aim what were the characteristics of the northern renaissance
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Aim: What were the characteristics of the Northern Renaissance?

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Aim: What were the characteristics of the Northern Renaissance? - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Aim: What were the characteristics of the Northern Renaissance?. October 4, 2012. Why does the Renaissance spread to Northern Europe?. Humanist Ideals in the North.

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humanist ideals in the north
Humanist Ideals in the North
  • Christian Humanism: Emphasis on both humanist and Christian themes. The idea that humanist learning could be used to bring about reform of the Church and deepen people’s spiritual lives.
christian humanist figures
Christian Humanist Figures
  • Thomas More (English)
    • Writes Utopia (1516)
    • What are the characteristics of More’s fictional Christian land?
    • Why is this a Renaissance work?
christian humanist figures1
Christian Humanist Figures
  • Desiderius Erasmus (Dutch)
    • In Praise of Folly (1509): Satire of the Church
      • Monksareilliterate, unqualified
      • Ceremonies are too elaborate

How should ordinary Christians respond to this situation?

Why is he a Renaissance thinker?

other northern humanists
Other Northern Humanists
  • Francois Rabelais (French)
    • Writes Gargantua and Pantagruel(serialized between 1532 and 1552)
      • Story of two giants who have adventures together.
      • Written in the vernacular for common people to enjoy
      • Decides that it is better for people to live according to their personal instincts rather than religious rules (very secular and humanist).
      • Makes serious points about humanity, education and government
other northern humanists1
Other Northern Humanists
  • William Shakespeare (English)