january 22 2013 manager reports agenda n.
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January 22, 2013 Manager Reports Agenda PowerPoint Presentation
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January 22, 2013 Manager Reports Agenda

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January 22, 2013 Manager Reports Agenda - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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January 22, 2013 Manager Reports Agenda. Indian Hills Pro Shop- Zach Witt Golf Maintenance- David Delk Country Club- Marla Magness/Clint Stevens Marina- Jim Stafford Utilities Public Works- John Tyer Wastewater- John Tyer Recreation- Sheryl Paxton Newspaper- Dan Feuer

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january 22 2013 manager reports agenda
January 22, 2013 Manager ReportsAgenda
  • Indian Hills
    • Pro Shop- Zach Witt
    • Golf Maintenance- David Delk
    • Country Club- Marla Magness/Clint Stevens
  • Marina- Jim Stafford
  • Utilities
    • Public Works- John Tyer
    • Wastewater- John Tyer
  • Recreation- Sheryl Paxton
  • Newspaper- Dan Feuer
  • Chief Financial Officer- Jack Keathley
  • Owner Services - Sharon Boone
  • General Manager- Paul Wellenberger

Indian Hills Pro Shop Status January 2013

  • Accomplishments
    • We have added approx. 4 new tournaments for the 2013 golfing season.
  • Plans
    • I will be meeting with the IHGA Board todiscuss plans for the upcoming year.
    • Operate with the highest professional and service

standards in all our activities.

Satisfy the needs of everyone we serve

  • Issues
    • We were down 9.5% in golf rounds compared to 2011. Our goal for 2013 is 17,000 rounds. That would be an increase of 8.5% from 2012.

Indian Hills Golf Maintenance

  • Accomplishments
    • Fairway mowing unit sharpened ,new seals and bearings installed. Repair complete.
    • Cut several dead trees on course.
    • All employees completed vacation time.
    • Put in a new bearing and seal on 25hp pump on #11.
  • Plans
    • Build a flowerbed on #10 tee box in memory of James Wiltrout
    • Repair broken fences at tee boxes.
    • Replace steps where needed – job has been completed with exception of one set of steps.
    • Soil samples – have been sent for testing before lime application.
  • Issues
    • None at this time

Indian Hills Country Club

  • Accomplishments:
    • Great events in December, especially
      • Ozark Health Gala- 143 served
      • New Years Eve Party- Best Ever! Super job by Mary Baker and her team
    • Busy month, lots of parties, positive results with limited staff
  • Plans:
    • Farm Bureau awards Banquet returning to IHCC on February 1st
      • Giving us another chance
      • 120 expected to attend
    • Plans are underway for a Valentine’s Day Dance
    • Working details for Jim Smith Society visit in July
  • Issues: 
    • Capital request for carpeting in the Sunset, Fireside and 19th hole. Should make the February Board meeting with the package.
marina january 2013
Marina- January 2013
    • Annual Inventory of all store merchandise and parts with successful audit by Accounting Dept.
    • Completion of major modification & improvement to our Service Dept. Boat Lift which will allow for increased repair revenue.
    • Orders placed with our primary clothing vendor for 2013 Summer Merchandise.
    • Renovation of parts room to allow for improved inventory organization and control
    • Shampoo\cleaning store carpet
    • Re-stripe parking lot when weather permits
    • Floor in store room is rotten in the area where grinder pump is installed causing several fittings to fail which is allowing lake water to enter the septic system. Utilities will be repairing floor.
    • POS System continues to lock-up due to hardware issue.
    • Marina work truck has been out for repairs for an extended period of time – loaner truck has been provided by Utilities.
december 2012 public works report


  • Winterized the sprinkler system at Ed Leamon Park
  • Setup and maintained Christmas lights at Ed Leamon Park and the main entrance
  • Picked up newspaper stands in Greers Ferry and delivered to the Mall and Library
  • Repaired lights at the Flag/Memorial
  • For the IHCC we trimmed trees by the loading dock. We worked on the sound system. We repaired and installed the steamer. We replaced bulbs and inspected building before the Gala. We also cleaned a drain line, repaired the floor, changed air filters, repaired a leak and adjusted the sprayer.
  • For IHGM we worked on a new info sign
  • At IHPS we replaced the air filters, checked the plumbing and lights.
  • For the Marina we worked on the “Fishing” sign.
  • At the Bay View Club we began the plumbing project, we also changed the air filters.



