st philip liturgy committee
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St. Philip Liturgy Committee

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St. Philip Liturgy Committee - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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St. Philip Liturgy Committee. Presentation to St. Philip Parish Council 22 January 2007 Felice Werwin. Liturgy Committee Mission Statement.

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st philip liturgy committee

St. PhilipLiturgy Committee

Presentation to

St. Philip Parish Council

22 January 2007

Felice Werwin

liturgy committee mission statement
Liturgy Committee Mission Statement

The St. Philip Liturgy Committee convenes for the express purpose of fostering Sacred Liturgy.The overall objective of the committee is to promote a strong sense of celebration in our parish.

Using the traditional rites or rituals which we have inherited – prayer, celebrating Mass, ministering the Sacraments etc. – we continually strive to provide and encourage a deeper awareness of and a more active participation in Liturgy.

liturgy committee
Liturgy Committee
  • Music – Maria O’Kelly
  • Ministries – Sandy Mitchell
    • Ushers/Greeters – Gerry McGuire
    • Altar Servers – Sandy Mitchell
    • Scripture Readers – Terry Aloise
    • Eucharistic Servers – Deacons Frank and Paul
  • Art & Environment – Fr. Michael Boccaccio
  • RCIA Liturgical Concerns – Deacon Frank Chiappetta
  • Special Seasons – Felice Werwin
  • Intercessions – Sister Mary Ann McPartland, CND
  • Children Are Special – Doris Chiappetta
  • Parish Mission – Betty Hunter
  • Paraliturgical Services – Eucharistic Adoration, Stations of the Cross, Novenas, May Crowning, etc. – Deacon Paul Reilly
  • Weekend and Holy Day Celebrations
  • Cantors
  • Special Musical Celebrations: Lessons & Carols, Tenebrae, etc.
  • Logistics – Sound, Physical Location, etc.
  • Seasonal Music and Intercession Responses – Suggestions, coordination, organization
  • Membership – Sr. and Jr. Choir
  • Upcoming Events – St. Philip and Other Participation
  • Scheduling – When, who, coverage, etc.
  • Bookmarks – Each week covered with list of music for each Celebration

Ushers/Greeters - Altar ServersScripture Readers - Eucharistic Servers

  • Duties
  • Scheduling
  • Dress Code
  • Decorum
  • Protocol
  • Responsibilities
  • Liturgical guidelines
art environment
Art & Environment

Decoration of our Church is carefully planned & designed to enhance our Worship space through the coordination with the theme of each season.

All areas of the sacred space (inside & outside) are designed to complement (but not overpower) the Sacred Liturgy and encourage the “attitude” and prayerfulness of each season. For example:

  • Advent – season of waiting – barren
  • Christmas – season of joy and celebration
  • Lent – season of repentance, and again barren
  • Easter – season of joy and exultation
  • Planning of Liturgical Celebrations where RCIA Candidates play a special role:
      • The Rites
      • The Scrutinies
      • Easter Vigil
      • Pentecost
special seasons
Special Seasons
  • Advent / Christmas
  • Lent / Easter / Pentecost
  • Theme for each season chosen according to Scripture Readings
  • Booklet / Calendar
  • Advent Wreath Lighting
  • Intercession Closing Prayer
  • Bookmarks
  • Authors
  • Liturgical Calendar
  • Length / Readability / Universal Church
  • Subjects
  • Adherence to Intercessory Guidelines
  • Responses
  • Sung? Spoken?
children are special celebrations
Children Are Special Celebrations
  • Themes
  • Grade Level
  • Incorporation of children activities
  • Coordination / advertisement, etc.
  • Attendance
parish mission
Parish Mission
  • Yearly coordination during Lent
  • Speaker/Facilitator
  • Logistics
  • Refreshments
paraliturgical services
Paraliturgical Services
  • Eucharistic Adoration,
  • Stations of the Cross,
  • Novenas,
  • May Crowning,
  • Etc.

Change??The Liturgy Committee spends much time discussing and deciding how to implement, when to implement and if to implement a change after careful consideration as to how it will impact our worshipping community.


Logistics of times and places/settings

ChoreographySimple things like who goes where and when all contribute to a Mass that is orderly and without distraction. Father Michael’s famous quote, “We don’t want sloppy Liturgy!”

CritiqueAll celebrations and all aspects of celebrations are thoroughly discussed and critiqued. Simple things like “the type is too small,” or the “incense was making people cough,” “the microphones are not carrying,” “the Christmas tree was blocking the Altar,” etc., are all carefully noted so that improvements can be made in the future.

  • Participation, Participation, Participation
  • Attendance, Attendance, Attendance
  • Involvement, Involvement, Involvement
  • New Ideas
  • Motivation
  • Encouraging positive change
  • Promoting the idea that whatever is done is not volunteering: It is ministry and it is meant to enrich our Church (that is: us - our faith community)
  • Our Parish has but one Priest who is there for everyone all of the time – but he can only be in one place at one time and he can only preside at so many Masses; we need to be as supportive, present and available to help him as we can.
your turn
Your Turn!
  • What would you like from us?
  • We’re open to your suggestions and want your help by being our ears – tell us what you hear from our parish family – tell us what they are saying: what they like/what they don’t like/what they would like to see.
  • If you hear of someone who is looking for his/her place within our faith community, why not suggest the Liturgy Committee? They will feel a wonderful sense of belonging in knowing that they have contributed to the beautiful Liturgies that are held at St. Philip all the time.