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Golf Cart Safety

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Golf Cart Safety - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Golf Cart Safety
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  1. Golf Cart Safety St. Thomas University Physical Plant - Environmental Compliance & Risk Management

  2. Purpose of Training • To prevent injury to pedestrians, utility cart operators and their passengers. • Establish requirements for operating procedures, laws, operator and supervisor accountability and enforcement.

  3. Carts vs. Cars • Carts roll easier • Carts always operate near pedestrians • Carts run silently • Other motor vehicles have the right-of-way • Center of gravity is lower then most vehicles • In a collision – the cart ALWAYS loses!

  4. Carts Speeding

  5. Guidelines to Operate a Cart • ALL users must have a current/valid drivers’ license • Drivers must be 18 year of age or older • MUST undergo golf cart training • MUST comply will all traffic laws and signs • Drivers and passengers MUST remain seated while the vehicle is moving • DO inspect the golf cart before each use • Reduce speed, use extra care in inclement weather

  6. Guidelines to Operate a Cart • The bed of the cart is not meant for passengers • Do not exceed weight capacity • Sudden stops or changes in direction may result in loss of control • Keep hands and feet inside at all times when cart is moving (operator & passenger) • Parking brake must be set when not in transit • Never exceed the number of available seats for the number of passengers

  7. Guidelines to Operate a Cart • NO smoking in any University vehicle, including golf carts • DO not text and drive while in operation • Slow down before and during turns • Always check behind the vehicle before backing

  8. What does this means?

  9. Warning

  10. Warning

  11. Pedestrians • Pedestrians ALWAYS have the right of way • Avoid sidewalks when possible • Drive slow

  12. Use your BRAIN! • Always tie down your load • Always set your brake once you get to your destination • Turn off engine • Take the key

  13. Conclusion • Is it permissible to allow three passengers in a two-seat golf cart? • Who should have the right of way when driving a golf cart? • Should operators and passengers remain seated while the golf cart is moving? • Is smoking allowed while operating a golf cart? • Texting while driving in a golf cart is alright as long as you go slow?

  14. Register! Now that you have completed the training module, you are still not authorized to drive a golf cart until you have completed the online quiz and registration. Please click on the below button for the quiz and registration! Questions? Contact: Monique N. Brijbasi Manager, Environmental Compliance & Risk Management (305) 628-6648 Quiz & Registration