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Worm Facts

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Worm Facts - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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How do they work?. Worm types. Worm Facts. Effects. Fixing it. How big a problem is it?. Tech and society. End.

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Worm Facts

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How do they work?

Worm types

Worm Facts


Fixing it

How big a problem

is it?

Tech and society



A worm is a self replicating computer program. It is similar to a virus but is independent as a virus attaches itself to a file but a worm tries to break in and it comes through when the internet is connected. This is a real problem for broadband users as they are connected all the time. That is why many computers require a good up to date anti- virus program like Norton or Zone alarm etc.Worms have done terrible things in the past like when they breach into a system they duplicate themselves over and over again. This results in a system slowing down or freezing up. The worst worm ever was called “ My Doom”. It was also the fastest spreading one.


A worms has a number of effects on people and systems:

  • Slows down systems or even freezes them and ends up in data loss or having to remove your hard drive and start from scratch again.
  • Companies could lose valuable data that result in them losing business etc.
  • They don’t only effect one person, for example. The “My Doom” worm caused the internet to slow down as it got into some critical servers and it infected a whopping 30% of emails worldwide.
  • They stress people out and cause delays for many things like in the USA, a worm got into the system and nearly all flights were delayed.

How do you fix it? Well there a few options out there:

1: Beginners: Get a computer technician in and get them to fix the problem but make notes on the way so next time you will know what to do.

2:Medium skill: You can use virus protection programs to hunt down the worms and other things. This gets rid of the threat quickly.

3: High skill: You can defrag the drives on your computer, anti virus programs etc. This is like medium skill but more thorough.

If problem persist, then you really need the technician straight away or you could lose everything.


It affects today’s technology and society so much as we heavily rely on both to keep going.

E.g: If the internet providers severs went down around the country we wouldn’t be able to communicate or look up anything. Businesses would also slow down rapidly. How about the stock market crashing. It would be catastrophic for the economy. Also, a worm could hack into a new piece of hardware that costs a lot and could wreck it.

So in conclusion, the effects on technology and society would be fatal as we rely on computer networks to function. In the future this will be an even more serious problem as the world is getting more advanced in technological terms.


Worms are a worldwide problem as they travel through the internet which is everywhere. A lot of people are aware of viruses, worms and Trojan horses etc but never expect them to target them. They don’t realize that they are not aimed at one person but are put into files or try to get everyone. There are a lot of types out there and if they breach a system it can be fatal. They cause such havoc as delays, data loss and system blockage or failure. People also get very stressed out because of the many computer problems and can’t cope with losing valuable information etc. Many companies have ways of stopping these problems but are not 100% full proof. It is basically impossible to remove this threat as people keep on making them.


There are a few different types of worm out there. They have different goals which separates them.

  • Here are a few different types:
  • Internet worms.
  • IRC worms.
  • File sharing network worms.
  • Instant messaging worms.

Worms are very much like a virus. They do the same thing except they don’t need an executable file to get into a system.

They also distribute themselves automatically and don’t require a human operator. They usually affect networks instead of individual systems.

They also make a back door in a network which is a hidden access point so they can by pass all of the normal login procedures.

This makes them very effective as they send spam through and you don’t know how to stop it.


These are the worst type of worm you can get.

They scan every available network resource and scan the internet for vulnerable machines like yours if you don’t have good virus protection.

They will attempt to access a machine and gain full access.

Sometimes they also send a little bit of themselves into a system and will download the rest of itself and there it goes.


These worms usually travel through chat channels and look like an email or executable file.

This method is left effective than others as you can now get programs that recognize these and delete them before they can effect a system.

The user of a system has to agree to open the file before anything is done which is why this type of worm spreading isn’t common because it is probably the less effective of the lot.


These worms copy themselves into shared folders which a lot of people use.

They are usually under a harmless name and they latch onto other files in the network.

Now that it has done that. The worm can distribute itself to any system downloading a file off the network.

After they do this, they will keep on spreading.


These worms are very common today as they spread using chat services and a lot of people, especially teenagers use chat programs like msn messenger etc.

They are quite effective as they send copies of themselves to everyone on the local contact list.

They are much like email worms except they are sent using a different method.

This makes them the 2 most harmful worms today due to how they spread.


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