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Integration and Test (I&T) PowerPoint Presentation
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Integration and Test (I&T)

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Integration and Test (I&T) - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Integration and Test (I&T). …The forgotten subteam Kevin Killian, Coach Pascack  ONEERS , Team 1676 Which subteam does these tasks?. Builds and maintains the practice field Follows the weight budget Conducts drive team selection

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Integration and Test (I&T)

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integration and test i t

Integration and Test (I&T)

…The forgotten subteam

Kevin Killian, Coach

Pascack ONEERS, Team 1676

which subteam does these tasks
Which subteam does these tasks?
  • Builds and maintains the practice field
  • Follows the weight budget
  • Conducts drive team selection
  • Decides who gets the working chassis on a day-to-day basis
  • Balances driver practice vs. programming on the live robot
how about
How about….

The Integration and Test


integration and test in r d organizations aerospace
Integration and Test in R&D Organizations - Aerospace
  • For aerospace product development, I&T is a separate group
    • Results must be trusted by product team and customers (and regulatory agencies)
    • Used to find defects early in the design process
    • Sets pace of project by scheduling test “gates”
    • Runs customer acceptance/verification testing
  • For programming, I&T tests sub-modules and integrates software with hardware
integration and test in r d organizations science
Integration and Test in R&D Organizations - Science
  • Typical entry-level job in an R&D lab: conduct testing and collect & analyze data
  • For scientific research, creating test and measurement equipment is often the hardest part of the job
roles of i t
Roles of I&T
  • Manage interfaces between assemblies and between subteams
  • Manage Assets
  • Test assemblies and components
  • Perform compliance testing
  • Track development schedule
  • Manage budgets
  • Perform system test
manage interfaces
Manage Interfaces
  • This is the integration part
  • Examples of interfaces
    • Software and chosen hardware
    • Electronics and the components they drive
    • Mounting of electronics
    • Perform compatibility testing (try out a prototype)
    • Prioritize modularity/modification ease
manage assets
Manage Assets
  • The robot-in-process
    • Driver testing and practice
    • Software development
    • Hardware integration onto the chassis
  • The field
    • Manipulator prototyping
    • Driver practice
    • Field construction and maintenance
  • And….
the new control system
The new control system
  • Wiring
  • Bench Testing
    • Electrical
    • Programming
  • Installation into the robot
  • Making the chassis work vs. additional programming development
test assemblies and components
Test Assemblies and Components
  • Create test specifications and test plans
  • Build test equipment
  • Conduct tests prior to integration of the components or assemblies
  • Examples of component or assembly-level tests
    • Camera discrimination before camera mounting
    • Sensor effectiveness before sensor mounting
    • Bench testing of manipulator/scoring/collecting device
    • Incoming testing of motors, belts, chain, etc
  • Find design errors or defects early
perform compliance testing
Perform Compliance Testing
  • Can be from sub-component level to complete system level
  • Test Physical characteristics (size, weight)
  • Test Performance characteristics (ball shooter velocity)
manage budgets
Manage Budgets
  • Weight
  • Power
  • Possibly height, width, length
  • Control Board Ports and modules
  • Buttons on operator panel
perform system test
Perform System Test
  • Write test specifications
  • Write test plan
  • Build simulated field
  • Schedule testing
  • Schedule game practice (Beta Testing)
  • Choose Tournament operators (drive team)
who should be assigned to i t
Who should be assigned to I&T?
  • A strong, respected team member to enforce the development schedule
  • A few good math & science students
    • Geometric analyses
    • Physics computations (ball trajectory)
  • Members who may not work on robot fabrication, but would enjoy field construction
  • Members who can create and conduct measurements and tests
    • Detail-oriented
    • Analytical
2006 assembly component level tests
2006 Assembly/Component-Level tests
  • Camera accuracy – measured vs. computed angle to green light in 2 dimensions
  • Conveyor speed and capacity
  • Turret and tilt “lock-on” to green light
  • Ball shooter velocity
let s brainstorm 2009 testing
Let’s Brainstorm: 2009 Testing
  • Assembly-level testing?
  • Component testing?
  • System testing?
  • Other Suggestions?

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