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Pornography & The Home

Pornography & The Home. Does it belong in the home or anywhere else in our lives?. Pornography. “Pornography is an epidemic that is sweeping our country and threatens what moral purity and innocence we have left” Steve Higginbotham. Pornography.

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Pornography & The Home

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  1. Pornography & The Home

  2. Does it belong in the home or anywhere else in our lives? Pornography

  3. “Pornography is an epidemic that is sweeping our country and threatens what moral purity and innocence we have left” Steve Higginbotham Pornography

  4. It is readily available today and many Christians – men and women – have to struggle with the temptation of this sin Pornography

  5. “to depict graphically the use and abuse and perversion of sex in any form or fashion” Written material or pictures that portray erotic behavior Material designed to produce sinful lusts and actions Pornography

  6. It used to be fairly difficult to get dirty books and other pornographic material NOW WE MUST WORK TO AVOID PORNOGRAPHY! Pornography

  7. “What's the bottom Line? Gone are the days when pornography was just associated with dirty theatres in bad neighborhoods and wrapped-up magazines under the counter at the convenience store. Pornography

  8. Gone are the days when persons had to make a deliberate, premeditated choice to get involved with porn. In the "Information Age," by contrast, we each must make a deliberate, premeditated choice not to get involved.” (James Merritt http://www.biblecenter.com/sermons/resistingpornography.htm) Pornography

  9. Television Books Videos DVD’s Movies Pornography

  10. Internet TV commercials, sitcoms, reality shows, etc. Cell phones Telephone (Dial-a-porn) Other electronic media Pornography

  11. Magazines Catalogs Pornography

  12. “Pornography is a “cold blooded attack on society”. Joe Hester, former FBI agent as quoted by Robert R. Taylor Pornography

  13. “Pornography is a cancer that is producing sexual perverts that is destroying the traditional family unit and is eating at the very roots of our country.” (James Merritt http://www.biblecenter.com/sermons/resistingpornography.htm) Pornography

  14. “The increasing number of sex crimes is due precisely to sex literature presented in magazines. Filthy literature is a the great moron maker. It is creating criminals faster that jails can be built.” J. Edgar Hoover as quoted by R. Taylor Pornography

  15. Mr. Hoover died in May 1972, some 20 years before we had world wide access via computer Now pornography is sent out at lightning speed via the internet. Pornography

  16. 1. It distorts sex from it’s God given purpose to sheer animal lust 2. It assaults the dignity and worth of women – presents them as sex objects Why Pornography Is Wrong

  17. 3. It brings about a sick desire for illicit and abnormal sex 4. It glorifies homosexuality and beastiality 5. It corrupts young minds and leads them into immoral conduct Why Pornography Is Wrong

  18. 6. It contributes to the epidemic of venereal disease in our nation 7. It may cause the one addicted to lose the ability to function in a normal, living marriage relationship Why Pornography Is Wrong

  19. 8. It is a direct cause of rape, violence and even murder against women 9. It promotes the sexual abuse of children. “Child pornography is the ultimate plunge into human degradation” J. Waddey Why Pornography Is Wrong

  20. 10. It makes merchandise of young men and women who are used to produce pornographic materials 11. It is addicting and has a desensitizing effect on the user Why Pornography Is Wrong

  21. 12. It destroys trust and has the same hurt as if one had actually committed fornication 13. It robs of our children of innocence 14. It is a sin!!! Why Pornography Is Wrong

  22. What The Bible Says

  23. Ps 101:3

  24. Mt. 5:28

  25. Phil. 4:8

  26. Lasciviousness = unbridled lust Gal. 5:19

  27. 2 Pet. 2:14

  28. Mt. 5:8

  29. Js. 4:8

  30. 1. We must determine in our hearts not to engage in it Ps. 103:1-4 Defeating Pornography

  31. Ps. 103:1-4

  32. “Will I or won’t I permit porn in my life?” The time to ask and answer that question is now – not when you are reaching for the magazine or clicking on the forbidden website Defeating Pornography

  33. We must determine in our mind that we will not engage in sexual sins 2. We must discipline our senses Defeating Pornography

  34. Job 31:1

  35. Job made a covenant that he would not fix his eyes upon objects that might cause him to lust 3. Look to God for help – obtain forgiveness – pray for strength – shut out avenues of pornography Job 31:1

  36. Resisting Pornography http://www.biblecenter.com/sermons/resistingpornography.htm The Pernicious Plague of Pornography, tract by Robert R. Taylor, Barber Printing, Tupelo, MS Moral Issues: Pornography, Sermon outline by Steve Higginbotham References

  37. The Pollution of Pornography, article by John Waddey Pornography’s Pain, tract by Allen Webster (http://www.housetohouse.com/store/Product.aspx?pid=122) References

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