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World History I

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World History I. Unit Seven Block Two Lecture The geographical importance of Constantinople.

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world history i

World History I

Unit Seven Block Two Lecture

The geographical importance of Constantinople


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Hagia Sophia?

Nika revolts?


Great Schism?

renaming an empire
Renaming an Empire

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  • By 325 CE/AD the capital of Rome is moved to Byzantium, which is renamed Constantinople (now called Istanbul in modern day Turkey).
  • The Roman Empire splits permanently in 395 CE/AD, leaving the Western Roman Empire to fend for itself.
  • 476 CE/AD marks the end of the Western Roman Empire. The Eastern Roman Empire now becomes the Byzantine Empire (same empire but a new name).
power shifts east
Power shifts east!

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  • Constantinople is now the center of power in the western world (So long Rome!)
  • It is located between the Black Sea to the north and the Aegean Sea to the south
  • It is located between the Bosporus Strait and Dardanelles Strait
fortress constantinople
Fortress Constantinople!

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  • Constantinople is positioned to be an easily protected center of trade
  • The city is Located near a natural harbor on a peninsula
  • The city is easily fortified as hills protect the peninsula from the land

The picture was taken in the direction of the red arrow

why constantinople outlasts rome
Why Constantinople outlasts Rome

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  • The city protects the eastern frontier of the former Roman Empire.
  • The city is a crossroads of trade between Europe (the Balkans including Greece and Macedonia) and Asia (including Asia Minor and the former Persian Empire)
  • Constantinople is not affected by Germanic invasions from the north like Rome
  • The city is the seat of Byzantine Empire until the Ottoman Conquest (326 to 1453 CE/AD)

Cool … but not THAT crossroads!