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GaBreeze Webinar Upload Reporting Tool FSA Deductions PowerPoint Presentation
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GaBreeze Webinar Upload Reporting Tool FSA Deductions

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GaBreeze Webinar Upload Reporting Tool FSA Deductions
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GaBreeze Webinar Upload Reporting Tool FSA Deductions

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Presentation Transcript

  1. GaBreeze WebinarUpload Reporting ToolFSA Deductions SUMMER 2010

  2. Session Purpose • Topics to Discuss • Upload Reporting Tool Steps • Correcting Common Errors

  3. Upload Reporting Tool Steps

  4. Select your Agency & “Your Reports” Click “Continue”

  5. Upload Reporting Tool Select “Payroll Results Upload File” Click “GaBreeze Reporting Tool”

  6. Reporting Tool Click the Excel Reporting Tool And “Open” the file

  7. Reporting Tool Verify Macros are enabled, and click on “Payroll Reports” tab.

  8. Reporting Tool Click “Create Payroll Reports Template” tab

  9. Reporting Tool Should see this spreadsheet

  10. Reporting Tool Open the spreadsheet you wish to copy on your computer and paste into the reporting tool

  11. Reporting Tool The spreadsheet automatically configures the data

  12. Reporting Tool Click the “Payroll Reports” Tab Verify Macros are enabled. Click the “Export Payroll Results as a TXT File”

  13. Reporting Tool The Reporting Tool will let you save the spreadsheet as a Text File on your computer

  14. Upload Report Browse your computer and select the saved Text File, which will appear. Click “Upload” NOTE: Depending on your system you may receive a message box allowing you to upload after you save the Text File automatically

  15. Upload Report

  16. Upload Report Reminders • FSA Deduction Reporting Frequency • FSA Deductions are reported to SHPS every Tuesday and Thursday • Monthly payrolls deductions will be reported on the first Tuesday or Thursday after the report is uploaded

  17. Correcting Common Errors

  18. Correcting Common Errors • Common Uploading Error • Invalid Plan name • Examples of Invalid Names: "HC FSA", “DC", "HCSFA", “DC SPENDING ACCOUNT", • Invalid plan names will cause rows to not load, which requires manual processing by Hewitt • Correct formatting • Make sure the name is HCFSA or DCFSA • Do not place any spaces between the letters

  19. Correcting Common Errors • Common Uploading Errors • Duplicate Rows on the same File • If duplicate rows are used (meaning all the data on the rows match) the report will only upload one of the rows • Correct formatting • If an agency needs to submit a double deduction for an employee’s account, only upload one row with the double deduction amount

  20. Correcting Common Errors • Common Uploading Errors • Employee ID Field • Names, questions marks; double quotes have been entered in the ID Field • Correct formatting • This field is optional • Only the PeopleSoft ID number should be used • Do not put anything in this field, if a non-PeopleSoft agency

  21. Correcting Common Errors • Common Uploading Errors • Errors involving SSN’s • SSN’s less than 9 digits in length • SSN’s without dashes included • Invalid SSN’s • Correct formatting • Verify the employee’s SSN is entered correctly • The SSN for each employee should be all 9 digits with dashes: 999-99-9999

  22. Support Avenues (Benefit Professionals) • The SPA Team • Team will continue to be agencies’ first point of contact • Respond to questions about business rules, business processes • Support use of the Employer Web Site • Answer questions about Employer Web Site reporting • Work with Hewitt to resolve data issues 1-888-968-0490 or 1-404-656-2730 Monday – Friday, 8:00 am – 4:30 pm ET excluding holidays

  23. Support Avenues (Employees/Participants) Benefits Call Center 1-877-3GBreez or 1-877-342-7339 Monday – Friday, 8:00 am – 5:00 pm ET excluding holidays Website Link on Team Georgia Flexible Benefits tab

  24. Final Questions and Follow-ups