e commerce website and its digital marketing n.
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E commerce Website and its Digital Marketing By MestroSoft.Pk PowerPoint Presentation
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E commerce Website and its Digital Marketing By MestroSoft.Pk

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E commerce Website and its Digital Marketing By MestroSoft.Pk - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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These slide will give you information about eCommerce website and digital marketing services for eCommerce website. These slides are presented to you by MestroSoft.Pk. nFeel free to contact us for further information and guidance. nhttps://mestrosoft.pk/e-commerce-solutions/

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E commerce Website and its Digital Marketing By MestroSoft.Pk

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Presentation Transcript
e commerce
  • Electronic commerce or e-commerce is a transaction of buying or selling online. It includes a wide range of products e.g. footwear, fashion-wear, casual clothing, jewelry, gifts, toys, electronics and many others. E-commerce drives on technologies such as mobile commerce, electronic funds transfer, supply chain management system, online transaction processing. E-commerce markets are growing at appreciable rates. The online market is expected to grow 56% during 2015 to 2020 while other markets are expected to grow only 5 to 6% during this time interval. No one can deny the importance of this business type.

E-commerce is on its way to becoming the dominant business type. There are countless advantages of e-commerce which one can imagine.  Some of them are:

  • Faster buying/selling of product
  • Security clearance
  • 24/7 availability
  • Easy approach customer
  • No need of physical company reset
  • Economical cost
  • Easy to manage

It’s too easy to start a business online as compared to open it physically. Through online promotion and digital marketing, we can improve the rank of our e-commerce website, as a result, e-commerce becomes more effective for the business.

digital marketing of e commerce
Digital Marketing of E-commerce
  • Digital marketing is promoting products and services via the internet, mobile messaging, ads/banner posting and digital outdoor signage to approach consumer in timely, relevant and cost-effective manner.
  • It’s nothing but an advanced form of traditional direct marketing in a digital fashion.
  • First of all, we need a total marketing plan for our e-commerce site. Every great marketing strategy starts with the understanding that what actually our business really is?  Driving traffic on the website is not enough, though we know that traffic is important, in marketing we mainly focus on “what we’re selling”.
product types
Product Types

It includes two types of products.

  • New products
  • Well established products (the products which are already well known)

Both types require different type of marketing

new products
New Products

New products need a strong and specialized marketing strategy that focuses on building awareness about the product. For example, if you’re a pioneer in your field, you need to design a perfect solution to show your products to the consumers who may not know about it yet. You need to make a strategy how to get clients. It would be done by (behavioral targeting) realizing other sites traffic, which is searching the relative type of product.

well established products
Well Established Products

Well established products are the ones which are already well known. For these types of products, we need a different strategy. In this type, we focus on the strategy to gain more customers from the competitor websites. For products like these, we can apply tools ranging from Google product search optimization and local search optimization to assorted pay-per-click, emails and display campaigns.   

A perfect and right digital marketing strategy can carry our business to lead because digital marketing grants our website a global reach, openness, social currency and improved conversion rates.

e commerce digital marketing services
E-commerce & Digital Marketing Services

To get your attractive and user-friendly E-commerce website you will need a experienced and affordable web developer who can meet your requirement.

Here is solution to your problem: MestroSoft.Pk is the best E-Commerce website development services provider in Lahore, Pakistan. Not only this MestroSoft.Pk is also providing top notch digital marketing services to get your business on top of all websites.

Feel free to contact MestroSoft.Pk, we are here to help you all.