innovative enforcement strategies n.
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Innovative Enforcement Strategies

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Innovative Enforcement Strategies - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Innovative Enforcement Strategies. PRESENTER : RANDY HANSON International Road Dynamics. Evolution of Automated Enforcement at Weigh Stations. Weigh Stations with Ramp WIM. Dimensioning Tire and axle width Tire pressure

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Innovative Enforcement Strategies

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innovative enforcement strategies

Innovative Enforcement Strategies



International Road Dynamics

weigh stations with ramp wim
Weigh Stations with Ramp WIM
  • Dimensioning
  • Tire and axle width
  • Tire pressure
  • Single/dual detection and super single, classification for weight compliance
weigh stations with mainline wim
Weigh Stations with Mainline WIM
  • Dimensioning
  • Tire and axle width
  • Tire pressure
  • Single/dual detection and super single, classification for weight compliance
virtual weigh station
Virtual Weigh Station
  • WIM enforcement
  • Credential screening
    • CVISN integration
    • Hot List Look up
  • LPR and USDOT
  • Hazmat detection
simplified virtual weigh station site

Network Connection

ALPR Camera


Electronics Cabinet

  • Camera Options:
  • Side View Camera,
  • Camera

WIM Scale

WIM Scale


Simplified Virtual Weigh Station Site

Communication include options: Wi-Fi, Cellular, DSL, T1, Satellite

Site can also include AVI Readers for E-Screening

Not to scale

remote control weigh station systems
Remote Control Weigh Station Systems

Allow for enforcement to be done remotely which may help address these challenges:

Local staffing at Vehicle Inspection Stations

Locations where commercial vehicle traffic may not justify permanent onsite staffing (enforcement for many sites can be done at a central location)

Operations for 24 hours per day 7 days a week.

remote control weigh station systems1
Remote Control Weigh Station Systems

Monitoring Stations observe traffic near the inspection station.

WIMweights are recorded/displayed when vehicle is on static scale.

Can remotely view video images of any driver documentation presented at the Inspection Station/Kiosk.

The operator can select direct vehicle/driver using messages on signs at the inspection station.

The operator can select which highways are monitored and are signaling vehicles to report to the inspection station.

sswim for enforcement
SSWIM for Enforcement

Slow Speed Weigh-In-Motion

  • <12.5 mph
  • ASTM E 1318-09 Type IV
  • Issue citations

Permanent Installation

Portable Installation

Semi-Permanent Installation

vws for bypass routes near madison wisconsin
VWS for Bypass Routes near Madison, Wisconsin

Two VWS monitoring bypass routes around Madison Weigh Station on I-39/90

high speed wim for enforcement
High Speed WIM for Enforcement
  • High Speed WIM
  • ALPR Camera
  • Direct Enforcement
  • Legalization Required
under vehicle surveillance system
Under Vehicle Surveillance System
  • Under Vehicle Surveillance System (UVSS)
  • Detect attached packages, explosives, and other objects
  • Permanent and Portable
  • Built tough = Long Life
lpr and usdot reader
LPR and USDOT Reader
  • Image and Character Recognition
hazmat detection using machine vision
Hazmat Detection using Machine Vision
  • Automatic hazmat placards identification
  • High speed
  • Enhances the data collected
cvsa decal detection using machine vision
CVSA Decal DetectionUsing Machine Vision
  • Safety Inspection Certification
  • Pre-clearance
  • Easy Identification
anti icing and de icing systems
Anti-icing and De-icing Systems
  • Proactive and Reactive Solutions
  • Non Invasive and Invasive Sensors
  • Camera capable
  • Cellular communication
radiation detection
Radiation Detection

Radiation detection at Columbia Weigh Station in Georgia

infra red hot brake detection
Infra-Red Hot Brake Detection

Integrate automated infra-red detection for truck brake heat with weigh station operator interface.

Images courtesy of Washington Department of Transportation CVISN.

wim enforcement for toll
WIM Enforcement for Toll

WIM System located on Toll Road. Enforcement is done using patrol car and message sign indicating lane and violation.

wim enforcement for toll1
WIM Enforcement for Toll
  • WIM integrated with high speed automated electronic tolling.
  • Test site in Pennsylvania
  • Vehicle dimensioning using laser scanner
mobile enforcement pennsylvania
Mobile Enforcement Pennsylvania

Use of permanent WIM at rest-areas in Pennsylvania with mobile enforcement teams.

mobile enforcement pennsylvania1
Mobile Enforcement Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania State Police personnel utilized and evaluated a performance based brake tester made available by VIS Check, Inc. during the Operation Air Brake enforcement effort in Pennsylvania. The device was put to use along Interstate 83 in York County.

enforcement of medical safety criteria
Enforcement of Medical/Safety Criteria
  • Awareness and enforcement of medical conditions for commercial vehicle drivers can be complicated.
  • Sleep Apnea is a condition that can affect more than 28% of drivers (2.4 – 3.9 million)
  • New technologies allow for tracking of use of treatments (CPAP) and reporting for driver, employer safety officers and healthcare professionals
automated crash detection
Automated Crash Detection
  • Wireless sensor
  • Geographic location
  • Communication network