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Snior I Unit 4

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Snior I Unit 4 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Snior I Unit 4.  1. 主办 2008 年奥运会 2. 遭遇上,赶上 3. 上游泳课 4. 充当,担任 5. 三思 6. 竖起 ; 使停下 7. 抓住 ; 坚持住 8. 站立起来 9. 冲走 , 刮走 10. 进行两天的旅行 11. 取笑 , 嘲弄. host the 2008 Olympics be caught in take swimming lessons work as think twice pull up hold onto get on one’s feet sweep away

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 1. 主办2008年奥运会

2. 遭遇上,赶上


4. 充当,担任

5. 三思

6. 竖起; 使停下

7. 抓住; 坚持住

8. 站立起来

9. 冲走, 刮走


11. 取笑, 嘲弄

host the 2008 Olympics

be caught in

take swimming lessons

work as

think twice

pull up

hold onto

get on one’s feet

sweep away

go on a two-day trip

make fun of

12. 做事有困难

13. 环顾四周

14. 忽浮忽沉, 来来往往

15. 由某人决定

16. 直到, 到…为止

17.大量的, 许多

18. 由…组成

19. 开发成为

20. 最后期限前

21. 抓住机会

22. 一本刚出版的书

23. 信不信由你

have difficulty in doing sth.

look around

up and down

be up to sb.

up to

a large number

be made up of

develop into

before the deadline

take every opportunity

a newly published book

believe it or not

1. The Would Cup ____ in Tokyo last year. Do you remember how many countries_____?

A. took place ; took part B. hold ; took part in

C. played ; joined D. happened; joined

2. Their library ____ fire last night, and it ___ fire for 2 hours before it was put off.

A. caught a ; was on B. caught ; was on a

C. was on ; caught D. caught ; was on

3. One more week, ____ we will accomplish the task.

A. or B. so that C. and D. if

4. They talked about the things and persons ____ they remembered in the school.

A. that B. which C. who D. whom





5. There are so many people in the street ___ the fire that fire fighters could not get ___ to the building.

A. watching ; close B. watch ; close

C. watched ; closely D. watching ; closely

6. In the dark street, there wasn’t a single person ___ she could turn for help. A. that B. who C. from whom D. to whom

7. –Could you do me a favor to carry a big shelf? --_________.

A. Great B. With pleasure C. It’s my pleasure D. Yes, I could

8. It was ___ that every one went out for a summer holiday.

A. such hot a weather B. such hot weather

C. a hot enough weather so D. so hot weather





9. –I always look out when crossing the street.

--You’re right. You cannot be too ____.

A. nervous B. careful C. hurried D. careless

10. Mr. Bush is on time for everything. How ___ it be that he was late for the opening ceremony?

A. can B. should C. may D. must

11. She has a beautiful voice, which ___ a nightingale.

A. is sounded like B. sound as C. sounds like D. is sounded as

12. –Do you like wine? --I ____, but I don’t taste a bit at all.

A. don’t B. didn’t C. used D. used to

13. “Can you read ?” Mary said ____ to the notice.

A. angrily pointing B. and point angrily

C. angrily pointed D. and angrily pointing

14. The Adams ___ going on a ___ trip to the summer camp.

A. is ; two days B. are ; two days

C. are; two-days D. are; two-day

15. Seashells ___ as money in the past but now special paper ___ to make money.

A. used to be used; used B. used to use; is used

C. were used ; is used D. am staying with

16. The ___ book is so popular that it’s sold out in a week.

A. new publishing B. newly publishing

C. new published D. newly published

Correct errors:
  • I talked to a boy whom I thought was your brother.
  • 2. A terrible noise went over the house.
  • 3. The letter I had been looking forward to reaching me at last.
  • 4. The name sounds like a stranger, which I think I have never heard.
  • 5. When I was passing the National Hall, I heard the clock struck twelve.
  • 6. Towards the evening we were on the way back to Chengdu.




of which


Finish the sentences:
  • ______________________________(发生了巨大变化)in my hometown since 1978.
  • 2. The girl ___________________ (断了腿的)was taken to hospital.
  • 3. _____________________ (我们被雨淋了)on the way here.
  • 4. The slaves were ________________________________________(为了他们的自由和奴隶主做斗争)
  • 5. The children ran out of the classroom, ______________________(有说有笑的)
  • 6. She looks very happy, ______________________________________(她一定考的很不错)
  • 7. My house __________________________________(离电影院不远)
  • 8. He _____________________________________________(习惯处理这类事情)
  • 9. My sister _________________________________(同一个外国人结婚三年了)

Great changes have taken place

whose leg was broken

We got caught in the rain

fighting against the slave owners for their freedom

talking and laughing

she must have done well in the exam

is not far away from the cinema

is used to dealing with matters of this sort

has been married to a foreigner for 3 years