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The Kitarr Legacy Sims 3

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The Kitarr Legacy Sims 3. Chapter 1.05 Marriage Proposal,Wedding and a Love forever.

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the kitarr legacy sims 3

The Kitarr Legacy Sims 3

Chapter 1.05

Marriage Proposal,Wedding and a Love forever


Being together with Ariabell for a while now, Tobias moved in with the Kitarr family and soon he was also being successful with his career at the Military. With the relationship getting serious, Tobias decided to propose to Ariabell. But so to not offend the man of the house, he first ask Terrance‘s permission and blessing. At first Ariabell‘s father didn‘t like the idea his baby girl is soon to be marrying, since she just started with her Music Career and is still a young adult. Tobias apologized but confessed to Terrance, that he loves Ariabell with all his heart and she is the first and last woman he will ever love in his life. Terrance was so touched by this and was sure that his daughter is in safe hands.


So that evening while waiting for Ariabell, it seemed for Tobias an eternity. He was nervous about his plan but was sure to push it through. After greeting Ariabell, he fell into his knees and asked the love of his life the question that will change his life with Ariabell.Ariabell was so overwhelmed, she said immediately „“yes“ and hugged him tightly as if she doesn‘t wantto loose him in anyway. She cried of joy and Tobias thought it was the best thing he ever did since he met Ariabell.


Since Terrance was the first person theoretically who knew about the planned wedding, he wasn‘t able to keep it to himself anymore so he spelt the milk to his wife informing her that she is to be the mother of the bride.


Chitara was overwhelmed with feelings that her daughter is going to tie the knot. But she wanted to hear the news from Ariabell personally. Her daughter is very excited and can‘t believe that Tobias proposed to her. Chitara just felt joy seeing her daughter being happy.


The weekend before the wedding, all the members of the Kitarr Family just stayed at home and spent time with each other. Tobias made pancakes for breakfast for the whole family and the new sprinkler in the garden became the new fun spot for Chitara, Ariabell and Tobias. Now thats what we called a family bonding!


The two future newly weds can‘t wait for the moment. The Kitarr House was full of love that day. All what Ariabell and Tobias can think of is each other.


The wedding ceremony started and all the family members and invited friends were all there to experience and celebrate the growing Love of Ariabell and Tobias. They exchange their vows and wedding rings and finally they were promounced as husband and wife. Tobias is now officially a Kitarr.