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Acts 6-8

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Acts 6-8. “ Welfare Principles ”. Acts 6:1

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welfare principles
“Welfare Principles”
  • Acts 6:1

“Personally, I believe that the most practical way to protect one’s self and family against economic need is to make liberal contributions for the support of the Lord’s poor according to the law of the Gospel. I am not promising you riches, but I am telling you that this is the most practical way to protect yourself and families from actual need” (Marion G. Romney, A Practical Religion, BYU address, 13 June, 156).

“If a man were poor or hungry, (some) would say, let us pray for him. I would suggest a little different regiment for a person in this condition: rather take him a bag of flour and a little beef or pork, and a little sugar and butter. A few such comforts will do him more good than your prayers” (John Taylor, J of D 19:340).
“In remembering together before the Lord the poor, the needy, and the oppressed, there is developed, unconsciously but realistically, a love for others about self, a respect for others, a desire to serve the needs of others” (Gordon B. Hinckley, C.R. April 1963, 127).
  • You
  • Family
  • Church
who was stephen
Who was Stephen?
  • Acts 6:3-15

Seven men, among whom was Stephen, were selected by the apostles to perform duties pertaining to whatever system of welfare was in use at the time. He was a man “full of faith and power” who “did great wonders and miracles among the people.”

Acts 6:5

Nicolas was a converted Jew who then converts again to being a Christian.

  • Acts 6:15

Stephen transfigured before the council.

acts 7 chapter outline
Acts 7 Chapter Outline
  • v.1 The council’s question which leads into Stephen’s message.
  • v.2-8 Recounts Abraham’s story
  • v.9-19 Recounts Joseph’s story
  • v.20-38 Recounts Moses’ story
  • v.39-43 Recounts the provocation in the wilderness.
  • v.44-50 Recounts history of tabernacles and temples.
  • v.51-53 Stephen’s harsh indictment of the Jewish leaders.
  • v.55-60 Stephen sees into heaven and is stoned by the Jews.
“Stephen was a martyr and will inherit eternal life. His testimony reveals that Christ was not dead but was still living and was exalted with his Father” (President Kimball, C.R., April 1969).
  • The story of Stephen sets up Paul’s conversion and ministry.
  • Without legal authority the council executes a man. The Jewish leaders are desperate.
  • Stephen stands as a second witness with Peter bearing testimony of Christ before the Sanhedrin.
Acts 7:55-56

c.r. Matthew 26:64, JSH, v. 17

  • Acts 7:60

“Lord, lay not this sin to their charge”

  • Acts 8:1-3

“Saul is kicking against the pricks”

  • Acts 8:5


Phillip was one of the seven chosen, with Stephen and a holder of the Aaronic Priesthood.

“I desire to impress upon you the fact that it does not make any difference whether a man is a Priest or an Apostle, if he magnifies his calling. A Priest holds the key of ministering of angels. Never in my life, as an Apostle, as a Seventy, or, as an Elder, have I ever had more of the protection of the Lord than while holding the office of a Priest. The Lord revealed to me by visions, by revelations, and by the Holy Spirit, many things that lay before me” (Wilford Woodruff, Millennial Star, 53:629).

Acts 8:9

Simon the sorcerer! What is Simony?

Buying or selling of a church office or ecclesiastical preferment (W.D.).

  • Acts 8:14

Why? (Melchizedek Priesthood).

  • Acts 8:26-40

What a missionary experience!

v. 30

This is unreal that he had the scriptures!