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Public Health Wales Conference Peter Davies Commissioner for Sustainable Futures October 2014 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Public Health Wales Conference Peter Davies Commissioner for Sustainable Futures October 2014. The Wales we Want. 1. The Legislation – The Well Being of Future Generations Bill 2. The Conversation – a National Conversation on the Wales we Want

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Presentation Transcript

Public Health Wales Conference

Peter Davies

Commissioner for Sustainable Futures

October 2014

The wales we want
The Wales we Want

1. The Legislation – The Well Being of Future Generations Bill

2. The Conversation – a National Conversation on the Wales we Want

3. Realising the Benefits – Maximising the opportunity

The wellbeing of future generations bill
The Wellbeing of Future Generations Bill

Purpose of this Act

The general purpose of this Act is to ensure that the governance arrangements of public bodies for improving the well-being of Wales take the needs of future generations into account.

Aim of public bodies to improve well-being

The aim of public bodies is to improve the economic, social and environmental wellbeing of Wales in accordance with the sustainable development principle (the “common aim”).

Sustainable development principle

Improving well-being in accordance with the sustainable development principle means seeking to ensure that the needs of the present are met without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.


A Wales of vibrant culture and thriving Welsh language.


A sustainable Wales

A Wales of cohesive communities.

A more equal Wales.

A prosperousWales

A resilientWales

A healthier Wales.


National Indicators

Maximise contribution to the achievement of goals


Public Service Organisations:

Local well-being plan

Strategic Needs Assessment

Community Councils



NHS Trust

Welsh Government

National Museum

National Library

National Park Authorities

Fire & Rescue






Natural Resources Wales

Local Authorities

Local Health Boards

Public Health Wales

Public Services Boards

Other partners


Sustainable Governance








Future Generations Commissioner for Wales




Future Generations Report.

Long term.




Advisory Panel

Central organising principle

Clear focus on what is to be achieved –

Shared goals

Applying the principles – contribution

Monitor and explain performance and effectiveness

National Conversation Cycle

Year 1

Year 2

Year 3

Year 4

Welsh Government

Five year periodic cycle

Futures Trends Report

Future Generations Commissioner for Wales

National Conversation

Future Generations Report

Year 0

Year 5




Ministerial Statement - November 2013

Over the past two years there has been a global conversation facilitated by the United Nations with people the world over to seek their views on new sustainable development goals

In Wales too, we need to build a consensus around the goals which are the most important to all of us, including our childrengrandchildren Jeff Cuthbert, AM Minister for Communities & Tackling Poverty, November 2013


“I intend that the FG Bill will provide for a Commissioner who will produce a Future Generations Report. The report will be laid before the National Assembly for Wales.

We need to understand how the long term trends – demographic, technological, and environmental - will affect our long term goals. The conversation and the subsequent report are intended to set the agenda for the positive action by the devolved public service

(Jeff Cuthbert, AM Minister for Communities & Tackling Poverty, November 2013).

How is the conversation happening
How is the conversation happening?

  • The National Conversation has been engaging groups, organisations and individuals across Wales through:

  • Futures Champions

  • Community-based networks (WI)

  • Local authorities

  • Place based groups

  • Housing associations

  • Youth Groups

  • Schools

  • Higher and Further Education institutes

  • Networks supported by the WCVA

  • Business groups

  • Sustainable Development Charter signatories

  • Town and Community Councils

  • NGOs

  • Organised conversations with the Commissioner

National Goals goals?

Further information is available here:

Key themes in the conversation
Key themes in the conversation… goals?

  • A strong call for leadership at all levels

  • An opportunity to create a stronger identity where we redefine ‘what we want to be famous for’

  • The need to change the ‘language of the goals’ to make sure people feel a sense of ‘ownership’.

  • A willingness to contribute to achieving the goals, but that it is not always clear how activities are contributing

  • Support for the goals to be ‘owned’ and shared across all sectors with interest from community groups ‘to be part of the solution’

  • The sense of interconnectedness between the goals has also been emphasised strongly - important for the goals not to be treated in isolation.

  • Overwhelming concerns over the effectiveness of the goals unless underpinned by ‘measures that matter’.  

What issues goals?are of most concern for future generations?

Next steps the conversation
Next steps…the Conversation future generations?

  • Interim report produced in early July 2014

  • Growing the Futures Champions network

  • Testing models of engagement

  • Focusing the conversations - deeper engagement/action planning on the long term generational issues and “Places we Want”

  • Recommending the ‘Measures that Matter’

  • Future Generations report March 2015

Next steps the bill
Next steps…the Bill future generations?

  • Introduction 7th July

  • Legislative Statement 8th July

  • National Assembly for Wales Consideration

  • Stage 1 Jul - Nov

  • Stage 2 Dec - Feb

  • Stage 3 Mar

  • Royal Assent* Spring 2015

  • Anticipated

  • Commencement of duty April 2016

  • Implementation (ongoing)

  • Statutory Guidance

  • National measures of progress (Indicators)

  • Establishment of the Commissioner

Realising the opportunities
Realising the Opportunities future generations?

  • Common vision, language, purpose

  • Integrated early action programmes

  • Community led solutions

  • National and local measures of progress

Realising the Benefits future generations?


Decreasing population (2.4% since 2001)

Less likely to use the natural environment once a week

28% of people in BG stated they had a limiting long-term illness

Growing aged population

Tredegar South – highest percentage of households in poverty in BG

Highest number of JSA Claimants

Thank you future generations?