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Is India a safer bet? PowerPoint Presentation
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Is India a safer bet?

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Is India a safer bet? - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Is India a safer bet?. New Global Middle class. Click on the image and answer the questions below You’re middle class if? How many travellers to and from India’s airports in 2013 and 2020? By what year is India to have the biggest middle class population ?. Other notes. About India….

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new global middle class
New Global Middle class

Click on the image and answer the questions below

  • You’re middle class if?
  • How many travellers to and from India’s airports in 2013 and 2020?
  • By what year is India to have the biggest middle class population ?

Other notes

about india
About India…

BBC - India profile including facts, timeline, leader and overview

Dummie's guide to India as an emerging market

BBC - India GDP at 4.7%

wages working hours
Wages & Working Hours

Click on the images above for more related information

Give 2 advantages and disadvantages or producing or selling in India

bad news for mcdonalds apple
Bad news for McDonalds & Apple?

Click on the tables for more information regarding purchasing power and spending in the US, China & India

entrepreneurial india
Entrepreneurial India

Asia Briefing - Why India is winning the Entreprenerial battle

  • What is the average age of workers in China and India? Why does this affect enterprise?
  • Why are Chinese entrepreneurs “denied access to funds”?
  • Is this a threat or an opportunity for foreign business? Explain your answer?
  • “The government, with the exception of key strategic industries, just does not get involved in commerce, and encourages its citizens instead to take the lead”. Use Milton Friedman’s views to explain why this will lead to better growth?

Other notes

a warmer welcome that china
A warmer welcome that China?

BBC - India invite foreign direct investment

  • How do the government and the people feel about FDI?
  • What are the restraints for foreign investment in India?
  • Using this articles and others, do you think growth will improve in India? Give reasons for your answer?

Other notes


Jaguar Land Rover

Luxury car sales up in India

But car sales down overall

JLR focus sales and production in India

China's car sales still accelerating


India - fastest growth in Starbuck's history

  • How many stores have they opened in 17 months?
  • With whom did they set up a joint venture?

Successful approaches in India & China

  • According to the article, what is the most important factor in Starbucks success in Asia? Why is this?

KFC see huge potential in India

  • What are their predictions for 2015?
  • How do the demographics differ from China and why is this advantageous?
  • What problems have YUM! Encountered in China?
  • What changes are happening in the restaurant industry in India?

Amazon have greater success in India than China

  • How are Amazon’s sales in comparison to it’s nearest competitor?
  • What did Amazon offer that previous e-retailers hadn’t?
  • What may prevent Amazon’s future success in India?

Snapdeal increases on-line sales

  • What are the many barriers to success for e-retailers in India?
  • How have Snapdeal tried to overcome them?
apple samsung
Apple & Samsung
  • Is a change of strategy needed for Samsung & Apple?
  • Using information the article and from slides 3 & 4, what are main problems facing Apple and Samsung in India?
  • What has happened to Samsung’s profit in the last 2 quarters?
  • What are the risks for Apple if they chose to lower their prices?
  • Why do Chinese Smartphone manufacturers have the long-term edge?

Samsung's strategy in India

  • Use Business theories and models to explain Samsung’s Indian strategy.
  • What is Samsung’s current market share for smartphones?
  • In 2013, what was Samsung India’s revenue growth?
  • Find out their revenue growth in China.

Ikea to enter India in 2016

  • Why is Ikea’s approach in India different to China?
  • What factors indicate that they are likely to succeed?
china or india
China or India?

Supportive Government

Young & Entrepreneurial Workforce

Higher disposable income

Growing car market

More English Speakers

Biggest Middle-class population by 2030

Second biggest economy

Threat of financial crisis

Current GDP is higher

Click on the squares above to se if they apply to China or India.

Which ones are most important? For which industries and businesses?