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IT Energy@MIT Initiative PowerPoint Presentation
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IT Energy@MIT Initiative

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IT Energy@MIT Initiative - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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IT Energy@MIT Initiative
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  1. IT Energy@MIT Initiative Presentation at IT Partners Conference 5/31/2007 Green Technology 36-144 Laxmi Rao, IT Energy co-ordinator

  2. Agenda & Outcomes Agenda: • IT Energy @ MIT Initiative • Areas of focus • Activities for reducing the IT energy footprint at • Guidelines for Personal Computer energy savings • Pedal powered Athena laptop • Opportunities for collaboration • Q&A Outcomes: • Input on planned activities and collaboration opportunities • Discussion on energy savings guidelines 2

  3. Walk the Talk Task Force & the IT Energy Initiative VP for Information Services & Technology Departmental Information Technology Resource Kyle Pope IT Energy Initiative Laxmi Rao Software Release/Distribution Jonathan Hunt 3

  4. Areas of Focus DEMAND Conservation • Smart power management in end-user computing Efficiency • Guidelines for procurement of IT assets • Energy efficiency in Buildings: N42, 24, W91, W92 Measurement • Baseline energy use data for IT equipment, spaces SUPPLY • Exploring cleaner energy supply options for data center 4

  5. Some Planned Activities Power management Data Center (HPC) & clean energy High Procurement standards N42 energy audit Energy Savings Medium Athena: *Pedal powered laptop *Duplex printing Low Low Medium High Investment 5

  6. Power Usage: Monitors & Computers 6

  7. Power Management Options Power management option availability 7

  8. Myth or Fact Myth:Use screen savers to save your screen Fact: Screen savers were originally developed to prevent the permanent etching of a pattern on older monochrome monitor. The same protection occurs when you place the monitor in a low power “sleep” mode. Avoiding the use of screensavers on LCD and CRT displays can save power usage while away from your computer by 30-75 watts.

  9. Myth or Fact Myth:Computers have a shorter life when power cycled on and off Fact:Hard disks in PC’s older than 10 years did not automatically park their heads when shut off, leading to disk damage from frequent on/off power cycling. Newer PC’s are designed to handle 40,000 on/off cycles, a number unlikely to be reached during an MIT computer’s typical four-to-six-year life span. Myth:Turning your computer off uses more energy than leaving it on Fact:The power surge when a computer is turned on lasts a few seconds and is insignificant compared to the energy used to power it when idle.

  10. Power ManagementDesktop/Laptop 10

  11. Power ManagementMonitors 11

  12. Power ManagementBenefits • Energy Savings • Reduced heat dissipation leading to reduced cooling energy • Extra battery time for laptops • Lower noise from reduced use of power supply and cooling fans Killian Dome : Photo D. Coveney 12

  13. Power Management Caution • In the near-term we advise that you enable MONITOR energy savings but DO NOT enable COMPUTER energy saving actions if you rely on the following activities which require the computer to be on: • Scheduled backup services using the enterprise backup solution, Tivoli Storage Manager (TSM) • Remote access to files and desktop • Remote system administration (check with your departmental IT support) • IS&T is exploring tools and solutions that will allow us to harness energy savings from all the computers, without impacting function and service 13

  14. Building N42 energy audit

  15. Pedal Powered Athena Laptop A class project for 1.102 CEE Design Lab II Retrofit an exercise bike Use the generator to power a laptop Instructors:John T Germaine,Jessica Banks,Stephen W Rudolph TA:Matt DeJong Project Team 1.Fidkowski, Piotr 2.Figari, Sebastian 3.John, Sara 4.Johnson, Kendra 5.Kiberd, Julia 6.Lai, Tina 7.Mccorkle, Devon Run a generator Quick Facts Bicyclist produces average 75W @ continuous 63rpm Geared up x8 to flywheel then generator Generator charges 12 V battery Adapts to laptop with 12V cigarette lighter adaptor Laptop uses 19.5V average of 30 Watt consumption From lab to campus

  16. Opportunities for Collaboration • Data on IT asset inventory - desktops, laptops, servers, printers • Disseminating educational materials • Making use of potential DITR training • Procuring efficient IT equipment • Walking the IT energy talk in your areas • Planning power and cooling needs • MIT vehicle fleet and fuel choices 16

  17. Q&A Watts on your mind? Join us and be part of the solution e-mail: IT-Energy@MIT initiative: MIT Energy Initiative Walk the Talk: 17