agreement) with God

replaces previous ones from Old Testament)

A brief History
a brief history1

Early days of Christianity

Christian-Jews persecuted by Romans (martyrs)

Referred to as apologists(defenders of Christianity)

A brief History
a brief history2

Christianity becomes dominant religion because Constantine converted to Christianity (312 AD)

The Great SCHISM (1054 AD) – Major Split

Irony: began to persecute other religions.

Christians debate divinity of Jesus, split occurs.


West (Spain, France, Italy) East (Greece, Russia and Serbia)

Pope No pope

A brief History
a brief history3


People paying church to get into heaven or reduce their (or their loved ones‘) time in purgatory

(1517) Priest Martin Luther upset, declared his 95 theses

Printing Press: the capability to reproduces texts en masse and in different languages e.g. Bible

A brief History

Catholics & Protestant Reformation (16th century)

a brief history4
A brief History

Focus of Protestants:

read Bible


personal relationship

w/ God (no papacy)

the holy book

Christian Bible: It said to be the Word of God and the stories of God and His people.

  • 66 books in the Bible
  • 2 sections:
    • Old Testament (39)
    • New Testament (27)
  • Book broken down by chapter and verse (i.e. John 3:16)
The Holy Book