west penn iac chapter 123 grove city pa l.
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West Penn IAC Chapter 123 Grove City, PA PowerPoint Presentation
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West Penn IAC Chapter 123 Grove City, PA

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West Penn IAC Chapter 123 Grove City, PA - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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West Penn IAC Chapter 123 Grove City, PA. Today’s Discussion. Review of Jim’s background and activities. Overview IAC West Penn IAC Chapter 123 Why aerobatics? Member profiles Q&A . Who am I?. President, West Penn IAC Chapter 123 Married, father of 3 Aviation Background

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West Penn IAC Chapter 123 Grove City, PA

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Presentation Transcript
today s discussion
Today’s Discussion
  • Review of Jim’s background and activities.
  • Overview IAC
  • West Penn IAC Chapter 123
  • Why aerobatics?
  • Member profiles
  • Q&A
who am i
Who am I?
  • President, West Penn IAC Chapter 123
  • Married, father of 3
  • Aviation Background
    • Flying for 20 years; 3200 hours
    • Former law enforcement pilot, IP and check pilot
    • Commercial ASMEL, CFII ASEL
      • Seven hours in Goodyear Blimp! (Multi-engine time!!)
    • CAP: Squadron Commander; IP, Mission Pilot
    • Spin course with Bill Kershner, April 2006
    • Aerobatics course with Catherine Cavaignaro, April, 2008
me again
Me again…
  • Owned four airplanes
    • 1966 C-150
    • 1964 C-210
    • 1946 T-Craft BC12D
    • “Building” Pietenpol Air Camper
    • 1973 Aerobatic Beech Sport
      • October, 2006
      • Flew across Rockies from Washington to PA
what is the iac
What is the IAC?
  • International Aerobatics Club
  • Division of EAA
  • Established in 1971
    • With Vintage Division & Warbirds of America
  • World’s largest aerobatic organization promoting and enhancing the safety and enjoyment of aerobatics.
iac sponsors
IAC Sponsors…
  • Over 40 IAC Chapters
  • Achievement Awards
  • Chapter contests
  • Regional contests
  • US Nationals
  • Fields the US Aerobatic Team
    • International Competition
what is iac chapter 123
What is IAC Chapter 123?
  • Western Pennsylvania’s only chapter
    • Closest chapters located in Harrisburg and Columbus
  • ~19 members
  • Members from across Western PA. From Erie to Uniontown.
  • Majority don’t compete, just love aerobatics
iac 123
IAC 123…
  • Formed by Jim – no other chapters in region
  • Provided IAC mailing labels by Oshkosh
  • First meeting in November, 2007
  • Became provisional chapter in January, 2007.
  • Incorporated with PA in February, 2007
iac 12313
IAC 123…
  • Ready to become a permanent chapter
    • Incorporation
    • Federal Employers ID number
    • Bylaws
  • President: Jim Knights
  • Vice President: Mark Stewart
  • Treasurer: Pete Sipe
  • Secretary: John Prince
  • John Lebbon – fifth member of Board of Directors
  • Matt Radeck - Newsletter
  • Encourage mentor each other in the pursuit and enjoyment of aerobatics
  • No other chapters nearby
philosophy of iac 123
Philosophy of IAC 123

#1 “Rhule:” To be good neighbors!!!!!

  • We want you to be glad we’re here!
  • Attract attention to Grove City Airport
  • More fuel sales for Steve!
  • Not interfere with SkyDive PA
  • Work with EAA 161
  • EAA 161 invited to all activities
  • IAC Judges School
  • Parachute Class
  • Basic Aerobatics class
    • May 3, 2008
oakley kelly
Oakley Kelly
  • Native of Grove City
  • Made first non-stop transcontinental flight

across US in Fokker F-2– May, 1923

  • Retired as Colonel
oakley kelly day
Oakley Kelly Day
  • Saturday, May 3, 2006
    • 10AM – 4PM
  • Working with EAA 161
    • Daily emails
  • Military fly-by & static display requested
  • FAA rep will be on hand
  • Young Eagles flights
    • John Lebbon spearheading
member profiles
Member Profiles…
  • Three have competed in aerobatics
  • Two are CFIIs
    • One aerobatic CFI
  • Two have “low level waivers.”
  • Owned aircraft: 2 Decathlons, J-3, J-2, Pitts S2B, Cherokee, C-150, Beech Sport.
  • Two retired airline pilots
    • One airport manager
profiles continued
Profiles Continued…
  • One F-18 pilot. Currently F-5 “Aggressor” pilot.
  • One Regional IAC judge
  • One Falcon insurance agent.
  • One former USAF T-33 pilot
why do we do it
Why do we do it?
  • Challenging
  • Exciting
  • Rewarding
  • Skill building/safety
  • Camaraderie
  • Inspiring

Congenital Vitamin “G” Deficiency!

but for john prince
But for John Prince…
  • I think we all remember our first solo, or maybe one of our stressed out check rides, but I do remember my first Aerobatic ride.  I went out to a local airport in Dayton Ohio to take my first Aerobatic lesson from a very experienced air show pilot.
  • It was 30 minutes in length and filled with more excitement in aviation than I had ever seen.  In all those years of flying I never saw the wing go through 90 degrees to inverted.
john prince continued
John Prince Continued…
  • After a few aileron rolls, loops, and a barrel roll or two, I was soaked to the skin and visually lost.  I had done more in thirty minutes than in any other type of flying.  Over the next year I took another 40 lessons and every one was filled to the minute and soaked to the skin.
  • He never could get me to do rolling turns very well in a Decathlon, but I never knew a Decathlon could do them anyway.  The G-Meter and the Pitts is the key to happiness, +6 -3.   I’m hooked, and will forever be that way.
what can we do
What can we do?

Insurance and Liability Rule the Roost

  • Competitions
  • Ground Instruction
  • Static Displays
what can t we do
What CAN’T We Do?

In connection with the IAC, we cannot:

  • Conduct flight instruction
  • Hold airshows (including low-level demos)
    • Greenville/OK Day example
  • Conduct or permit skydiving/parachuting
competition vs airshow
Competition vs Airshow
  • No Low Flying
  • No Smoke
  • Judges
  • Precise Maneuvers
  • No money
competition overview
Competition Overview
  • Much like figure skating, pilots fly a routine that is scored by judges
  • Five levels of competition:
    • Primary, Sportsman, Intermediate, Advanced, and Unlimited
the aerobatic sequence letters maneuvers
The Aerobatic Sequenceletters = maneuvers

Upright Flight

Inverted Flight


Inside & Outside Snap Rolls



Upright & Inverted Spins


Humpty Bump

the aerobatic sequence words figures
The Aerobatic Sequencewords = figures


Split S


Rolling Turn

Cuban Eight

Reverse Half Cuban Eight

competition judging
Competition & Judging
  • Sequences are flown in an aerobatic zone commonly called the “BOX”
  • Flights are graded by a team of 3 to 7 judges who are assisted by two people each
  • Each individual figures is graded as well as the sequence positioning within the box
  • Each Judge has a copy of the sequence
  • 37 Regional Contests In the United States
    • From February through November
    • Some chapters sponsor the competitions
  • Six Regional awards based on points
  • US National Aerobatic Championships
    • September 2006 - Sherman/Denison, Texas
  • World Aerobatic Championships

National teams from 15 to 20 countries

  • G Tolerance
  • Critiquing vs Coaching
  • Frustration
  • Dedication
  • Burnout

Positive (+)

Negative (-)

Q & A