Cleaned out ditches and culverts on Greenwood, Wilshire, Dunn Hollow, Pine Knot, Woodlawn, Snead, Ridgeview and Timber.

  • Cut and hauled trees from London, Downing, Chalet, Alpine, Timber, Mt. Ranch, Dave Creek Parkway and Lakeview.
  • Patched potholes along Pine Hill, Locust, Woodlawn, Riverview and Shorthaven.
  • Repaired signs on Greenwood, Pine Grove, Zenith, Dave Creek Parkway, Timber and Sky King.
  • We Installed a new culvert and headwalls on Grand Isle Drive.
  • Snow and ice removal.


  • Finish working on the tennis courts north of the Bay View Club
  • Repair the “Flume” on the west side of Lynn Creek on West Cliff
  • Finish Repairing Alpine where dirt was excavated for the Castle Ridge Pond Project
  • Install Koala Bear Changing Station in the Bay View Pool restroom
  • Install slats in chain link gate next to BVC Pool bathrooms
  • Remove/Install new fence/gate at the BVC Pool entrance
  • Remove/Replace sidewalk breezeway and pool at BVC
  • Finish shoulder work along paved roads
  • Issues
  • None at this time


  • Inspected the sewer line at the grinder pump at the Marina
  • Inspected the sewer line at the Bay View Club bar area
  • Changed the oil in all our equipment at the treatment plants
  • Replaced an air release valve on Grand Isle Drive
  • Repaired the heaters in the Dave Creek WWTP Filter Building and in the influent room at the Lynn Creek WWTP
  • Sealed the cracks in the equalization basin at the Dave Creek WWTP
  • Replace a manhole off of Flintlock
  • Reroute the Mobile Home Lift station
  • Install pump system for Bay View Club sewer
  • Continue searching for and repairing sources of inflow into the sewer system
  • Clear sewer line right-o-ways


  • Lynn Creek Head works
  • Generators
recreation department
Recreation Department



  • Annual Miniature Golf Renewals Mailed
  • VRBO Summerhill Listing Completed
  • Continued Calendar Updates
  • Bloomin’ in the Bay Details/Plans
  • Coupon Package/Prize Give Aways
  • Facility and Staff Prepared for March Opening at Woodland Mead Park
  • Continued R&M at all facilities and regular daily operations
  • Meet/Plan with new Bay View Club Owner
  • Spring Newsletter Events & Interview
  • Easter Egg Hunt Set & Planning Begun
  • Fourth of July Parade Set with Chamber
  • Website Calendar Updates
  • R&M
    • WMP Concrete
    • Tennis Court Fencing & Courts
    • Hamilton Cove Pool
    • Doors at Recreation Office
  • New Year’s Eve Event Successful with Special Events Committee & Club
  • Transfer of Miniature Golf Equipment to the Hart Center
  • Wedding Planning


Need for a back-up bus driver in addition to Jim Staples

fairfield bay news january 2013
Fairfield Bay NewsJanuary, 2013


• The 2013 Pet Calendar is another success with money raised for FuzzyHearts Rescue

