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GOBI Alerts

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GOBI Alerts. Accessing Alert The GOBI Alert User will receive an email on a scheduled basis. Once the email is opened, click on the clicking this link and you’ll be taken into the Alert.

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Accessing AlertThe GOBI Alert User will receive an email on a scheduled basis. Once the email is opened, click on the clicking this linkand you’ll be taken into the Alert.

The RecommendationThis is what the retrieved GOBI Alert/Notification looks like. It contains individual GOBI records.

Mark, and unmark, records for titles you want ordered by clicking on the left or right side of the record. To view additional records, use the up and down arrow keys. You may also mark and unmark records with the space bar. After marking, click the Recommend link on the left side bar. This sends the recommendations to GOBI to be ordered. To view previous lists, click on Notification List. Clicking on the ISBN link takes you to the Library’s OPAC where you can confirm whether the library already owns the title.


After clicking the Recommend link, you are notified the item has been recommended and sent to GOBI to be ordered. If you click on Notification List, you retrieve all previous Alerts for your review/recommendation. (See next slide.)


Click on the links to retrieve previous Alerts to review/recommend, print, or delete. These are available for 12 months.


You may click on any of the links for more information. The ISBN takes you to the library’s OPAC to determine whether the library already has the item. You may click on Table of Contents, Book Jacket, or Review (if the library subscribes to reviews). Reviews are usually not available when the Alerts are first sent. The link, slip sent, tells you a notification slip was sent to the library as part of the approval plan.