• Changes in staff and expenses has kept the Fairfield Bay News intact

• Rack Sales has increased approximately $50 a week

• Subscriptions continue to increase as we work toward our goal


• Look for a volunteer to answer phones and take payments

• Continue pushing for increased subscriptions

• Work on advertising specials to increase sales

• Work on putting new content in the paper to increase readership interest

No Issues at this time

accounting department january 2013
Accounting DepartmentJanuary 2013
    • The Board approved the purchase and implementation of the Northstar Club Software
    • The Implementation Northstar Project Plan has been established
    • The 2013 Budget has been approved, entered into the system and the distributed to each department
    • The server for the Northstar software has been ordered.
    • The Golf Maintenance Computer was replaced with the CFO’s old computer
    • The Pro Shop’s Xerox printer has been replaced under warranty for the second timeCash Audits have been completed for each area.
    • Inventories have been randomly sampled and physical inventory counting has been observed for each department.
accounting department january 20131
Accounting DepartmentJanuary 2013
    • Data extraction and compilation from our old systems will begin in January and be completed by mid-February
    • The accounting department is completing account reconciliations in preparation of the 2012 AuditReview the end of the year Gross Profit Margins with each amenity manager 
    • Each module of the Northstar Club Software must be customized to meet the needs of the accounting department as well as the needs of the Department/amenity
    • Balancing time between normal functions, audit preparation and software implementation demands
owner services
Owner Services
  • Accomplishments
    • Check from First Collection Services – December, 2012 - $3,196.20.
    • Answering many calls concerning dues increase and special billing.
  • Plans
    • As always giving exceptional customer service
  • Issues
    • Minor balance discrepancies with First Collection Services. Jack Keathley is handling with the collection service.
general manager status january 2013
General Manager Status January 2013
  • Accomplishments
    • Conducted 30 plus one on one interviews
      • Manager’s have given me free and open access to their folks
      • Very impressed with the depth and knowledge of the work force
      • Teaming is the norm, not the exception- willing to cross boundaries for the greater good
      • Much more professional and process oriented than I expected
      • Verified we really need the new software systems
      • Collecting lots of great ideas
    • Excellent response from the newspaper staff, Sun Times, and our members to ‘Save the Paper’ drive.
    • Bay View Club to reopen- Great example of teamwork. Linda gave us the lead, Jack pursued it, and John is making the building work.
    • Positive meeting with the Rotary Club
    • Attended Arkansas Municipal League Meeting
    • Excellent full day meeting on Marketing thrusts
    • Have taken actions to reduce costs from budget by $80,000- (Newspaper 60, Bay View Club 10, personnel 10)
general manager status january 20131
General Manager Status January 2013
  • Plans
    • Complete one on ones
    • Get Bay View Club reopened
    • Present Community Service Recognition Awards- January 23rd, noon, at Senior Center
    • Continue scrub of Capital Expenditure items
  • Issue/Comments
    • I have not located a good place to relocate theatre groups to from the Bay View Club
    • The Country Club is going to transition away from a ‘Shared Tip Pool’
    • The Marina is going to annual slip leases based on the date of the lease, not October 1 to September 30. We are not going to issue any more monthly lease agreements (existing monthly payers will be grandfathered in). Short term leases will still be available for vacationers.
    • Support from the Board and the Public has been very positive and is appreciated
the 5 bay buck process flow chart
The $5 Bay Buck Process Flow Chart

Director of IT orders from Printer

Director of IT orders from Printer

Proof is sent for approval

Shipment Received and Verified

Invoice is coded and given to A/P for payment

Check write generated, reviewed, approved and payment made

Bay Buck is inventoried and stored in acct

Bay Buck issued to IHGC- manual inventory in acct and at IHGC kept

Pro Shop Credit converted to Bay Buck by POS system input

Bay Buck numbers assigned to winners via spreadsheet

Bay Buck stub completed by hand with name and date of winner and stamped with an expiration date



Bay Buck numbers assigned to tournaments via spreadsheet

the 5 bay buck process flow chart1
The $5 Bay Buck Process Flow Chart

Redeemed at Pro Shop, entered on Cash Report

Cash Report reconciled to stubs, disbursements, revenues by department, etc.to A/R for posting to General Ledger

Cash Report to A/R for posting to General Ledger

Redeemed at Marina, entered on Cash Report

Redeemed at IHCC, entered on Cash Report

Every individual transaction is subject for auditor to review (finding waiting to happen)

  • Current process does not make business sense. Any money we might make off of Bay Bucks is spent in accounting and amenities in processing
  • Recommendation
    • Pro Shop Credits to be used in Pro Shop